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A human rat farm owned by the Finnish state and researches by the University of Turku, whose patients are studied by university-level medical doctors in the name of medicine, who take it at the expense of the health and freedom of these staged citizens.


These staged citizens are problems caused by Finland, which have caused the state elite's money without any fault, there are cases to investigate all the biggest why the basics of staging these people are involved in their social contributions by force with the help of medicine.


The enabler of this illegal activity is a lawyer-like deception that enables the hatred of the people and by smearing psychiatric patients medically factually psychiatric patients medically factually psychiatric patients medically factually psychiatric patients are for the most part nothing logical or rational explanation can be found anywhere, just as not all witches in the Middle Ages believed in this the way of the medieval church. and imaginary diseases rely on the mystique of medicine in the eyes of an ignorant people.


Hannu Lauerma, who is the driving force behind these imaginary diseases, who relies to a large extent on Lauerma's personality, and how realistically he talks about these diseases, has made me silent many times because of the credibility with which this doctor of medicine talks about these ghosts of medicine, without causing the listener any doubts about the lie. Markus Rantala, who differs like night from day compared to Lauerma. Rantala who talks himself into a bag in several interviews and talks about these ghosts of medicine because the truth that Rantala has to talk about clearly causes him trouble as a partially conscientious person, in contrast to Lauerma who talks about evil as if it were his own brother without any kind of talking in a voice that comes straight from the spine.



Medical psychiatry, which needs these human rats, which are also known as the Holy Grail of medicine, unfortunately take human victims with them when, in their last act, they aggressively defend themselves against the illegal actions of the authorities. These bystander victims like Emilia Nieminen are the by-product of this lawyer-like scam, which aims at arbitrary actions with its patients, and it cannot be accepted in front of the court other than by inciting the patients to act, which gives a great advantage to the authorities when it comes to the patients' individual rights and civil rights. After these blind acts, the authorities are allowed to buy these problem citizens into their own closed facilities for medical use while the police turn a blind eye to the motives of the acts.


Since our society has not yet accepted a 100% dictatorship for the illegal activities of Hannu Lauerman and his friend's club, with which he could pick up the problem youths he points out and wants directly from the queues of the employment office and the kela, without the difficult steps of attracting the staging on the side of psychiatry with antidepressants and provocation, they should develop its activities so that it does not take bystander victims every time it goes. Of course, from the state's point of view, these victims are not a price and nothing compared to the medical benefits of these human rats and part of the reason why it is allowed, but they are the most expensive to our society in terms of the suffering of the relatives of the bystander victims, which does not move this team of psychiatry at the University of Turku at all.



These medically non-existent and fictitious diseases have been created to cover up medical experiments on humans and are necessary for the development and growth of the pharmaceutical industry and the academic careers of researchers and professors at the University of Turku.


This is of course a big tear for our neurologically healthy young people with problems who have been made to believe that they have these diseases with the help of staging and who lead the pharmaceutical industry as a natural resource to eat modern drugs passing as "depressants" or as a research resource for universities, or at worst both.



In my opinion, it is not in anyone's interest that our country has such closed institutions such as prison mental hospitals and mental hospitals where outsiders are not allowed to meet these persons, even when someone suspects abuse towards the persons in these institutions.


These institutions can contain such great grievances for the patient or the prisoner that it is difficult for any authority to intervene with the current legislation because the operation of these institutions is disguised as "medical treatment" which is really difficult for the police or any other authority to intervene or what my research would support that the core of the entire operation of these institutions, the existence is an activity approved by our country's decision-makers, which is made possible precisely by legislation.


TONY ROTH TYKS PSYCHIATRIST IN THE INTERVIEW he gave me, i.e. "THERE ARE ONLY EXPERIENCES GIVEN HERE", it's only about what kind of experiences are given in these clinics together with medical treatments when so many clients commit suicide or end up attacking our common place.


TONY ROTH's interview also gives a new perspective on why some of Hannu Lauerma's patients fear the position of the pen as a death sentence and some fear all the people in the institution.


The bureaucracy built over the operation of these institutions which can block all actions and the only one who could really interfere with the operation of these institutions is precisely this club of the University of Turku, but why would it interfere with the illegal medical studies carried out with these patients on which this club of the University of Turku is completely dependent for its own salary and academic career because of.


