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Sanna Sillanpää's case is an example of many cases in Finland, but not completely identical, i.e. unexplained mix-ups after visiting psychiatric clinics and under the influence of strong drugs.


Unlike the Ylivieska church burning, which could have been a revenge and hate crime against society for the unfair actions of the Ylivieska hospital and possibly other authorities towards Jouni Kauppila. Sillanpää's systematic action of getting a gun and going to kill complete strangers in Helsinki would indicate, in my opinion, that someone has been able to influence and lead Sillanpää to these actions when he has been under the influence of drugs.


The fact that the Finnish police actually examines sections of the secret files to explain Sillanpää's actions to the public and the prosecutor is also indicative of cooperation between the authorities, as if it were to raid mental hospitals and the activities of psychiatry and find out their actual operation and what kind of action the so-called "nurses" of these institutions perform towards the patients.


I believe that this case will also be solved, and thanks for that goes entirely to the unprofessional staging cases of mental health patients that happened in the 2010s, of which the biggest thanks goes to the Ylivieska unit. Having investigated the cases, Sillanpää's case has most likely been full-blooded and true professionals in psychology, whose manipulations and leads all of Sillanpää was subject to, at the same time becoming a masterpiece of psychological influence.

Judicial proceedings


Sillanpää, who was drugged by psychiatry with chemical compounds that circulate in our country as antidepressants under which Sillanpää has been in court, judging by the pictures, where he has been extremely chaotic looking. These psychiatry drugs that affect brain functions by either speeding up or reducing them are the reason behind patients' false diagnoses and not medically non-existent diseases.

Sillanpää may have been under the influence of very strong drugs, just like the Ylivieska church arsonist who, based on the news, had recorded information about mental illness 3 years before burning the church. These people who have been wounded by psychiatry are too easy targets for psychiatry and other authorities to stage in a mental hospital with imaginary diseases when their reputation is blackened in medical treatment. All illegal and unjust actions by the authorities spill over into the imaginary delusions of the patient, even if what they say is true.

It is difficult to say whether Sillanpää herself understood, based on the court photos, what kind of mess she had gotten herself into.

The situation of Sillanpää

The common factor behind all the cases that happened in Finland is psychiatry with its own drugs, which would seem to be the key in the court when these human rats blackened by psychiatry are bought by our country's mental hospital for business brain research. Blackened, their provocations and incitements to actions are safe to carry out, which the authority can no longer get caught when the patient's credibility has been completely destroyed with the help of biased and false narratives.


Problems at work


Aino Nykopp, who is a Finnish serial killer, poisoned his patients out of great anger and revenge against his employer who had treated him wrongly and unfairly at the workplace. He took this anger and revenge out on his employer's customers, i.e. the elderly.

Nykoppi's case has the same features as Sillanpää's, as a result of which both had drifted into therapy due to depression and panic attacks, which is actually due to the employer's dominant position over the employee and the extremely unfair actions carried out from there, which is seen as a symptom of these persons. This symptomatology is deliberately placed on these persons, so that the truth behind it, i.e. the systematic actions carried out at workplaces that can be read as workplace bullying, does not come out and what can be done about it at worst.

In the 2010s, however, this activity became known as workplace bullying in Finland thanks to Hilkka Ahti, which took her health, at least based on her own words, just like Sillanpää and Nykopp, but also with many bystander victims.

Sanna Sillanpää, who worked at Nokia in 1996, may have stepped on the toes of influential people who have relations with this area of ​​Hannu Lauerma in Finland, who specializes in making and keeping people crazy by abusing knowledge of the human mind and medical treatments.

This activity is supported by the personal experiences of the former RD Velho managers Niko Kotsalainen, Tommi Mannerjoki, Ari Ratinen when they fired me from Mika Kiljala's company when I was on sick leave for a week, which apparently angered them when Ratinen called me in the middle of sick leave with an angry call blaming me. On the last day, Niko Kotsalainen said next to me that: "that trouble is a direct quote from Mikko Valle's Kone oyj email" to which Tommi replied; "this is politics". More on this in my second article.

