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Everything that is exemplified in this article as a case where the patient has died, would definitely belong to the end of Valvir's domain of taking care that the operation resulting in the death of the patient does not get away like a dog from a kennel.


Because there is also a big doubt in our country that you will change the order of doctors, the real death of Karttus, which of course there is no other explanatory factor than spending tax payers, which reveals the true activity of our country's doctors as doctors and what the purpose of medicine in 21st century Finland is, i.e. MONEY RAHA RAHA.... Yes, it would fit the mouth of the president of the coalition Sauli Niinostö, Niinistö's best friend Antti Herlin of Sanoma Media and Herlin's best friend Mikael Lilius.


Medicine and medical care, which has renewed its old ideas according to modern times, which believes in the omnipotence of MONEY, of course requires that you also have to believe in medically non-existent diseases, which are remnants of the ideals of the most relentless beast on earth, the white man, to wipe out a certain group of people from the earth with the help of medicine, because these diseases are paid for by others salary and research in medicine. It may well be possible that future profits will also be wrapped up with the help of the dishonest system created by these diseases, the dishonesty that also defines organized crime. A system that enables human medical experiments and the development of medicine through these.


Money that is unminable black gold tied to the natural resources of the pharmaceutical industry, that is, medical studies published with taxpayers' money on staged prison mental hospital patients and their brain's response to chemical compounds. With the help of these patients and research results, permits for pharmaceutical factories to manufacture chemical compounds in the form of pills that can be force-fed in the future to patients who fall from our society and to whom our country's hybrid criminals, i.e. the authorities, with the ideas of organized crime, want to feed the black gold of the pharmaceutical industry, which guarantees the enrichment and employment of some at the expense of the health and freedom of these staged patients.



Medical care that performs illegal cleaning under VALVIRA's eyes

All in all, there have been so many unspecified deaths in Finnish nursing that, under their cover, it can already be said that there are individuals in our nursing care equipped with an ideology, the purpose of which is to weed out of our society the individuals who use the state's money gratuitously through premature death. Below are cases that have been in the news, which raise doubts about the systematic production of death of problem citizens taking place in medical care to the greatest extent possible. The cases leaked to the news are certainly only the tip of the iceberg and there are certainly numerous cases in the country that have not crossed the news threshold, such as the case of Jarno Laapotti who had to lose his life due to Finnish medical treatment.

The murder of Jimi Karttunen

A Finnish citizen who can already be said 100% that he was murdered by disrupting the post-trauma metabolic reaction Finnish medical care has reached a point where it has begun to carry out cleaning operations among the population, with which it eliminates problem citizens from our society prematurely from the state's point of view. It covers up these cleaning operations with poor treatment, treatment errors, lack of resources and by intentionally disrupting vital functions, as unfortunately happened to Karttus.


The death of Jarno Laapotti

Laapotti, who sought help from our medical care sometime between 2006-2008, which is even today being aggressively promoted by our state's propaganda machine YLE, which is full of disinformation about the state of medical care and its false images of good intentions.


A young 21-year-old woman died from a medical error


If we look at the case of Karttusen and Laapotti, I could even swear that this woman might have been considered a second-class citizen whose suspicious deaths do not surprise me as someone who has investigated the cases. Since Karttunen was murdered in HUS, this woman's intentional death by medical error is not ruled out at all.


Even though the police are investigating these cases, with their current knowledge, they cannot catch anyone in the medical care if there is not someone there directly with an ax to kill the group in the basement.


Killings like this through treatment errors and, as in Karttunen's case, by intentionally disrupting vital functions, are currently completely unsolved by the police. There are currently a couple of criminal investigators in Finland who are capable of my level of criminal investigation, but they are mostly star flights on the lists of the Finnish stupid group


Valvira's director Markus Henriksson's explanations

Even though Valvira's Markus Henriksson appeased the people through the media, declaring Finnish healthcare to be a very safe place in an era when its sub-field, i.e. psychiatry, has created chases for mental health patients, in the name of which it slanders its patients who it wants to forcibly take to illegal medical human experiments led by the University of Turku, where the reaction of human brain cells is studied to various chemical compounds.