The friend club of this university in Turku, which is currently training doctors for Finnish hospitals, is partly responsible for Jimi Karttune's death, which was covered up under a post-traumatic metabolic reaction by intentionally disrupting this reaction.


There will certainly not be a change in this activity for a long time when you look at how spitefully this friend club of the University of Turku has piloted this illegal activity, it has certainly also succeeded in training its followers for this activity, which however is not as easy a task as carrying out these illegal activities in a ready environment, because my view is when someone who really cares will notice this and talk about it publicly.


Hannu Lauerma has piloted these institutions all his life, that will not change for a long time, and I believe that Lauerma will choose his successor very thoroughly with the help of his own recommendations for his institution, which operates under THL and which he has developed for about 30 years, which plays a major role in enabling the University of Turku the patients required for the studies carried out in the name of schizophrenia, which investigate the effects of various chemical compounds on brain function. Since we are talking about human experiments in medicine, of course all kinds of experiments and tests can be performed on these mentally ill patients in the name of schizophrenia, because the patients have been stripped of all their winning laws by means of non-attribution, and if any laws are still left, then the rest are overturned by the delusions characteristic of the disease.



A pen position that means death

Hannu Lauerma's valtakuna, which in Finnish means Prison Health Care (VTH) is the institution where Ylivieska church arsonist Jouni Kauppila ended up and where he had a video connection when the trial took place.


These places where patients, according to Hannu Lauerman, imagine how the position of a pen means death do not say anything about the medically non-existent and imaginary illness of the patients, but about the ruthless actions of Kerava Auervaara and his ideological descendants of the Turku University friend club towards their patients and how this group has managed to teach these patients the fear of death, which has been successfully acquired connected to the pen position.



Lauerma who doses human rats for medical research

These statements from Lauerma only prove that these institutions have no real healing properties or purposes when it comes to the patients of these institutions. After studying cases in Finland and the activities of the University of Turku's friend club in the field of medicine, the real role of this institution is to create an image for the people of the patients of these institutions as mentally ill persons who are afraid of the position of the pen. This institution of Hannu Lauerma is specialized in making these patients "crazy" in the eyes of the people, which is advertised to the people just as can be seen from the link below. Lauerma and the nurses carefully selected based on his recommendations prepare these patients for illegal medical examinations by researchers at the University of Turku, some of which unfortunately have been staged in these places with the help of official corruption, which is the policy of Sauli Niinistö's coalition.


This truth hidden from the people, i.e. the non-existence of mental illnesses, is true and it is Hannu Lauerma's job to "make" these problem citizens into people who behave in the strangest way, whose behavior can be advertised to the people, even though the background is medical abuse, which is the justification for Dr. Lauerma's salary.




These patients of VTH and other mental hospitals in our country have in common the extremely unclear criminal investigations by the police, the treatment of the authorities, which are focused on psychiatric clinics, and the court proceedings, which all fall into a stage.


A man from Salo who tried to save his spouse from a mental hospital

A person from Salo who is a good example of the ruthlessness and illegal actions of the Finnish authorities with our country's problem citizens when they are forcibly taken to our country's extremely closed institutions in the name of medically non-existent mental illnesses to undergo forced treatment for imaginary diseases. In the name of these forced treatments, the patients are fed harsh chemical compounds, as a result of which some can get brain damage, which in itself can change the patient's behavior and which I sign as if the patients' behavior is caused by a medically non-existent disease.


Ylivieska church arsonist Jouni Kauppila

Ylivieska, where I myself come from and whose church I was watching the fire on the spot and saw the collapse of the bell tower, I would never have believed what lies beneath these cases and where many citizens see only the desperate attacks of these patients on our community.


Kauppila is a good example of how cooperation between the authorities was built around him, which included the Ylivieska police, the district court and the hospital.



I have been in contact with the top management of the Turku Psychiatric Prison Hospital and our country's Minister of Justice, Anna-Maja Henriksson, because I would have been willing to meet the patient they had, according to the news, regarding the suspicions I told about the forced medicating and staged mental illnesses of these patients.


The reception was a bit what I had expected in advance, short and negative answers, which only raises doubts about the worst possible suspicion and what I am running after, i.e. these patients who have a medically non-existent mental illness and their use in medical experiments on humans, which in Finland means as research resources for researchers at the University of Turku and as a natural resource for drug manufacturers who can be fed the strangest medicines throughout their hospital stay.


