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Based on what happened in Finland and my personal research, I strongly suspect that some people are sentenced in Finland on frivolous grounds for mental illnesses for which there is no medical certificate at the moment and may never be in the future.


On the basis of mental illness, patients are deprived of all their rights, starting with self-determination, which leaves these persons completely at the discretion of medical care, including forced medication. Forced treatment in itself is not bad if it includes the forced participation of an aggressive prisoner in anger management courses, which would support the person's transition to freedom among other people in the future.


At the moment, drug treatment can be found in the background of many innocent people, which largely proves that there is no treatment being offered to these people that would lead them back into the community. Instead, they are offered medicinal compounds whose brain chemical action approximates drugs like LSD and a chemical formula that is closer to rat poison than LSD, of which LSD is registered in the criminal code because, from the perspective of society, people who use drugs become too expensive to treat them and their actions, which often there are constant robberies and thefts, as well as killings of bystanders.


From the 2010s onwards, psychiatry offers these LSD conversion drugs that bind to the same receptors as LSD, among the most disadvantaged in our country. Medicines that to some extent belong to psychedelics in terms of their function and which are characterized by hallucinations and altered senses of reality. Based on the effects of these drugs, what is more obvious is that some of the patients are staged the worst of mental illnesses, i.e. schizophrenia, which inevitably results in the taking away of the right to self-determination and forced medication with drugs, which medical researchers then want to study for brain functions.





Based on the interview with Jurilo, he would like to create better cooperation with the judges in our country who are in the courts giving acquittals to patients to whom they themselves have been prescribing these conversion drugs, the side effects of which would lead these patients to mental hospitals with the highest probability for drug product development and testing, and how does Mr. Juriloo get his salary when his his institution would be overwhelmed by the number of patients.


If you look at the actions that have taken place in society where the impunity card has been waved, it is obvious that Mr. Juriloo has already created corrupt cooperation patterns in the courts to the extent possible. It amazes me how easily this impunity card is waved in the courts by canceling expert testimony, and how it works so well that with a police car you can already go to a mental hospital from Kolar with no blame.

As I have already expressed before about driving these staged patients into the corner of the rule of law, considering their education, they cannot defend themselves in any way against the authorities' abuse of power and abuse, and their last defense against corruption is to attack when they realize that nothing can be done. This defensive reaction in our medical state only seals all the consequences of the court decision against which these individuals have all tried to defend themselves. If these staged persons in our imaginary legal state received real help from the medical care side and not staged actions, there would not even be any atrocities from the direction of staged mental health patients towards our bystanders. My next article deals with the case of Emilia Nieminen, which clarifies my text above.


Has the state's interest become so significant that problem patients are put in mental hospitals on such easy grounds when in the background there is even the slightest reference to biases in the patient data, which is marked there biasedly and on purpose, which makes it easier to drive the problem patient to Jurilo and Lauerma institutions. This can be a sign and a signal for the defense representative and the judges to look at the ceiling and put their earplugs to their ears when psychiatrists acting as experts wave the innocence card.




Medical Nazism by the educated elite of society

If you look at the common features of Nazi Germany's hatred of Jews and white racial oppression compared to mental illness, you will notice that the Nazis considered themselves superior and sought a strong race. All the weak were eliminated by this ideology. Racial oppression of whites was also about superiority vs. inferiority based on skin color.


There are very similar features in connection with mental health problems, it targets the disadvantaged and uneducated citizens of our society. This activity is carried out by the elite of our society's school world, and their view of supporting an uneducated citizen partly from the coffers of their payer, i.e. the state, can produce nagging thoughts in this elite.


In connection with these diseases, are we trying to gather some people from society into mental hospitals, most obviously forcing them to undergo medical examinations, because that's what it seems like. Regarding the killer of Imatra, I can say that this person was guilty of a previous stabbing and based on this it was easy to stage him as mentally ill by some people who were not satisfied with the verdict, but it takes more than one person to act like this.


The public awareness of the images created by the elite of the school world cannot be understated because there is verifiable evidence of this by researchers at the University of Turku who conduct medical studies on empirically convicted mental hospital patients. There is no greater stamp and proof of the condition of today's "witches" than a university-level study, in which several researchers have participated. The new era of medical Nazism has begun.