Based on my own research, I myself can defend Henriksson's words, as long as the patient ranks high in our society and is clearly above the average, but with regard to a problem citizen, it is very likely that you will die as a result of the poor treatment offered to you in our country's medical care, which can also be read from this case, just like in the case of Karttusen.


Henriksson says that the state of our medical care would have improved from the past, which unfortunately I can't believe even though mistakes to some extent are a part of being human, but they should be able to be removed from such an environment as medical care and have most obviously been rare in the past.


In the past, there was no fear of going to our hospital because there was no need to fear death due to medical errors, unlike today, when a mental hospital has been brought to our hospital from the business side, the ideals of the white man, the most ruthless beast on earth, by the extremely corrupt professors of the University of Turku, who are quite well introduced to our hospital with the help of private health giants, the largest of which are controlled Mikael Lilius and who operate and live on margins and whose ultimate purpose is to eliminate expenses like our problem citizens.


This new era, which includes mistakes in which patients die, is a new scourge in our medical care, where there would be enough work for the prosecutor and the criminal investigators of our country's police if they were not owned by media mogul Antti Herlin.



No one was found to be responsible for the fatal medication error


Some of the cases, like this one, are very similar to the murders of Aino Nykopp. From the background of this case, it is difficult to say whether it was really an accident or could it be an intentional act?


Normally, this could go to the point of damage, but when the murder of Karttusen by highly trained doctors has happened in the country, who can say at this point whether these "damages" behind the deaths of the elderly are intentional, carried out in the name of taxpayers, or purely unintentional??


Regarding medication error, one can clearly read Leif Sevoni-like legal interpretations which only protect these doctors whose actions were most likely caused intentionally when looking at the state of Finnish medical care in the big picture.


The motive for these actions falls directly on the problem citizens of our country, who are already being murdered in medical care to avoid spending the state elite's money. This may have been an indication of how cases progress in our society in the eyes of the people because the courts owned by Antti Herlin and Sauli Niinistö will not judge these doctors who eliminate expensive taxpayers from the state's point of view. The time of the case falls on Tarja Halonen's era, which is no different, because he is the one who started all this illegal activity when he, together with Johannes Koskinen, chose Leif Sevon as president of the Supreme Court to carry out the judicial murder of Eveliina Lappalainen, which unfortunately he did not have time to influence due to the long court proceedings.


With such tricks, the Finnish medical care has been allowed to practice systematic murder, all of which fell on Aino Nykopp, who was a systematic and systematic product of the HUS medical circle, who was taught and led to murder, and which he carried out commendably if we look at the side of the Finnish medical care and what activities it wants to invest in.


The patient's ventilator ran out of battery


Yes, this is hard to believe. It is a big question mark whether these actions are intentional or unintentional based on the news. All these cases would require a professional criminal investigation in Finnish healthcare, because it is really being developed in the direction that problem citizens can be murdered there under the guise of negligence and natural deaths.


A person who suffered from muscular dystrophy etc. and who has to die when the ventilator's battery runs out and taking into account other cases of Finnish medical care such as the death of Jimi Karttusen, is it only the patient's intentional death that has been carried out here but also something else like an extremely unpleasant end of life which could be revenge for something....where now the most merciless beast on earth, white does a person ever want revenge?


This revenge as an action on the side of medical treatment is very high as a motive because the medically non-existent diseases of psychiatry are already being used in a way that refers to medicinal punishments and torture methods because they completely lack a medical basis, thanks to the researchers at the University of Turku.


In the case, the person was found to be blameless, the meaning of which in Finnish legal practice has been formed and, most obviously, purposefully constructed to be very vague. This vagueness means that non-attribution is used almost arbitrarily. Even though there are "instructions" for non-attribution, they are read on completely wrong grounds, which leaves a big question mark about the purpose of this practice, which, based on my research, would strongly suggest turning medicine into a human rat.


If the corruption of Finland is taken into account with these medically non-existent diseases, it may very well be possible that Dr. Lauerma has found this to be cured on the first day and let him go to the other side of the walls of his "prison camp" without medicated brain injuries, which are most likely performed on the patient in these institutions so that the psychiatrists' writings about the patients' behavior are correct also in reality.