A pen position that means death

You can see from the message how unwilling our country's authorities are to organize these meetings with the patients I want who appear in my articles and who, according to Dr. Lauerma, are afraid of the position of the pen in these places, which, based on what the patients say, means death.


This position of the pen in itself does not mean anything other than how Lauerma's carefully chosen nurses are able to teach the fear of death to the position of the pen and what illegality is just a donkey's bridge, how the people who have visited these clinics of Laeurma's ideological descendants have ended up with actions that shock the community, such as school shootings.


Sauli´s sick kingdom

This action is actually an abuse of power, which in Finland has already led to the death of too many innocent citizens, which has caught my interest. This illegal practice of psychiatry among Finnish citizens has grown to completely impossible proportions during the reign of the most corrupt president of all time, Sauli Niinistö, who has made Finland the new dictatorship of Europe, specifically a democratic dictatorship where power is exercised through the heads of state agencies, where the actions of Lauerman and his friend club at the University of Turku are the best example of comes to illegalities.



Contact 2020 November

Raine Hannula

email VTH 2020.jpg

According to my information, you have a person named Jouni Kauppila in the prison mental hospital. I would have inquired about visiting times when I could meet this person? The person doesn't know me from before, but I would assume that the visit could be a positive addition in addition to possible nursing facility routines. Saturdays would suit me best and I would be willing to meet this person for a maximum of 2 months every Saturday, but less could be enough. There is certainly no reason why meetings would not be possible, so I would like to thank you in advance.

Mari Laakso VTH

email Mari Laakso.JPG



Unfortunately, due to the obligation of confidentiality, we cannot comment on who we are treating. We do not have general visiting hours, but the patients themselves invite their guests to a separately arranged appointment. Weekly meetings are possible.


T: Mari Laakso


Raine Hannula

email VTH 2020 no kylläpä.jpg


Well, you keep the guys in strict isolation there. An external, independent operator cannot even accurately determine how people are treated there. Independent actor now means me, because I don't think that e.g. Maija Walta, the doctor of psychiatry who blackmailed me, and her gang would in any way intervene in the grievances that you may have towards these people, including the "rehabilitation" that these people get there. I don't have the authority, but I'm running after the evidence here, and I have a strong belief that this institution of yours could find evidence for my treatment.


I hope they are not so isolated there that you can feed whatever mental images to those patients when they are not in contact with anyone, other than these mind manipulation doctors. After 5 years of "medicinal rehabilitation", treatment and secretion, it's good to say and show, "go away now, you're crazy".


Hannu Lauerma

email Lauerma 1.JPG

Briefly for your information: we are under the strict supervision of several authorities, and every patient has the right to file complaints and grievances, which are properly handled by external bodies.


The average length of the treatment period at Pvs is about a month, and the anonymously collected feedback from our patients has been very good.




Hannu Lauerma

responsible senior physician


Raine Hannula

email VTH 2020 näennäisestihän.jpg


Apparently, you have the supervision of several authorities, but now it's about how well they do their job, what the inspection process includes and who does it.


Jari Aarniol also had superiors whose task would have been to prevent the drug trade run from the drug unit in Helsinki, and it was not a button trade, but drugs were imported by barrel trade from across the border. At the same time, the police of the year staged competing drug dealers in prison as innocents to cover up their own actions, and their own friends' club defended and protected their loyal leader. The person, as an authority serving the law, crossed his fingers when one competitor was murdered out of the drug business, that he could bring even one more barrel of stuff to the neighbor's owner.


If this kind of activity is possible in the police, what can be done in the medical care and personal experience proves that it is possible to stage a working engineer for medical forced treatment with real fake doctors in the background... a treatment where not even the Norwegian Breivik was put.


Your belief in the supervision of various authorities does not gain my trust, unless I myself get to meet a person in your institution. With an interview lasting several days, I would be able to ascertain what this person's condition is and whether there can be found in the background wrong medication and staged patient meetings, etc. This is a meeting and related discussion, which the person can block if necessary if he does not like my company. Since you have such a strong need to prevent these meetings when I myself would only like to come and partially check the situation, it only increases the validity of my suspicions about these witch-hunting mental illnesses that this institution specializes in.


What happened in Ylivieska when the church burned? Is it a hate and revenge crime for the treatment this person received in the Ylivieska unit, which has been painted with the help of half-false patient reports as the unpredictable act of a mental health patient in need of medication, who cannot explain his actions partly due to the effects of medication.


