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Psychiatry in Finland, which has built a foothold in our country by utilizing the credibility of medicine, with which it can cover up its own illegal actions with our problem citizens, which it uses in its own university-level medical studies where, with the help of these staged problem citizens, the reaction and function of human brain cells are studied under the influence of various chemical compounds at the cellular level, using top medical technology.


It is too clear to my eyes how psychiatry has found an opportunity to benefit from the health and freedom of our country's problem citizens in the name of their own salary payment and academic careers, and whom they have lured into the scope of their services with the help of a propaganda machine.


These operating models of psychiatry aim to use provocation, abuse and drugs that decrease brain functions to become a natural resource for the pharmaceutical industry as human rats for researchers at the University of Turku in mental hospitals, in the case of some of the cases I have investigated on extremely light grounds, which would certainly result in very clear verdicts if the complaint and complaint channels in our country worked together with the police's criminal investigation. I believe that in the future we will still see verdicts on cases from the 21st century.



These psychological diseases for which no medical evidence can be found now or ever in the future, are self-developed by medicine, in the name of which it justifies its own illegal studies with people, which are guided 100% by the interests of academic researchers and the future achievements of medicine. If you scratch the surface of the history of these medically non-existent and imaginary diseases, it would seem that the literature about them starts at the beginning of the 20th century, which has undoubtedly been a dark time in the history of the most merciless beast on earth, the white man, towards his own people.


Forensic psychiatry which is a medical court

These medically non-existent diseases have gained a strong foundation in forensic psychiatry, whose activities would be better described by the name medical court, because it has extended its expert opinions to the courts, where, at least in Finland, they have more weight than the police's criminal investigation, which can clearly be seen in the case of Anneli Auer, where a person who killed her husband is convicted of sexually abusing her own children with the opinion of 51 psychiatrists.


The medical court is also well described by the fact that this area, or forensic psychiatry in Finland, is strongly focused on Hannu Lauerma, who is from Kerava, graduated from the University of Turku and is the pilot of VTH's prisoner hospitals, who has become more famous in Finland for his speaking skills, which are like the song of a nightingale, than as a doctor to really help anyone . This area where Lauerma works in Finland is a mix of Turku University psychiatry, science and law enforcement.


The role of the University of Turku

The University of Turku, which has focused on medical research on these staged problem citizens of ours, is of course guilty of the most cruel crime against humanity, i.e. the abuse of medicine where the focus is not on the patient's recovery or the helpful effect of medicine on our society or even on helping the population of the Earth. The focus of the entire operation of these medically non-existent diseases is nothing more than studying the functioning of the human nervous system and immune system in these human rats, which also increases the academic careers of these researchers, of course at the expense of the health and freedom of these problem citizens.


The researchers at the University of Turku also play another role in these medically non-existent diseases, as they use statistical science to believe in the existence of these diseases because they have no other proof than the deliberately misinterpreted SIPS/SOPS and

GAF tables with which practically anyone can be judged to have a mental health problem if only the spiritual morality of the interpreter gives way, like Dr. Lauerma.


This can be seen so clearly that in the study: Elevated Serum chemokine CCL22 levels in first-episode psychosis: associations with symptoms, peripheral immune state and in vivo brain glial cell function, the researchers refute the guesses of other researchers about the mechanisms of the disease, which is quite a search from an engineer's point of view.



Illegal actions are accepted with the anger of the people

Psychiatry's illegal activity with humans, which it uses to study the functioning of the human nervous and immune systems, is made possible by medically non-existent diseases in the eyes of the people. This activity is also facilitated in Finland by the great hatred of the people, which has arisen from acts that shock the community caused by victims of psychiatry, such as school killings and other shocking deaths.


