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At the moment, Yle's (99.8% state-owned) activity in convincing the public, together with medical care, is at such a level that medieval forms of torture with electric current can be advertised publicly without references to any kind of scientific studies that would have studied the topic more widely in patients who are not bound by forced treatment or who have not been condemned without fault to mental hospitals, the use of which in medical research in this area is of course very questionable.


It's really outrageous to show educational videos like this to the public, where janitor-type nurses give exemplary reasons for their services. It is obvious if, for example, these were shown to patients of a mental hospital who question their treatment methods, targeting them, who might leave serious after-effects that hinder their ability to function. In other words, Finnish medical care is only offering "body and brain-destroying" treatments straight from the Middle Ages, on the side of which it conducts medical research on these patients, which of course is apt to boost the academic careers of the extremely corrupt researchers at the University of Turku. The medical measures aimed at this group by our country's medical care make Mengelenk open his eyes in his grave, because you can't really believe what kind of position medical psychiatry has been driven to in our country. This action is actually an abuse of medicine at the expense of the health and freedom of these patients, and I say this because in our country, people who have been provoked to commit acts together with drugs that decrease brain functions, which is also the main reason for their actions (the Ylivieska church burning), have already been sentenced to impeachment.


I'm pretty sure that these "educational videos" are shown at Lauerma's facilities to patients whenever they have a chance to watch TV.


Yle sähköhoito poika tärisee.png

A young boy with a video that vibrates with electricity

Yle's documentaries actively highlight how medical forms of torture from the beginning of the 20th century are part of the treatment of depression. I would personally like to interview the boy in the video, just like Dr. Lauerman and other patients of the country's prison mental hospital, what they themselves think about these forms of medical torture from the beginning of the 20th century.


However, I have been denied a visit to these patients of the prison mental hospital, even though I have expressed my suspicions of human rights violations and medical abuse towards these patients, and that they are being subjected to medical research against their will, which is being done by a few extremely corrupt professors from the University of Turku, which is evidenced by their research results, where they say on page 5 how patients have been collected for research from the country's mental hospitals.

The only reason why they do not cooperate with me is the most obvious fact that my accusations related to medical malpractice and serious human rights violations against these patients are true and are being tried to be covered up with the help of the patient's imaginary and medically non-existent disease.


As in the video (ACUTE: ELECTRICAL TREATMENT), "housekeeper Jantunen" says that the patient's behavior is noticed first by the immediate family because the person is no longer depressed. Well, first of all, if I tell you my own interpretation of this medicine after scratching the surface, it would seem that depression is more of a problem for intelligent animals, and this includes animals including black and white killer whales, which has also produced documentaries about the living conditions of these animals in zoos. When a depressed patient is given electrotherapy, according to "housekeeper Jantunen", it is obvious that it removes depression....if there has been a lot of electric current because electric current can destroy the electrical connections of the brain. I am sure that in our country's mental hospitals, together with Lauerman and his colleagues, such living conditions have been arranged for prisoners that no person can live in them sanely or without depression. A medical solution is then sought for patients' depression, which is then tried to be improved in the name of medicine, which is all due to living conditions.

Yle sähköhoito EN.jpg

These educational videos are designed to create a belief in some people that this activity is completely acceptable and correct when a Finnish state-owned media company makes national educational videos that are most likely to be run in state-owned mental hospitals for patients who are the natural resources of medicine and who are kept in strict isolation so that the truth about the business they carry out employing numerous researchers, doctors, nurses and taking medicine forward with the help of these human test patients to be leaked to the public.


Raimo Salokangka's research on the Researchgate website



Jan and ketamine treatments

sähköhoito YLE_2.JPG
Jan rekkakuski.jpg

Jan, who has contracted cancer, believes in the documentary produced by yle how ketamine has saved him. Ketamine must have saved him because the man had cancer, but this documentary tries to make people believe that for "rainy day depression" it is good to take medicines intended for cancer treatment and other ailments that may come as a result. Even though it is not necessarily a medicine that directly cures cancer, as it most obviously treats pains caused by cancer medication or side effects of cancer, etc... I don't know because I am not a doctor or an oncologist, but a real doctor would surely be able to tell this at which point the patient is fed drugs of this class.