And if you have patients there, for whom the position of the pen means a death sentence, from what I've read in the news, it says quite a lot about the treatment you can possibly receive in that institution. To you, this seems to be psychiatric treatment, but to me it seems that one of your nurses has scared the patient and at the same time brought that pencil gesture with him during the scare....I can't say exactly how that pencil gesture can be taught to a certain fear when this field of psychology is really a foreign area to me but there is some injustice in the treatment. Such a pen gesture in itself means nothing here outside your institution, in normal life. On the other hand, what would child welfare say if there was a child in day care who was afraid of death based on the position of the pen, I would guess that they would look for the reason in the family circumstances, but in the institution in Turku they would focus on looking for the reason in the person.


Passi and Reinboth investigated Aarnio's actions because their actions showed abuses, and I investigated cases of medical care where I saw abuses. I would also like to remind you that personal abuse in medical care is the background of my contacts and I will find out how extensive it could possibly be. Unfortunately, I've had to notice that the only people who could have been subjected to this kind of abuse are already behind locked doors or dead, and I'm not surprised at all.


I am not defending the actions of these people in the institutions, who you have there in Turku, but I am bringing to light the possible abuses and stagings that have led to the actions of these people by the doctors on duty who do not respect patient rights and good medical ethics.


So while waiting for visitation rights…

Hannu Lauerma

Lauerma email22.JPG

More briefly: our hospital has no long-term patients at all. If I understood correctly, you would like to meet someone who may have been here a long time ago.


friend t.


Hannu Lauerma

responsible chief physician, Pvs


Raine Hannula


Briefly: I would like to meet a person named Jouni Kauppila, because as a private person I am investigating medical treatment abuses and staging mental illnesses that lack a medical basis. These diseases are therefore imposed on people partly on the basis of their behavior, which directly encourages diagnosis if it is a person who is an outcast from society who is wanted out of normal life. So, in practice, any healthy person can be staged for these witch-like diseases when you go to the wrong psychiatrist who starts writing his own view of the person.


At worst, people diagnosed with the most serious mental illnesses can become guinea pigs for drug development by pharmaceutical researchers against their will when these "mental illnesses" that have no medical basis are researched and developed. This is my reason for investigating these cases. My suspicions only arise regarding abuse because these people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness in a prison mental hospital are kept in strict isolation and are in contact only with good doctors who have a certain idea. With the idea that there can be e.g. when a person has received a certain kind of sentence, which partly shocks our society, then this patient will be deprived of all civil rights in these institutions, and their treatment will also be the same.


According to my information, Jouni Kauppila would be in the psychiatric prison hospital in Turku according to the news, but since Hannu Lauerma said that they do not have long-term patients and I hope that he is not directly lying to me to prevent the meeting, I have no choice but to believe him. I hope that the doctors of the different mental hospitals who received the email, in whose hospital this person could be, would contact me because I would like to meet and talk with this person.


The transparency of the actions of the authorities is proclaimed throughout the country, but apparently we have institutions in the country where this declaration cannot reach, and it remains to be seen whether it reaches civil rights as well....


Although Lauerma's facility is under the supervision of several authorities, it is not an inspection if one authority visits for an hour every two years. In order to check the long-term operation and development of an institution like this, it would be necessary to place an authority in this institution every day for at least a year to see where the managers of these institutions have developed these places and how patients are treated, on what basis drugs are pumped into these patients and how it happens... well, coercion is obviously not very nice the vision can be and this law is on, it is only up to the doctor's imagination what is fed to the patient. Hourly visits tell nothing.


Waiting for the meeting.…


Contact 2022 October

email 2022.jpg

I still want those interviews just like I did about 2 years ago. This time the Minister of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson, the Prime Minister Sanna Marin and the President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö are organizing them for me with the persons I will name and who are locked up in our country's prison mental hospital almost probably for wrong reasons and who have fallen victim to a lawyer-like scam in our judiciary and in medical care. I have to reserve an interview time of 1000 hours/patient and travel costs and other necessary costs that I will have to pay for this from tax money, which should be the size of a fly's shit next to the uniper mess. Or, on the other hand, you could hire me for YLE at the average salary of a journalist to investigate crimes committed by the authorities against their citizens.