The acts that shock the community of victims of psychiatry are its own product

Psychiatrists who are completely dependent on these patients who have medically non-existent diseases, which disease is at the very center by giving psychiatry the right, even in the face of the law, to carry out these illegal medical studies on staged citizens, which it carries out 100% according to its own needs, which are the academic careers of the researchers and the business to be done on the medical side, which directs the goals of the pharmaceutical giants and the people in this area, which, however, have not yet fully opened up to me what all these human rats are for in the medical field to enable, because such harsh methods are used for their "recruitment" that they are drugged and provoked into these acts.


social hatred created by psychiatry in the 21st century

In the 21st century, killers have randomly and inexplicably directed their anger at previously unknown persons, and this is a big change in these cases, where I personally suspect, and taking into account the prevailing situation in the country, that psychiatry has come into play by influencing these persons' social hatred in a way that I cannot name directly myself, because I have not studied the mentally ill Lauerman in the institution for 30 years. Unjust actions taken by the authorities towards citizens is indeed one of the ways in which social hatred is created.


If the killers of Jokela and Kauhajoki (I deal with the cases in my own articles) had directly experienced school bullying from their classmates, he would have directed his anger, like the Rauma school killer, at these people who would have bullied him. Instead, they directed their anger at the entire school's students. I don't believe that young schoolchildren would be able to bring this person experiences that would make him start to hate society in this way, but I believe the psychiatry professionals behind these school deaths too, who have studied the human mind and behavior a lot and for a long time, and the institution that specializes in this is located in Turku, where I have asked to come and meet the patients there mistreatment of potential patients due to suspicions that allow them to be staged for medically non-existent mental illnesses under the guise of these abuses.


The operation of the Turku prison mental hospital in closed environments has been, in my opinion, too favorable an environment to test how a patient can be driven completely crazy by the actions of psychological professionals. As Tony Roth TYKS psychiatry has told me, "we only give experiences here" and of course my own suspicion is that the experiences honed in the prison mental hospital have been passed on to the patients outside these institutions and we will see the end result when the guys mess up like this in Finland.


Kauhajoki school massacre

Kauhajoki's school murder, which is an extremely good example of how the psychiatrist had raised Matti Saare's state of mind to such a level that he is capable of committing a school murder.


In Kauhajoki's case, there are subtle indications of how the police didn't say the gun was taken from Saari, which of course was justified with the most incredible explanations, even though the police have suspected terrorists in possession of the gun, says this blue fool about the group's activities in Finland, where they issue statements to the media: "so that there would be no new joke".


This action, together with the Minister of the Interior Anne Holmlund and Mikko Paatero, prove that these school killings have been, at the very least, the Ministry of the Interior's efforts to ensure that psychiatry in our country does not get caught in this illegal activity with our problem citizens.


The role of Finnish decision-makers in the activities of psychiatry

If the cases in Finland are looked at in the long term, it can be clearly seen and said that this activity is an activity accepted and allowed by the decision-makers of our country, which aims to create a new minority group in society and push the position of psychiatrists to a greater role than the church in the Middle Ages, the message of which no one can question.


From the case of Kauhajoki, it can be clearly seen how Anne Holmlund and the other ministers have been protecting and covering up the activities of psychiatry by their own actions, by dragging the case to the side of gun laws, which is almost identical to the opening of the central conspiracy behind all the school deaths, rather than opening a discussion about the activities of psychiatry.



A time before psychiatry did not target selected citizens

This time was somewhere in the 80s, or the activity of psychiatry was really small. It may very well be possible that during this period psychiatry used all its resources to support people with severe intellectual disabilities, because it is, however, a superficial task of this branch of medical care. In the school killing in Raumameri, the act was directed at two bullies, so the case is quite simple and psychiatry has obviously not been involved in any way.



Since the previous part gave a good picture of what can be done with fear inside closed walls, I don't doubt that the same could be done with regard to anger, and this is a good example of the shocking acts committed by mental health patients in our country.


People do things under the influence of drugs for which they can't explain the motives and are themselves partially embarrassed in court about their actions, probably with chemical compounds that paralyze brain functions (like the church burning, Hyvinkää murder). This common incomprehension probably originates from the actions of psychiatry together with the drug treatment that all the patients have undergone before their actions. However, how this social hatred is implanted in patients is a complete mystery to me, but I deal with this topic separately for each person who has committed acts that are punishable in Finland and as a result of which they have ended up in a prison mental hospital.