When the belief is of this kind, when these drugs are wanted to be fed to physically healthy second-class citizens who are unemployed, marginalized and depressed from their long-term unemployment or otherwise just want to leave society, it is all the easier to push these drugs when the general public, together with medical care, lobbies for these drugs and services in such a believably unbelievable way. When our country returns some distance from the Middle Ages in the future and rule of law actions start to be strongly visible in the everyday lives of citizens, our newly born rule of law, like the Phoenix bird, would start handing out sentences to those fake doctors who have fed these drugs to young people who are in desperate situations and do not understand the matter


The experts in these early 20th century forms of medical torture have been one of my fellow truck drivers and "housekeeper Jantus", which in itself makes my mouth and eyes round, wondering if these are really intended to make some patients believe that these drugs given for the side effects of cancer must now be taken for depression on an autumn day.


If depression should be treated with these, it would obviously be for the treatment of aches and pains caused by cancer treatments, because they are depressing.


The misleading nature of the video was also such that, in connection with the picture above, the patient was given medicine in the name of treatment, but here it was not brought out well enough whether it was, after all, a treatment intended for the treatment of cancer with medicines or what?


This, if anything, is in their own belief when psychiatry wants to stage the problem youth they want as a mental health patient with the help of chemical compounds (Jouni Kauppila, Jori Lasonen, maybe even all the 'school killers' and the shooting in Hyvinkää, which will become an article soon + many others who have not crossed the news threshold but whom psychiatry has managed to stage as having mental health problems mental hospitals).



These videos only further fuel my desire to meet patients in the prison mental hospital in the form of interviews, because the media house that published the documentary is a state-owned institution, just like our country's mental hospitals, of course the question of biased interviewees with whom we have a common understanding about mental health problems arises.


Yelle has a clear operating model and line with these documents and news, which means that they have chosen ordinary citizens to tell about their own feelings about the feelings of the disease with mutu-feeling, but they are described as if they were high-class professionals in medical care. In these documents, truck drivers from all over the world are lobbying for heavy-duty chemical compounds to be used by ordinary citizens. This activity by the state-owned companies (YLE and the hospital) already brings the activities of drug dealers closer together, which falls directly into the arms of Auervaara from Kerava.


In the end, I think I will pose a question as fake as the documentaries in question, why those patients who have actually received electrotherapy and therapy with chemical compounds without patient and self-determination rights, who are sitting in our country's mental hospitals, were not selected for these documents, because if they were the ones who would be qualified to tell what kind of "treatment" ” these institutions have?


At the moment, there are clear signals in Finland of cooperation between the authorities to the level that, in the name of this cooperation, it is possible to push dictator-like procedures towards a vilified minority group into a democratic and nominal legal state, which in Finland means a problem citizen vilified with a mental health problem.


With this action, the criminal investigations of the police are superseded when it is known that the innocence of a person staged by psychiatry is certain. This action, which overrides even a moderate criminal investigation by the police if it is assumed that there is no corruption involved in the investigation, would be at least some kind of prerequisite for its disclosure. The Finnish police may very well be on the side of this idea, in the name of which these criminal investigations are ignored, because this kind of activity cannot possibly not raise doubts in our so-called rule of law, and especially when it comes to legal learned police chiefs who close their eyes and ears regarding these cases.


The cooperation patterns are so good that my e-mails in which I tell about this activity do not move any of the authorities of our nominal state of law to break the laws, while this idea of ​​Finnish citizens with mental health problems is driven into the subconscious of our country's citizens.


In terms of this theme, medical care works like a medieval church, what it says about diseases and what to eat in them, the problem citizens of our country cannot possibly question, because misleading medical examinations have been created on false grounds for these medically non-existent diseases in prison mental hospital patients, who have been diagnosed with the mutu-feeling of an all-knowing and even bigger than the medieval church , by the ideological descendants trained by Dr. Lauerman and his club of friends in the sanctuary of corruption, i.e. the University of Turku.