These patients should have the opportunity to meet according to the law, and nothing other than criminal activity is possible for the ownership of these patients on the condition that they are not allowed to be met by a person who suspects illegal actions towards them, so I want to meet them and this will not be circumvented with any lawyer gimmick where Anna -Maja Henriksson takes care as Minister of Justice.


persons to be interviewed

The people I want to meet and interview are Nita-Minttu Tirkkonen (100% influenced by the psychiatrist's statements and the incomprehensible Nazi salute in court, which, however, was a fully justified salute in the opinion of crime reporter Hannula, after I have studied the court decisions and their operation in our country, thanks to the dictator Sevon)


Jouni Kauppila (the police's false criminal investigation statement with false justifications), Jori Lasonen (a victim of psychiatry and a style example of psychological influence, what he got involved in by killing 3 completely innocent people, which is apt to raise anger and rage towards persons blackened by psychiatry so much that it is apt to create street patrols in the country which chasing these future human rats), the person in Salo who broke into a mental hospital with an ax to save his girlfriend who was most likely wrongly taken there.


Emilia Nieminen's murderer (victim of psychiatry and other authorities)


+ Sanna Sillanpää (victim of psychiatry who most likely stepped on the toes of nokia's influential leaders with bad consequences who have relations with the elite of our country) and the list can grow.


If there is someone in the decision-making positions who has a little more brains than the Finnish police who are unable to even catch bicycle thieves, then you can think about how my articles will appear on linkedin if you do not make these meetings of the people I demand possible, or that one of these people is, for example dead during the time you have been chasing these meetings and what accusations I have shared about the operation of state-owned institutions, which does touch the state leadership in relation to problem citizens.


Niinistö's ideology that knows no party boundaries

Based on my research, which I have been doing for about 4 years now, it is very likely to say that Sauli Niinistö has managed to build a one-party system in Finland with regard to our problem citizens, which means that the illegalities targeted at this group by the authorities go through without any authority interfering. This ideology of Saulin Niinistö also crosses the parliamentary party boundaries, especially now that the country has been able to commit acts that shock the community with problem citizens by pressuring and leading them to do so while drugged with psychiatric depressants, which are actually drugs that lower brain functions, making it easier for problem citizens to carry out these shocking actions, which of course appear to the outside world to be devoid of full understanding. from acts but which are nevertheless committed by our drugged, uneducated problem citizens, where the illegal activity of psychiatry, drugging them in the name of medically non-existent diseases, plays a major role.


Niinistö's parliamentary party-crossing ideology of a powerful state where there are no unproductive citizens are problem citizens and unproductive individuals being driven to a premature grave through state-owned agencies (HUS by Jimi Karttunen) or mental hospitals (Nita-Minttu Tirkkonen). The one-party system shows itself best in the case of these citizens, where our country does not operate in any respect according to the principles of the rule of law, but in a completely Nazi-German way, for which the greatest thanks go to the professors of the University of Turku, who have created credibility for these diseases in the eyes of the people with the help of illegal medical studies conducted on humans at the University of Turku, in which the sample is a staged subset of our society .


Hannu Lauerma, who breeds and doses these staged problem citizens, i.e. human rats, for the illegal studies of his friend club and for the studies of psychosis Hietala, where in the name of medically non-existent diseases, the effects of chemical compounds on the brain are studied in these patients at the cellular level, new hypotheses about disease mechanisms are guessed and previous guesses are overturned. Lauerma's skull shrinking skills are certainly indescribably remarkable and at the center of the breeding of these human rats.


This action that Sauli Niinistö has allowed to take place in our country is too identical to the Nazi German ideology of a white overrepresented race of power and what all were prepared to do for this, including my predecessor Sophie Scholl, who opposed this sick action, which is now Sauli Niinistö's demonized ideology directly Nazi - from the graves. In the era of Niinistö, the bypassing of courts in our judicial system in the name of imaginary diseases has exploded, in which the expert opinions of Hannu Lauerma's ideological descendants play a big role.


After researching this activity, it seems to a large extent that these unprofitable citizens from the state's point of view are sent to our country's medical concentration camps where their social contribution is forcibly taken from them with the help of medicine.


It is clear as day that the rookies of the Finnish police are brainwashed by THL experts to see only our problem citizens as criminals, and this illegal business they employ the Finnish stupid group, however, fairly well when it is driven at high speed up and behind.