The role of the police

In the above cases and others where the Finnish authorities are involved in the killings, our legal system does not give any judgments, which is largely based on the Finnish police looking through the fingers with criminal investigations, which contributes to the illegal actions of another authority being exposed and condemned in the legal system.


The Finnish police has its own mole specialized in messing up these crime scenes, who goes by the name Juha "mess-up" Rautaheimo, who already appears in three cases that I have investigated, which are cases leaked to the media where another authority has a hand in the game behind the victims.

Tapaukset listakuvaaja.jpg

A police officer who doesn't want to see strange deaths in medical care as intentionally caused, won't be able to advance his degrees in this matter because of this. The prerequisite for solving Pekka Seppänen's case was numerous deaths on Seppänen's farm. At the moment, the same is repeated in Finnish medical care under the name EPÄMÄÄRÄISESTE KOULLET. The deaths of this group are now so many that the group from our medical care who carry out these illegal cleansings in our society in the name of medical care would surely be caught.


The role of medical care and VALVIRA

Medical treatment where not a single professional opened up, for example, regarding the death of Jimi Karttunen, which is at the core of my criminal investigations regarding the illegal actions of the authorities. This shows what kind of relations our country's authorities have created with each other when it comes to problem citizens. This is apparently the democracy that the rock star of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, praises like the rising moon, because this democracy, which means cooperation between the authorities and the media, and which is at the very center when our society is built with the help of false news, which in the case of the cases I have investigated means statements made by the authorities in cooperation with the media, which unfortunately enjoy great trust among the people in the name of truth.

Since there are no judgments and investigations and supervision are carried out by people of the same ideology and opinion in Finland, it certainly encourages people to "pull the plug" prematurely when intentional actions are justified in court by an accident.


Finnish organized crime is an authority itself

If you look at the actions of the Finnish authorities, how they use the laws, that is, by circumventing them with the most incredible explanations that have their own interests and purposes behind them, which are illegal, but which have to be covered up with the complicated explanations of a lawyer.


This kind of activity, which, however, basically aims at the most illegal activities with our country's problem citizens, gives the best picture of organized crime and how well it describes the actions of the Finnish authorities and persons in leading positions in our society.


Such selective compliance with the law, guided by one's own interests and motives, is the best description of organized crime and how the people in the highest positions in Finland work with the law, of which the professors of the University of Turku have given the best example of which Hassella "who is not interested in power" Karlsson is definitely the most ruthless plans when he is rolling out the physiological diseases of cancer on those suffering from autumn depression, problem citizens from the state's point of view.



In Finland, all the cases that I have investigated and in which there are clear indications of illegal actions by the authorities in the background of problem citizens, it is ALWAYS connected to medical care and therefore to medicine.


The human rat of medicine is more valuable than gold

The problem citizens who have been ignored in the courts and are transferred to our country's mental hospitals because of their mental illness are in reality medical concentration camps managed by Turku University professors from which patients are collected for Turku University studies that they do not have the opportunity to refuse.


These human rats of medicine, who are worth more than gold to medicine in terms of weight, are certainly worth staging and all bystander victims for the academic careers of professors at the University of Turku.


Human trafficking in medicine, which is carried out in our country's problem citizens who are not profitable enough from the state's point of view, guarantees medicine human rats for illegal brain studies that are carried out for the sake of the academic careers of researchers at the University of Turku.


The human rat's enabler is a medically non-existent mental illness

Medicine that has always needed illness to justify working with people, of course in the name of good and to help. At this moment, cancer is a good example of diseases for which I have not found any illegal practices in our country's healthcare or any other illegal treatment that points to cancer. There is another, however, with mental illnesses, which is largely connected by legal processes in the courts, which strongly suggests that the illness itself is only exploited in the courts when a person is "taken" as the property of the state with a lawyer-like outrageous deception that utilizes the omniscience of medicine and the mystery of the triggering mechanisms of diseases.


If mental illnesses are looked at from the point of view of how they expose patients to forced treatment and custody by state authorities, it cannot include anything other than illegal actions with these persons.