Inside the closed mental hospitals of our country, Dr. Hannu Lauerma and the Koulukaverit of the University of Turku have been allowed to study the human mind and behavior for too long, and that activity and know-how has been harnessed outside the walls to psychiatric clinics and it is directed at patients chosen by psychiatry with devastating consequences. Psychiatry, which is behind all the people who have in some way shocked our community with their own actions, which are:


  • Aino Nykopp


Matti Saari


  • Pekka-Eric Auvinen

  • Eero Hiltunen


  • Andreas Lubitz


  • Piettro Addis


  • Robb Elementary koulusurma


This same activity of psychiatry can be seen in other countries as well, such as Germany and England, which only proves how convergent lines medicine has, which knows no national borders at all, as evidenced by the European-funded project in which the psychiatry team of the University of Turku is involved and which I have made for the Finnish police criminal report for medical abuse and subjecting patients who have a medically non-existent disease to forced treatments.



On the side of medical care, society's problem cases have started to be collected in mental hospitals without excuse with half-false and incorrectly recorded patient reports instead of prison. Professionals in psychiatry create experiences for the patient, which he talks about and which are recorded in the patient records, which justifies the wrong diagnosis, as Tony Roth has told me in his interview that; "only experiences are given here". This staging activity based on the experience-based diagnosis of psychiatric nurses should be stopped because it is not fair for the patient and it can be used to make anyone mentally ill in our hospital unit, even the prime minister who got into the Vogue magazine when he would just be isolated from society and depressed he would go to seek help from these psychiatrists specializing in witch hunts .


Forensic psychiatry uses statistics with the disadvantaged

Statistically, the most disadvantaged group in our society commits a really high percentage of an act punishable in court, and I believe that psychiatry has noticed this. When this group can be trusted to be burnt in therapy centers with half-false statements and if they can still be prescribed a course of medication, it is easy to get them on the unwarranted side of mental hospitals by means of acts they commit while drugged with chemical compounds that decrease brain functions.


As a formula, this operation is simplified, that psychiatry has noticed how to attract this criminal group to its own clinics to be smeared, they can be used in the future trial where these people will inevitably end up and where they can be "bought" into the mental hospital business with psychiatry's false statements, when only the psychiatrist has time to intervene before the trial.


Prison VS mental hospital

From the point of view of the state budget, prison mental hospitals are a better option than prisons because prison mental hospitals employ relatively well pharmaceutical giants in the form of drugs and researchers who study medically unproven mental illnesses. These patients act as a resource and natural resource for the pharmaceutical industry and research, and since in our country mental illnesses spread like the flu and there is no vaccine for this like Corona, this activity will certainly attract international pharmaceutical giants to Finland who are partly dependent on "sick" people.

Jail vs psyk.jpg

These services are actively advertised in the public, but if you are left out of society, uneducated and unemployed, there is a great danger that in psychiatry you will be convinced in a desperate state that in your case it would be good to start taking these "depressants". There are certainly many kinds of these drugs, but if olanzapine-like, rat poison-like compounds are fed as antidepressants, the patient's final placement has already been decided and with this drug, he will probably end up in a prison mental hospital with biased and falsely recorded patient information, at the latest through actions, as in the case of germanwings flight 9525 Lupitz, if he had survived his act.


patient staging process description (theory1)

When a wanted person from the community is wanted in a prison mental hospital, they start burdening him with all kinds of mental burdens. At this stage, of course, he applies for therapy services because the news actively advertises these aggressively, knowing the fact that the worst can happen to him when led by corrupt psychiatrists.


If the patient is convinced to take the "wrong medicine" and does not know how to question the medical staff at all, the drug course to the prison mental hospital has begun. In therapy meetings, half-false interpretations of a drug-addicted patient are probably created, which helps to get a noose for future lawsuits, because these patients react aggressively at some point, however, when the drug course has paralyzed part of the brain functions and they are no longer capable of logical reasoning.