The anger that has resulted from the actions of these slandered patients has most likely given birth to some groups of people in the internet world who deliberately chase and stage these marginalized young people. Excavating this group too would not be a trick, nor would SUPO's investigation and using espionage laws, what actions are possibly being planned in social message threads towards these slandered persons. Of these groups that are formed by our citizens, when it comes to people who accumulate hatred and rage, I will give the following organizations as an example:

  1. Finnish resistance movement (Ekelund, Salokangas, Lauerma, Juriloo, Korkeila, Hietala represent the ideals of this organization when they use medicine for wrong purposes against slandered patients and force them to participate in medical examinations in the name of these patients' imaginary disease)

  2. lSoldiers of Odin

  3. lKu Klux Klan

I have not unreasonably brought up suspicious, hidden NGOs created in the name of mental health patients and specializing in the staging of these patients, because the actions of the most relentless beast on earth, the white man, throughout history have shown that such actions are almost a basic assumption.



my notice to Raija toiviainen

Raija Toiviainen, who also doesn't take any action by harnessing extensive examinations of actions regarding mental health patients when our society sends such big signals about the extreme corruption directed at these slandered persons by the authorities.


Toiviainen should definitely cooperate with our Minister of Justice and the Finnish police in order to eradicate this problematic behavior towards our citizens from the country and to stop the criminal activities of Lauerma and his friends in the field of medicine, which includes illegal human experiments, medical abuse of people and extremely gross human rights violations.


My notices to the Finnish authorities below don't seem to perk up anyone's ears when high-class motor yachts are driven into the country, and the victims are blackened problem citizens. Next to this activity, Jari Aarnio looks mostly like a philanthropist and a white prince.


This human trafficking that takes place in Finland with these black-painted problem citizens with medically non-existent diseases, which is the specialty of the extremely corrupt professors of the University of Turku and shows the dimensions of this university's corruption, which in its effectiveness leaves the actions of Nazi Germany far behind, without being nearly as large-scale as the role model of these professors reached in Germany in the 40s, but have refined the credibility of the operation even better by using modern medicine.


my report to the Finnish police

I have made several criminal reports to the Finnish police about the actions of Ekelund, Korkeila, Lauerman, Karlsson, Hietala and Salokangka in Finnish nursing, in the field of medicine and taking over a prestigious university with their own ideology and harnessing its activities, i.e. research work and the systematic construction of publications based on these to support late medieval and medically non-existent mental illnesses in what name the most extreme medical malpractice can be carried out.


First of all, this means torturing patients with the side effects of drugs when they have a medically non-existent mental illness, which is based entirely on misleading the patients and psychologically influencing them all.


Secondly, the imaginary and staged mental illness of these staged patients only helps the academic careers of the extremely corrupt professors of the University of Turku and the advancement of medicine at the expense of the health, freedom and self-determination of these patients


I have filed a criminal complaint with the Finnish police about the possible murder of Jimi Karttunen in our country's medical care, but these do not lead to anything when you should investigate the unclear actions of a loyal hunting partner, i.e. the medical care.


my notice to Chancellor of the Exchequer Tuomas Pöyst

Pöysti acts like other authorities in this matter, i.e. his duty to intervene in the actions of our country's ministers:

Maria Ohisalo's activities as Minister of the Interior

Who, as the Minister of the Interior, does not intervene in burdening the Finnish police with unnecessary and almost ridiculous criminal investigations, such as:

  • Criminal investigations into Prime Minister Sanna Marini's breakfast receipts, which would have been interesting, even in all its fictionality, to see how far the Finnish police could have gone in regards to these qualifications and whether they would have really made the Prime Minister criminally responsible for eating breakfast on the taxpayers' bill, even though he is the "CEO" of this state


  • Criminal investigations into Yliviikari's "car washing" with taxpayers' money


  • Investigation of the face mask scandal


All of Finland's corrupt police have been investigating the almost insignificant actions of their own friend club, which can't even be called crimes when you look at what is happening in the country with regard to the stigmatized mental health patients.