This kind of action by the subcontractor of Kone lifts does support my claim that all these in Finland for mental health reasons, which have escalated like Sillanpää, are behind them 100% the systematic actions of psychiatry which includes wrong medication and misleading with other authorities and most likely in cooperation with some companies that are large tax payers .


Framing of Sillanpää

The 2016 Imatra murders, the murder of Emilia Nieminen and the burning of the Ylivieska church are good examples of how people can be attracted to the "therapy" services created by psychiatry, whose images created in society seem to differ completely from the services advertised in the news based on the cases.

For patients who have been wounded by psychiatry and who have been neglected by medical care, the patient records of a mentally ill person are purposefully started to be created, the purpose of which is to remove all foundation and credibility from the actions, which these persons are inevitably guilty of with the stress, provocation and drug treatment created by these therapy services, so that no doubts arise about the cleaning operation carried out by the medical care, targeting false diagnoses mental health problems and disorders, which leads to closed institutions in our country, whose patients appear in the studies of Turku University researchers (Short-term functional outcome in psychotic patients and Results of the Turku Early Psychosis Study (TEPS)) with forced treatment status on and with the right to self-determination taken away.

Since Sillanpää worked in very large international companies, doubt inevitably arises, how closely does VTH's department work with our country's companies? This kind of activity is of course supported by the fact that one of VTH's directors would like to create patterns of cooperation in our country's courts, which I think is a completely outrageous proposal for corruption in our rule of law, which would lead to our country's neurologically healthy prisoners being transformed into sick ones and transferred with the help of imaginary mental illnesses to institutions where all laws can be stripped and overturned by those who are characterized by these diseases in the form of delusions.

Based on this, VTH has established contacts with the business world quite a few days ago, because setting up cooperation patterns of this kind on the business side is a much easier task than creating cooperation patterns in the courts in a country which, however, nominally declares itself to be a rule of law where there should be an independent court.

Sillanpää may have stepped on the toes of the wrong person due to possibly poor interpersonal skills, which has triggered such an activity is one of my lines of investigation.

Sillanpää's case may be proof that connections to the corporate world have already been created in the 21st century, which is supported by the "burnouts" that are currently raging in our country, which could be a joint operation of the corporate world and psychiatry, which in itself does not lead to massacres like Sillanpää and offers companies to get rid of employees by burdening the individuals they want mentally and no one intervenes in this activity in our country.

The consequences of the actions are piled on the necks of symptomatic employees who are just experiencing "burnout", just like psychiatry does with its slandered mental health patients, where the patients' reaction to unjust actions is turned into the patients' fault, but this includes modern-day antidepressants, also known as drugs, so the "burnouts" are a little more violent and if well come on, they don't burn like a church because three good people died in the Imatra burnout and that these people didn't die for nothing, this gang should definitely be caught by psychiatry, who carry out actions of this level, where people are chased by some authorities to the point that churches burn down and people are mobbed in the market.

As the operation continues, justice is distributed in the markets by condemning neurologically healthy citizens to mental illnesses that do not exist, just as there were no witches in the Middle Ages.

Psychiatry in Finland


Psychiatry that feeds problem citizens who come to their clinics with chemical compounds that affect brain functions, under which the persons are no longer capable of logical and rational action at all and are extremely prone to impulsive action from even the slightest stimulus. This drug regimen causes these individuals to behave completely unpredictably, where, of course, delusion plays a big role. This kind of activity should be completely illegal, which should result in life imprisonment, but the only one who gets a sentence for this activity is a citizen who has been scarred by psychiatry.

This activity, which is strongly aimed at staging patients with medication, misleading and unfair actions, has most likely been developed with the help of the University of Turku friend club Hannu Lauerma, Hasse Karlsson, Jarmo Hietala, Jyrki Korkeila, Raimo Salokangas + Jesper Ekelund, at least in Finland.