A staged mental health problem with medication

In Finland, the state's propaganda apparatus has hired rapper Jare "cheek" Tiihonen from the Gulf to lobby for these medically non-existent diseases. Problem citizens suffering from Ojita are more valuable than gold to the University of Turku and medical waste. If Tiihonen's actions were to be compared to Nazi Germany, he would be advertising the unprecedented skills of the Auschwitz doctor with which he cures his patients "from not being Aryan".


Afterwards, many little girls paid for by the propaganda machine of Ylene praise these services and they are discussed in public day after day, but no one talks about what happened to the Ylivieska church arsonist, who was all targeted by the illegal actions of our country's authorities. How does our society enforce laws regarding this person in a place where apparently there are no laws because they have been subverted in the form of delusions created by mental illness. These cases only increase the probability of the success of the staging because people are pulled from the courts on false grounds, which is facilitated by the imaginary release of the accused in the name of impunity, which sounds like you could get away with a crime without convictions, but which in reality is a life sentence 100% under the control of the authorities.


The Minister of Justice who does not do his job

These persons must be tried by courts that are impartial, independent, incorruptible and fair. If someone thinks that it is not fair, then we have a minister of justice for that, who will hopefully do something about this matter. Because medical courts currently represent the complete opposite of a court and may be driven by financial interest by employing nurses, financial interest feeds the drugs that the pharmaceutical industry produces, possible medical research in the name of diseases that do not even exist medically.


Instead, our country's Minister of Justice, Anna-Maja Henriksson, enacts laws on the side of the criminal law to protect the medical staff from threatening patients, which is the result when they are kicked out of medical care at the expense of their health, and another part is tried to be killed by injuries and bacterial infections.







At the moment, Jaana Suvisaari, who has actually participated in one study conducted by the team of the University of Turku, seems to be the woman who approves of this "illegal" human trafficking in medicine.

Suvisaari THL.JPG

This team of the University of Turku is under serious accusations from my side because of the prison mental hospital patients used in their research, for which there is extremely strong evidence in Finland that a large part of these prison mental hospital patients have been staged for medically non-existent diseases precisely because of these research results, medical experiments and this www.pronia .eu as the basis for the team's academic careers and salary payment.


THL Jaana Suvisaari and Lauri Marika

Since Finland is an extremely small country, which means almost friendly relations in the field of Finnish medical care, at least with regard to the most senior leading persons, it is extremely doubtful that in one of the studies conducted by the University of Turku team, Jaana Suvisaari from THL has also participated in it, in fact is deciding which citizens of our country, after committing a crime, will end up in these human rat farms, which will appear in Jaana Suvisaaari's medical studies when she studies the reaction of human brain cells to various chemical compounds at the cellular level.



These cases convicted without fault can also be seen in England, which is one of the countries in the team. These countries of the teams are united by the inexplicable attacks on the community by English citizens and suicides, which often involve several bystander victims, such as Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz.

KILLS ENGLAND homicide and mental health_2.jpg
psychiatry stats.jpg


In both countries, England and Finland, mental illness-based court cases in the name of medically non-existent diseases have clearly increased, which means mental asylums where patients do not have the right to self-determination and who are forced to participate in medical studies where university-level researchers are investigating the patient's imaginary illness.


In Finland, we can see a clear spike in the statistics, which at the time fits too well with the mental health problem advertised by YLE's propaganda apparatus and how in its name, the bypassing of the courts of problem citizens is justified in the name of impunity. The spike in Finland's statistics can also be explained by the fact that traffic accidents have already begun to be condemned in the name of impunity, which is as worrying as Hitler's actions with the Jews in the 40s.