The mask shops in themselves were the best entertainment and I got familiar plot twists from the beautiful and the brave all the way to Belgian account numbers. It's sad to say, but these actions by the Finnish police may be outside of something else, a real criminal investigation, but I don't know if it matters when you look at the willingness of the corrupt police force of our nominal rule of law to seriously investigate official corruption because it could also affect the police themselves as well, which is evidenced by the covert activities carried out by the Finnish police, which are almost breaking laws (Helsinki University massacre)


my notice to Minister of Justice Anna-maja Henkriksson


An e-mail conversation with Lauerman and a few others regarding patient meetings in our country's mental hospitals, because I would have been willing to investigate the treatment of these patients in these institutions, some of whom have most likely been convicted on false grounds in the courts based on expert opinions, experts represented by Kerava's auervaarak. With these patient meetings and hearings, I would have gained better certainty as to whether my suspicions about pharmaceutical product development and medicinal torture are justified, as well as everything else that this kind of abuse includes and its related products, but there has been no cooperation with me to convince me that my suspicions and accusations are unfounded.


However, these institutions are a unit under our country's ministry (Ministry of Justice -2015 and Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 2015-) and since there has already been a Jari Aarnio case in our country, the fact that our Minister of Justice does not respond to e-mails does not at least remove my doubts about the actions of these institutions hidden from the public.


During Henriksson's reign, the Criminal Code has been changed regarding threats to doctors, so that the prosecutor can make the decision to charge practically without the doctor's consent. Reforming this law brings more mental superiority towards all second-class citizens who are abused by medical care, some of whom are actually murdered out of society for spending taxpayers' money in the name of the state's interest (Jimi Karttunen)




These persons are therefore completely unable to defend themselves against the official corruption of our country which attacks them when there is no one to represent their interests in the nominal rule of law of our country, their last resort and the only one is to aggressively attack the perpetrator of the abuse, which is the last defense mechanism of every animal and which is currently being fully exploited in our medical care towards these persons and our Minister of Justice is supporting this activity without doing anything about the criminal law reforms. This law also provides greater security for psychiatric abuses, as it is easier for a patient who has suffered from abuse to be taken to the courts to hear unjust verdicts in the medieval style.


Jouni Kauppila ylivieskan kirkon poltto


my notice to Valvira's director Markus henrikson

I have also expressed my concerns to the director of Valvira regarding the actions of Lauerma, Ekelund, Hietala, Karlsson, Salokangka and Korkeila in the medical care and the research conducted in the name of the University of Turku regarding medically non-existent diseases, which they study in the patients of the prison mental hospital and feverishly try to find a solution to their existence. Having read the research results of these pop men, in one study they guess the mechanisms of disease and in another they are already being refuted, which only proves what I am trying to tell you all the time, i.e. advancing medicine and my own academic careers at the expense of the freedom, health and self-determination of these patients in the name of imaginary diseases.


This activity is such a tough business with the natural resources of medicine that it is worth staging society's problem citizens from whom society's contribution is forcibly taken in the name of medicine. This area would definitely be Henriksson's area of ​​responsibility, but it doesn't seem that Valvira's boys are interested at all, and the proof of this is the very likely murder of Jimi Karttusen at HUS by some doctors who act in the name of the state's interest in such a blatant way.


It is very doubtful whether the perpetrators of Karttusen's murder will ever be caught, because it is absolutely certain that if this had happened, the leaders of the medical care would have had a lot of time to cover up and wash away the evidence of this murder, because there is no impartial authority in our country that would follow the laws by putting possible persons in pretrial detention if necessary so that the criminals do not get away washing their hands of this incident. Because of this, passing judgment can be very questionable.


It is therefore a question of medical care and its actions towards the citizens, which has pushed itself into the role of the medieval church and which uses its own top expertise to pursue its own and the state's interests, acting as executioner, judge and fraudster if necessary.

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