Mikael Lilius

Greetings to the Finnish stupid group, this sick activity in Finland would not be successful from Niinistö alone, but he needs partners and Mikael "Mehiläinen" Lilius and Antti Herlin are at the very center of this activity. Mikael Lilius, as the director of Fortum, has already proven to me that this capitalist does have the spiritual morals to do anything for money, and when in Finland we are harnessing our country's problem citizens as medical human rats in institutions managed by professors from the University of Turku, such people as Lilius, who have the spiritual morals to put Mehiläinen into practice side of the activities I described, their involvement should be immediately investigated in Finland.


antti Herlin and Minna Nurminen

Antti Herlin's role in this comes through the news media he owns, which is supporting this sick activity with news coverage by promoting it in a positive context to the people (just like YLE), but his large fortune is certainly partially pledged to the start-up and support of this activity, for which he expects financial compensation in the future, like a thoroughbred a capitalist should. There is also another possible suspect in Antti Herlin's family, Minna Nurminen, who staged her own kidnapping for herself, in which those who participated and looked on should be found out, which, however, is not very difficult when this kind of thing has gone through the courts of our country. It is a big question mark what all Minna Nurminen has done in Finland when she has been bought the status of a victim with the money of media mogul Pappa Herlin, just like Nils Gustaffson had all his life, which made it possible for him to live freely in our country and whose kind of stupid Finnish group is almost impossible to notice.


Because the Kone Foundation finances the University of Turku and Nurminen works in this company as a "Finnish language teacher" or it doesn't matter to me what his role is after the fake kidnapping. Since human history has shown numerous times the existence of organizational activities towards the most disadvantaged groups in our society, it is completely clear that there are already groups in our country that are looking for these problem citizens, some to inform and some to collect them in the human rat farms of the University of Turku. Nurminen, who has 100% immunity to all suspicions of being a staged victim, does not work with Minna Passi's abilities, just as Olli Isotalo's conspiracy theories about Patria's management and Linden's joint trips started by him did not work. This person's possible role in the human rat business should be clarified as soon as possible, but here too, apparently, they are chasing for so long that all the leads have been swept under the carpet, just like the murder of Jimi Karttusen in HUS, which was covered up under the post-traumatic metabolic reaction. It is difficult for me to say how many people in Finnish medical care are deliberately, plannedly and systematically put in the grave prematurely as a result of deliberately arranged treatment, but I believe that this is about 10-100 people / year.


It is quite clear that Jesse "eppu" Torniainen has served too harsh a sentence for his actions and even after serving his punishment, but it would be absolutely important that a person like this should never be given the opportunity to lead Finland or any larger company such as the news media, but who should be able to lead a normal life in our country. Even if Niinistö with the friend club of the University of Turku, Herlin and Lilius would like to drag these citizens into the human rat business, it proves to me even more that Torniainen's sick ideology that he supports has reached the ears of our country's president and his collaborators.

This activity has already achieved so much publicity, which is promoted with the help of YLE, Samoma media and other state-funded foundations, that it is difficult to hide its transparency and core theme, which has attracted my attention and it is already starting to be seen by everyone. This money could really guarantee a normal life for these human rats in Finland, but it would of course be poison for the businesses of Niinistö, Lilius and Herlin, with the help of which, in the opinion of these people, their small fortune must now be increased at the expense of the health and freedom of problem citizens.



It is clear that Lilius, Herlin and Niinistö and his club of friends are in good positions in our country when the police are trained to be ovens, the one-party system worships money and the media is completely owned by the elite, which is programmed to send propaganda from morning to night to cover up their own actions and how the decision-makers make big decisions even without the people approval of which a good example is the NATO decision, which was made in the name of the people when YLE shows war pictures of Putin's revenge and military campaigns in their own unpredictability. A positive decision on this is obviously an interpretation of the people's reaction, which is interpreted based on the news coverage owned by the decision-makers, which is what the decision-makers want, isn't it a pretty interesting connection? Even if the right decision would have been a referendum, which would not necessarily have passed, so it wasn't even organized. When people's opinions are tried to be interpreted by an outside person after reporting by YLE's propaganda apparatus, that interpretation is exactly what the decision-makers through YLE want and promote.