The activities of medical care, which can be compared to organized crime, are based on criminal activities with their patients, in which a large role is played by the abuse of medicine against people, which is covered up in the imaginary treatment of a seemingly good, i.e. patient's medically non-existent illness, in the name of which the patients have been passed over in the courts under the plea of ​​impunity, which means taking away the right to self-determination and being forced into forced treatment.


Psychiatry at the University of Turku works like organized crime

This activity is actually an abuse of medicine towards these people, but it does not seem to interest the extremely corrupt professors or researchers in Turku, nor the police or the security guard in our country, whose leaders will hopefully be given life sentences in the future when they have not been watching the actions of the extremely corrupt professors of the University of Turku to use medicine against people like Nazi Mengele. On the other hand, the atrocities they commit are, unfortunately, a guarantee for the existence of their activities and their salary payment. At this point it can almost be said that organized crime, which of course means the extremely corrupt professors and researchers of the University of Turku, because their actions by using medicine and targeting it to the patients of the prison mental hospital who have been staged for medically non-existent diseases and who have been deprived of the right to self-determination and placed in forced treatment have completely left these persons under the whim of the extremely corrupt professors and researchers of the University of Turku, which is why they can carry out human trials under the guise of non-existent diseases, which take medicine with great leaps forward. There are so many billions involved in this activity that the actions of the drug unit in Helsinki are so small that you can't even see them near this pile of money anymore.


This organized crime, which disregards all the laws created against patients, the purpose of which is to prevent all the horrors that can be carried out in the name of medicine in the worst way, does not bind in any way the extremely corrupt professors of the University of Turku or the psychiatrists who see these professors as role models, which also enabled Jouni Kauppila to be staged for mental illness, which was finally driven with the help of provocation and medication that lowers brain functions, directly by means of an act, the extremely corrupt friend club of the University of Turku runs a prison mental hospital with a medically non-existent disease, which is organized crime of the new era, i.e. hybrid crime.


The human rat as an organ donor

With this kind of illegal activity in the medical field, where a person is an experimental patient whose right to self-determination has been taken away and who is subjected to forced treatment with all complaint channels cut off is at the center, of course the sky is the limit as to everything illegal this activity contains, such as the systematic termination of these patients where their organs are given to the good people of our society if they need it.


If you look at what the most merciless beast on earth, the white man, has done to his own people in the past centuries, it is clear as day that the forced donation of organs from the underprivileged to the better-off has come true, and what action is being supported by the elimination of problem citizens, which is already in general use in Finland, from spending the state elite's money without compensation the best example of which is the murder of Jimi Karttunen, which was carried out by deliberately disrupting the metabolic reaction, using the laws of a democratic society by deliberately misinterpreting what has proven to be an extremely good way of targeting our problem citizens with dictatorial arbitrariness in Finland.


Because of the above, the question is, when was the last time the organs of the staged patients of these mental hospitals were given to the well-off, who, as a lawyer-like scam, are advertised to the outside as "donors" who are nevertheless bound by forced treatment and the right to self-determination, taken in places that, at least in Finland, are as closed as North Korea, where practically anything illegal can happen if only once Even Jimi Karttun could be murdered in the middle of the day at HUS.



Jari Aarnion, who was sacked as head of the narcotics police in the same year as Marja-Liisa Partanen, which could just be a coincidence, but in Finland there are clearly illegal actions on the part of the authorities, which are carried out and managed by media mogul Papa Herlin's elevator with money, when you look at how overrepresented the media is in these news reports that target Finland to the illegal actions of the authorities. Media mogul papa Herlin, who orchestrated the fake kidnapping of his own relative Minna Nurminen with money and the help of crooked lawyers familiar from the corporate world.


From the similarity and time simultaneity of Partanen's and Aarnio's cases, it can be clearly said that these scandals are being machined quite systematically and even like a conveyor belt out of the media, whose top echelon sits the media mogul papa Herlin, who is obviously tired of the elevator business and has moved to the side of the power game with the help of his own media house to do business with our country's problem citizens, on whose necks all this illegal activity and systematic systematic "scandals" fall when everyone believes that after these scandals the police, surveillance, medical care and the authorities of our country would act fairly and correctly.

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