Short-term functional outcome in psychotic patients  (TEPS)


Co. In the research result on page 5, it is said how the test participants were taken from mental hospitals and outpatient clinics. Because these persons are empirically condemned, most obviously by nurses and doctors with a certain idea, cf. Jew hatred and witch persecution. The use of patients from these mental hospitals in studies where cognitive properties are studied is really questionable because these people have a very typical forced treatment status in mental illnesses, which enables forced medication with any kind of medication. In practice, this study does not bring any scientific perspective to the diseases, but mainly aims to prove cognitive disorders and slowness in these patients with the help of statistics, which of course I do not question in any way because it could be heavy users of drugs and e.g. A church arsonist who is most obviously under forced medication with drugs that slow down brain function. This study is to the greatest extent capable of perpetuating a false image of these diseases of the early 20th century.


RESEARCH: Elevated serum chemokine CCL22 levels in firstepisode psychosis

Research that is a category


What is more obvious is that there is never going to be a real cure for these diseases, let alone be able to prove their existence completely because they are from the era of witch persecution, racial discrimination and Nazism and the result of the prevailing classification of that era and the lack of understanding of medicine to try to understand and explain the mind and its existence, which is still quite a mystery.


Considering the laws that have been enacted over these diseases and the closure of the institutions where these patients are kept, it is almost 100% proof of my doubts and claims.


The research result is artificial respiration for mental illnesses with the know-how of modern medicine. There is a big question mark about what has been fed to the patients and from which medicinal substances the reactions of the patients' immune system originate. Based on the research results, mental illnesses are characterized by inflammation of the immune system....pretty fucking weird if you ask me. If I watch porn on redtube and the church and the doctors who belong to the educated elite think it's mentally ill, then is my nervous system inflamed, I highly doubt it???


Antidepressants vs LSD


Since I still don't have a very good knowledge of the pharmaceuticals that are fed as antidepressants to the most disadvantaged in society in Finland, I will only reveal things here with the knowledge that I have. My biggest concern regarding these antidepressants and the causes of side effects could be found in the chemical formula of the drugs.


The chemical formula of LSD is nothing but carbon (C), nitrogen (N), hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O). Depending on the drug, sulfur (S) and chlorine (Cl) are added to antidepressants, a bit like bromine (Br) is added to rat poison. After reading the adverse effects and looking at the chemical formulas, I would take LSD out of these four if I had to, because there is no sulfur, chlorine or bromine in its chemical formula. LSD's formula contains only safe compounds of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen, and is therefore not as close to rat poison as the antidepressants administered by our country's psychiatry.


Criminal law on narcotics


After researching the unclear cases of our society and the rule of law practices when enacting criminal laws for, for example, narcotics, I notice incomprehensible problems related to narcotics and antipsychotics in terms of legislation.


The most obvious reason for adding narcotics to the criminal code is their effect on the actions of people, which, based on the news, are inexplicable Killings under the influence of narcotics. Some murders would not necessarily have been committed without drugs because they have a depressing effect on brain function, causing people to commit acts that would not normally be committed without drugs affecting brain function.


It is clear that bringing such narcotics into the country and offering them to the poor in our society is registered in the Criminal Code because these persons are guilty of Acts under the influence of substances that destabilize our society, the treatment of which is expensive for society and really neurologically harmful to an otherwise perfectly healthy person.


It's really pitiful to see how psychiatry has been able to build a spectrum of mental illnesses on the side of medical care, which it can impose on some people and by blaming these people for their actions, which are largely Because of the drugs. I don't think that any patient labeled as having a mental illness would have directly committed the acts in question if they had not been fed these rat poison-like conversion drugs classified as "psychoactive drugs" on the recommendations of psychiatry.


The legislation has directly driven medical psychiatry into a monopoly position in our country, whose real competitor is the drug dealers, known as a branch of organized crime, by offering drug compounds developed by pharmaceutical industry researchers in the 50s and 70s, e.g. LSD for the most disadvantaged people in our country with devastating consequences.


The psychiatry sub-branch of medical treatment offers its clients in desperate situations "new age" drugs whose chemical composition and brain chemical action correspond to LSD and whose chemical formula is closer to rat poison than LSD. These psychiatry conversion drugs are only separated from the criminal law by a doctor's prescription...isn't it pretty strange?


If we look at the actions of the so-called "mentally ill" in our country, the activity of mood medication should be immediately brought down and recorded in the criminal law, including the operation of medical care in these situations, where it acts almost like a drug dealer by offering narcotic substances to its customers in a desperate situation, and these people are driven to desperate acts under the medication, which has weakened the patients' logical thinking significantly.


I would hope that the medical care would still be held accountable for its actions towards its citizens when it comes to feeding these conversion drugs as "depressants" among the most disadvantaged in our country.

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