Collecting these patients from the free side of our society who have been led and staged to commit crimes in the prison mental hospital, without anyone paying attention to it even if they are passed over in our judiciary in the name of these imaginary diseases, is an absolute prerequisite for the University of Turku to be able to conduct research on the effect of chemical compounds on the brain at the cellular level.

Actions that shock the Finland


Having investigated the cases, if Sanna Sillanpää, Jouni Kauppila, the killer of Jokela, the killer of Kauhajoki and the shooter of Hyvinkää, had not resorted to these therapies and the services offered by psychologists, and had not started in desperation to take these anti-depressants, which, despite their name, are modern drugs of medicine, which are peddled for a better future in the hope that many people would have escaped death and one church would not have been burned at the same time.

As in my previous articles I have dealt with the cases and the reasons that led to them, Sillanpää would obviously not have made such a connection either, but this person too has somehow been influenced by the environment where he has lived together with medical treatment.

Taking the police's lines of inquiry in the direction of x-files only struck the last nail in Sillanpää's impunity and the complete inexplicability of his actions.

The burning of the church in Ylivieska and the axeman breaking into the psychiatric ward to rescue his girlfriend from an institution, which no law in Finland covers, are in reality reactions to provocation, irritation and unfair treatment by the authorities, and not the cause of people's mental health problems, which our country's authorities, especially those on the medical side, very actively bring up in the news in order to cover up their own unfair use of power let's act towards the most disadvantaged in our society.




My very strong suspicion is that when a person's brain activity can be reduced enough with medication, and the person can no longer regulate their activity or is unable to distinguish between what is true and what is not, this state may be partly the reason for the introduction of schizophrenia, which is diagnosed by a doctor.

This action on the part of the doctor represents extreme corruption and abuse of the doctor's office and represents the cruelty of the operation, Nazi German procedures without being so large-scale, and that this action is the very basic condition for the existence of the entire brain research, where these patients are used against their will and for which the forced medical treatment laws were made.

When these patients are manipulated and given credit for these non-existent mental illnesses, which are most likely caused by medication, this action goes against all justice that doctors should represent. When Sillanpää was drugged with "depressant drugs" that reduce brain functions, he was practically completely unable to distinguish truth from lies, what is right and what is wrong, and therefore completely controllable by someone.

The medication with which Sillanpää's brain function may have been reduced, is a really suitable equation for the fact that this person really believed that he was an agent of some class whose mission was to kill the people on the shooting range.

There is also another kind of explanation for this activity, namely anger and rage, which is clearly visible from Aino Nykopp's background. If Sillanpää was simply lied to about something personal or anything that fits Sillanpää's background, he could have been drugged to believe these lies in the name of which he has killed the people at the shooting range.

Because of this, I have been in contact with the mental hospital in Niuvanniemi about my desire to interview Sanna Sillanpäää about these acts, but it is a big question mark how far she is from ordinary everyday life due to a long course of medication and possibly very isolated from the rest of the world. I personally strongly believe in the cooperation of psychiatric professionals with the police, specifically Kari Tolvanen, because there are no such stupid policemen who look at the X-files series for motives. Today, this cooperation can be seen much more clearly in connection with Jouni Kauppila and Nita-Minttu Tirkkonen.


At this point, Sillanpää should be questioned and set out to find out what happened, but there is a big question mark as to what his condition is like with this picture of the disease and possibly 20 years of forced medication.


Delusions in the words of Lauerma and Ojala

However, the delusions that patients have and where they come from are not completely out of reach, and for that we can thank the statements of these, the directors of our country's institutions;

Kari Ojala: A psychotic patient may see threats everywhere and be sure that his life is threatened.

Hannu Lauerma: When a psychotic person sees a pen on the table in a certain position, for example, they may consider it a death threat.