Own-hand rights, which are the last stage of the play with the blackened, drugged, irritated and painted citizens of our country's psychiatry. The blind rage and attack that has been directed at completely unpredictable persons or buildings in our society is due to the corrupt authorities of our country and their extremely unfair actions towards these citizens. This blatant attack on our society is not actually instability caused by a mental health problem, but the last defense mechanism of every animal when all options have been used in our country's nominal rule of law without success. Citizens whose "toolbox" has nothing else to offer when trying to defend themselves against the extreme corruption that has attacked them in the form of psychiatry and other authorities when their interests have not been protected by any of the nominal representatives of the law in our country. These cases end with institutions like Hannu Lauerma's with the help of "back doors" created in the courts, for which we can thank Mr. Juriloo, who has created extremely corrupt relations with the imaginary institution that we represent justice, which enables, if necessary, the use of medicine against these persons who have been deprived of their right to self-determination, patient rights, human rights and none of these patients are protected even by the Nurnberg Conventions, which could now be applied in themselves because it would seem to an outsider that our country's authorities have declared a silent war against staged mental health patients in our country.


This hunt against a common enemy, which is a stylistic example of psychiatry's competence and a creation of how a civilized Finnish citizen is stripped of the clothes worn by the civilization of our society and transformed back into a primitive animal, who, irritated and drugged with modern drugs that reduce brain functions, can be pushed to the edge of the abyss of evil in the human mind, where animal defense mechanisms are used, which our civilized society condemns to extreme perdition in our medical care, which medically represents the Middle Ages even though we are in the 2020s. The treatment of patients, which is carried out according to the beliefs and methods of Hannu Lauerma and Kari Ojala with medieval methods, for which they desperately try to create some kind of acceptance with the help of the professors of the University of Turku, approximates more the abuse of medicine towards people than any real desire to help anyone.


This area of ​​nursing, which is well you with yourself and in terms of images as well as justice and your own actions. An action that approximates more the abuse of medicine against humanity when it is on such a large scale. This part of medical care, which in the 2020s wants to believe in the medieval times and in the existence of medically non-existent diseases born at the time of the atrocities of the world's most ruthless beast, the white man, in order to satisfy their own goals, which can be their own salary in relation to staged citizens and the development of medical products through human trials with the help of "biases" very characteristic of medieval diseases, which, if used correctly, can cover all of one's wrongs towards humanity on the medical side.


The area of ​​medical care that has manipulated its customers, the people, and it is a big question mark whether this area has been allowed to manipulate a large part of our country's officials as well, because evidence of this can be read from the actions of the police towards these staged patients. This famous psychiatry has tuned our country's police force's pursuit of staged and black-painted patients to such a high level by using their own superpowers, which include harnessing the anger and rage to the desired place, which is generated by their patients when they try as a last resort to defend themselves against the extreme corruption that has attacked them from the authorities. Our country's famous police force, whose specialty in today's Finland is only squabbling over funds, is psychiatry, and our country's law enforcers have been thrown into the yard like snowmen, because it is clear from their actions that the police force is no longer able to see the forest for the trees, or who is no longer in the role of the enemy in this sad car chase, or what should be done according to the law when it dismisses criminal investigations against its supposed hunting partner who inflicts medieval diseases on our citizens. Diseases that are a gift to humanity from the most merciless beast on earth, from a white person who included Nazi Mengele and who is the role model of Turku University professors, Ekelund, Salokanga, Lauerman, Hietala, Korkeila + Jurilo.


Our country's police forces, who are currently completely under the control of even dogs' animalistic instincts, when they pounce almost with guns blazing on these helpless bastards with all the force of the law, without questioning the actions of psychiatry at all, no matter how much a criminal investigation is tried to push them against the actions of psychiatry in our country, whose patients have become embodiments of the cruelty of psychiatry, all of them and which guarantee satisfaction for the driving pleasure of the country's police forces.


Our staged, irritated and drugged persons can now be picked up from a place that once represented justice and the goodness of humanity to a place that is a fused reverse version of the medical care and court we all know, which has all the possibilities of even establishing its own state in the future with the help of its tentacles, which it has even extended to our judicial institutions.


These corrupt relationships are created with empathic gestures and explanations, taking advantage of the gray area of ​​medicine, an area that includes the human mind and the inexplicability of the triggering of some diseases, which play a big role when people with mental health problems are diagnosed with medically non-existent diseases.

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