If Sanoma media's reporting is looked at from the perspective of our problem citizens, i.e. human rats, Sanoma media's reporting should be put on ice together with yule for a while and find out what all the illegal things are being done and advertised in the name of it every hundred to the illegal activities of the University of Turku in the area of ​​medicine to our country's problem citizens, which of course should be a small illegal business even our Minister of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson thinks so.


operation of the rule of law

At the moment, the ideology revived by Niinistö has taken over our parliament, turning it into a one-party system that enacts laws to control our problem citizens and with which official powers can be assigned to them extremely unfairly. The best example of this is the reform of the criminal law, where citizens who are offended by the improper treatment of human rats and problem citizens can be automatically prosecuted in the corrupt courts, which at the latest in the Supreme Court, as owned by Niinistö, turn to the authorities' side, even against all laws, which are no longer just opinionated interpretations of Maija Lindgren's Tupu tupunu, thank you Leif Sevon, Tarja Halonen and Johannes Koskinen, who has now been trained and heavily loaded by YLE's propaganda machine journalists quite a lot and quite well if you ask me. These people who in our country are in a position where they have to threaten nurses when they try to murder them with their bad treatment methods, at least their position does not improve at all when they are then brought to the courts of our country to hear charges when they defend their own lives very aggressively, but without lawyer-like behavior, which would be quite abnormal from problem citizens bullied by the authorities, who are secretly tried to be murdered in our medical care, prematurely to the grave, away from spending the state elite's, i.e. taxpayers', money for nothing.


I myself have personally had to state that Finland has fallen out of the group of legal states, thanks to the coil's one-sided rules with which it can drive its problem citizens into an eternal spiral of debt and rage at the rules made with unfair authority powers, where the state's interest is overrepresented, which even overrides the survival of individuals in our country.


The existence of a dictatorship that stems from the operation of the institutions of our imaginary legal state, which can also be seen from the operation of the reel, but unfortunately the best example of this I have received from Chancellor of the Exchequer Tuomas Pöyst, who denies the murder of Karttusen, scrolling the case, i.e. the event of the murder based on the time, i.e. an event more than 2 years ago that does not need to be taken for processing. This proves that in Finland murder is no longer obsolete, thanks to the lawyer-like interpretation that comes from Leif Sevoni's interpretations of the law that come from Maija Lindgren's Tupu tupuna. Imaginary rule of law in Finland where lawyer-like actions have been taken in such a blatant direction that almost obvious murders committed by the authorities are circumvented, where the credibility of state institutions built over years is used to cover up and deny criminal activity. Tuomas Pöyst's ice-cold and serial killer arguments, which, however, are already extremely familiar to me, thanks to Aino Nykopp, Jari Aarnio and Olli Isotalo


medicine that knows no national borders

The medical activity that is managed from the University of Turku, which is detached from all laws to protect individuals from the illegal actions of the authorities, is of course a worldwide phenomenon because medicine knows no national boundaries when researchers act as "visiting researchers" who are strongly guided by the development of individuals' academic careers, which of course correlates very strongly with their egos. Because of the former, this illegal activity will not be restricted by anyone who works in the field of medical care based on their own salary, but the restriction and control of this activity should be completely separate from the field of medical care and medicine. This part of medical care, i.e. psychiatry, which apparently needs human rats for many reasons to promote medicine, would seem to be completely under the protection of the decision makers of each country and a 100% free area from official control where it occurs, which is exactly what makes the academic careers of Jarmo "psychosis" Hietala and Maija Helena Walla, at least in Finland, protected Sauli Niinistö is the biggest and whitest graduate of the University of Turku. Of course, these people have great justifications for their own illegal actions, but as a former development engineer and current crime journalist, I can say that this industry will never give humanity anything other than financial margins for business, which Lilius and Herlin must have smelled, academic careers being promoted, and cool gadgets for the future, which are needed very questionable, especially when the scales have staged problem citizens for the use of medicine, who unfortunately often take innocent and bystander citizens with them when they aggressively defend themselves against this illegal activity that the authorities carry out in Finland in order to get more human rats for Hietala and Walla's illegal medical studies, which are carried out in the name of medically non-existent psychological diseases.

The end result of email communication

This communication shows how the top management of our country, including the leaders of the authorities, are not parliamentarians despite their names, but people in power, whose actions have been covered up by YLE's propaganda machine's fake news, which is done in cooperation with YLE and Hannu Lauerma, where the behavior of patients at Lauerma's institutions is advertised to the public, which is the result of Dr. Lauerma's undeniably tough professional about competence, which is not helping or healing patients but "making them crazy" by targeting them with medical abuse, dominance and psychological influence in the worst way, and most of whom are staged citizens.