Based on these statements, Sillanpää participating in the interrogations and the institutions' friend club in the cross-examination, I'm pretty sure that the truth would slowly begin to seep into the light of day, but we may have to wait for this day for a long time, because the Finnish, almost the entire police force has been ordered to investigate the prime minister's meal benefits and other trivial actions such as Wille Rydman's harassment scandals At the time, psychiatry is carrying out a systematic cleansing operation in our country, targeting the most disadvantaged group in our society, who want to be subjected to forced medical treatments, with the right to self-determination taken away.

Provoked by unjust actions, these persons react aggressively, as we can read in the newspapers every now and then, and the reason for this, according to the medical care, is due to the mental health problems of the patients when they react to the dictator-like actions of the medical care by burning churches.

The person with whom Sanna has established some kind of conversational connection may very well be found on the psychiatrist's side. Just like in the case of one church arson, which act could have been a reaction in revenge for the unfair actions of the medical care towards the person. Sillanpää also sought help from medical treatment, like all Finnish cases that have escalated into shocking murders together with medical treatment.

When Sillanpää has been completely drugged, he could have been told absolutely any shit by someone who has been manipulating him. Sillanpää's true state is also told by the fact that he only tried to walk straight past the security checks because he might have been so drugged with modern "psychoactive drugs"



If there were no mental hospitals in Finland, there would not have been any acts committed by mental health patients in our country, which are most likely operating processes developed by researchers at VTH and the University of Turku for the patients, who as a result of their actions maintain the existence of mental hospitals and guarantee the payment of the salaries of VTH staff, act as research resources for the University of Turku, and as natural resources for the pharmaceutical industry.

Of course, this operation of the Finnish Mental Hospital may possibly have even more extensive and multidimensional reasons such as the patients provided by VTH and the University of Turku's school friends for research, the medical product developments carried out under the guise of medically non-existent and staged mental illnesses for the research carried out in the name of the University of Turku, the end product of which the patients eat for the rest of their lives for a non-existent disease in the institutions where they are stored.

It is absolutely important in order to enable the above activity, that in Finland we know how to impose medically non-existent mental illnesses on people belonging to the most problematic social class so credibly that no one is able to question it and who would otherwise end up in prison in our country where they are protected by the human rights laws created in society, unlike in Lauerma's institutions where the laws are overturned as delusions.

Mental illnesses that spread like the flu among the most disadvantaged, Sillanpää is of course not included in this group, but since it is most likely staged and medically non-existent diseases, the reasons for including Sillanpää in the scope of these services may be due to something else.



A good example of the real existence of these diseases has been given by the psychologists who studied Breivik, who in their distress were about to make some half-false diagnosis that could perhaps be used to better explain the actions, they later had to reverse their decisions because, at the latest, the court would have seen a contradictory situation in what the psychologists said and in the person's behavior. This case tells about the real existence of these diseases, i.e. that these diseases are fictitious, witch-hunted and staged, which medicine cannot possibly prove now and never in the future, and that its elimination is more political on the part of doctors than medical.

Diseases refer more to drug product development with human trials (in Finland and this is evidenced by the research results of researchers at the University of Turku, in Norway obviously not) and alternatively, if necessary, to keep some people in closed conditions for the rest of their lives in the name of illness, which our legal system is not capable of, which means that after serving a sentence for a crime, the person must be released back into society . Having investigated the cases, nowhere else in the world does the action escalate to such outrageous staging by drugs, provocation and corrupt psychiatrists than in Finland.


Solving the riddle of disease

When we start investigating the case from a different perspective, that is, we turn the case completely upside down, i.e. the opposite, just like when examining the Bodomjärvi case in the 2010s. Which of course means that even if the perpetrator is already unknown, let's turn these paranoid-schizophrenic cases upside down, which means in these cases that the disease does not exist and it is not the cause of these killings. All that remains are the drugs, which are actually drugs, and the behavior of psychiatry towards patients.



Because I have investigated this case as a private individual as well as the investigations of the extremely corrupt professors of the University of Turku; Short-term functional outcome in psychotic patients. Results of the Turku Early Psychosis Study (TEPS), Elevated Serum chemokine CCL22 levels in firstepisode psychosis: associations with symptoms, peripheral immune state and in vivo brain glial cell function, which they conduct in prison mental hospital patients with medically nonexistent mental illness.

In my previous articles, I have dealt with the hot potato of medicine, i.e. brain research, which means the effect of chemical compounds on brain functions. Because these studies are completely based on experiments performed on humans, on which it is highly dependent, because these patients are completely at the center of the existence of these studies, the employment of researchers, the advancement of medicine and the employment of nursing staff. In other words, these patients are more valuable than gold to Finnish healthcare, the University of Turku and mental hospitals because they act as natural resources of medicine and are, in other words, the black gold of medicine who have completely become the state's property due to the impunity that followed the crime.

The basic premise of these medically non-existent diseases is of course that the masses believe in them, just like witches did in the Middle Ages.

If we look again at Sillanpää's motives, which are not there. So why did this person shoot three complete strangers at random? The only one to whom this kind of motive fits the bill is Turku University professors Salokangas, Hietala, Korkeila, Karlsson, Lauerma + Juriloo and Ekelund because they are completely dependent on these patients for their work, research results and academic career.

This area is also equally dependent on these innocent patients because they employ a lot of mental hospital nurses. The professors of the University of Turku who try by all means to "GUESS" the mechanisms of the emergence of these medically non-existent diseases, which in reality are all manifestations of extreme corruption and staging, as well as psychiatry's skill samples of psychological influence together with drug treatment.

The motives of the extremely corrupt professors of the University of Turku, who can play a big role when the disadvantaged who come to psychiatry and those who have fallen off the sledge since 2010 have contracted these diseases like the flu.

After the Sillanpää case, it is not at all unclear that the Finnish people do not believe in these witch-hunted and medically non-existent mental illnesses, which guarantee the extremely corrupt professors of the University of Turku a salary, an academic career that can be boosted at the expense of the health, freedom and self-determination of these patients.

an enemy without motives


This action, which is most likely orchestrated by some authorities, which is enabled and most likely also led by psychiatry, when you look at where all these Finnish patients have been.

The hatred and bitterness created by these patients towards all those suffering from these medically non-existent diseases is capable of creating disintegration and rule-like activity in Finland, where the citizens are placed in a state of war against these slanderers of psychiatry, which is all an illusion created by Auervaara from Kerava of an enemy without motives and which can only be understood by Dr. Auervaara( Lauerma) himself...which in itself is quite true, because he himself has developed the existence of these diseases in Finland together with the heirs of the most ruthless beast on earth, the white man, i.e. the extremely corrupt professors of the University of Turku (Lauerma, Korkeila, Karlsson, Hietala, Salokangas + Juriloo and Ekelund) with those who have proven to have earned their place in the "hall of fame" of human atrocities



As a collaboration of SUPO and KRP, digging out these people who are able to drive an individual completely crazy in Finland with psychological influence and drug treatment, would not necessarily be very difficult when you look at the police's competence, but the only obstacle to this is the police's own soloing, where Kari Tolvanen is dragging the police to watch the criminal investigation all Moomin in the valley (Chris Carter x-files) series when motives are sought for Sillanpää's actions, as if it doesn't even want to solve these cases.

It is difficult to say whether this action is corruption on the part of the Finnish police or their own incompetence when you look at Tolvanen's solo handling of this case. Of course, incompetence is supported by the Bodomjärvi case, but this could also be corruption, which only Tolvanen himself knows about.

In Finland today, there are already numerous cases that come from my claims about the actions of psychiatry and how our country's problem youth simply get confused when they go to these psychiatric clinics to seek help for their own situation, which are very actively advertised by our country's propaganda apparatus.

It is clear that this kind of activity attracts precisely the problem citizen to the scope of these medicinal therapy services, whose activity is based on staging a medically non-existent disease.

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