You can clearly see from the message how reluctant all the highest responsible persons in our country were with me when I expressed doubts about the illegality of the activities of these institutions and Hannu Lauerma, the misuse of medicine and illegal medical examinations.


If this activity is compared to other criminals, such as Aino Nykopp, it can already be said regarding the persons in the e-mail messages that the reason for their silence and inability to cooperate with me is a sign of silent acquiescence.



Since medical care has created mental illnesses, for which it also has grounds for treatment, the official supervision of these institutions, even in all its ridiculousness, is only nominal. Since it is a medical activity where the treatment of a disease is involved, official control does not necessarily extend to these medical treatment methods to the extent that they would not be medical, such as medicinal torture methods directly from Auschwitz. The forms of treatment for some mental illnesses are even close to forms of torture and would be, but on the side of medical care, these are classified and translated into forms of treatment. Because of this, the patients of prison mental hospitals should be given free transfer to prison if necessary if they are not satisfied with the operation of these institutions, because an institution that has such strong connections with medical researchers and pharmaceutical giants, in these institutions, in practice, the most horrible human experiments can be carried out in the name of delusional diseases, which is not allowed by any law.


It also says that Jimi Karttunen could be murdered in HUS, which was carried out by intentionally disrupting the metabolic reaction, which led to the patient's death or murder, because it was so determined and systematic and therefore even planned.


This supervision, which belongs to Valvira, as an institution, always creates a completely unjustified sense of security, which is also apt to block all illegal suspicions from these institutions, as happened with Jimi Karttunen.



Having investigated the cases and read some medical books, I wonder how such institutions have come to be born because I can't believe that any doctor would actually believe in these diseases which are completely devoid of medical basis. Diseases whose function is very much the same as the illusion of witches built on the credibility of the medieval church, which makes these psychological diseases medical ghosts built on the stage and the mysticism of medicine that is served to the public's consciousness


Even though I am a complete novice in this, I can see for myself that these mental illnesses were invented sometime in the early 20th century and their emergence was greatly influenced by drug research carried out on humans, of course Mengele during Nazi Germany tried to create his own path, but luckily these people were also caught in time and I would hope that we would be caught somewhere phase of a serious criminal investigation at the Turku Schizophrenia Research Center and the persons in the title would still be subject to a tough investigation in the future in connection with medical research conducted on humans.


The image of mental illness created in society

It's easy for someone who doesn't know about the matter to believe the "witch hunts" that prevail in the country in general, because the news talks about the acts of the mentally ill, which are ignored in the courts as unprovoked, and at our university these "shithole" diseases are studied and they even have their own "shithole" professors who specialize in these diseases, just like Mengele was in the 40s .


At the moment, it would seem that medical care has created a bureaucratic process for "staged" mental patients, which inevitably leads through actions to forced treatment in a prison mental hospital. And I don't see any other logical reason why this is allowed to happen to some people than by including them in the research of drugs that affect brain functions. Medicines that are disguised as antidepressants in our country to make it easier and generally possible to feed them to people. In terms of how the drugs work, they could very well be called drugs or derivatives of LSD. With the help of these drugs, the patients' logical reasoning ability is most obviously weakened, and the persons also do unusual things to them that no one close to them would have ever even imagined they would do (Imatra2016, YkaKirkko2016, SannaSillanpää 1999 and certainly many others who have not crossed the news threshold) and when psychiatry is smeared, the cases go more easily in the courts for the unindicted side when the defense has a passive legal assistant. The effects of these drugs on the patients' actions (e.g. the burning of a church) cannot be denied because they affect brain functions and the patients are therefore no longer able to function normally.


University studies that create a false image for the people must be stopped and brought under criminal investigation

At the moment, my biggest concern is the schizophrenia research being investigated at the University of Turku, which, based on the research results, is just an excuse to use patients from prison mental hospitals in drug and brain research. However, all empirical studies that do not show or can precisely show accurate medical evidence for the disease and the investigated symptom are creating uncertainty and half-false assumptions with the help of a lie, in other words, hiding the medical truth and giving it a substitute, i.e. the mind and its effect on diseases.


When the belief that the mind is the key to diseases has been driven into the country with the help of research results, in practice, after this, a certain area of ​​medical care can adopt the tactic of incomprehension and ignorance and use it even by chance on desired citizens whom it does not even want to improve, together with a bureaucratic system in which patients' drug costs are tied up in endless official processing.

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