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Although the police's actions in this case were commendable, the same cannot be said for our judiciary, which practically scrapped the police's hard work under Leif Sevon's eyes.


When we look at the state of modern Finland, which affects the courts and our so-called impartial legal system offered to our citizens, the case of Lappalainen proves how Sevo and his members of the Supreme Court act completely biased in favor of the murderer, which of course is justified by the most incredible interpretations of the law, which even more encourages certain persons to do such acts when this activity can still be done like this heavily discounted in our nominal rule of law.


Destroying the Judiciary

The way I personally see Sevon's actions is that Sevon and his assistants did not think solely of the murderer's interest, but of a much greater goal, which was to raise hatred among the people in the form of unjust judgment. Namely, an additional 2-year sentence for the murderer and only half of it by serving would certainly not have been a misinterpretation of the law when considering the cruelty and brutality of the act. However, this judgment eroded the fairness of the judiciary in the eyes of the citizens, which has a great impact on the future and where there are already clear signs of a return to medieval court solutions.


When the impartiality and appreciation of our judiciary among the people has been destroyed, it is an extreme use of power who gets to control and direct these institutions when they have lost everything on which these institutions were once based. In these places, extremely unfair verdicts and judgments can then be distributed, of which, unfortunately, there are many examples based on the news.


Hanna Parhaniemi as an example of self-ownership

Such verdicts erode the people's strong faith in our legal system, which encourages them to dole out justice for themselves. This self-right is best seen in modern Finland by staging people in mental hospitals, of which there are already many examples in Finland, among other things the former editor-in-chief of Kalajokiseutuhti and deputy member of the Public Word Council supports this activity, when he distributes mental hospital places in Kalajoki during the evening hours by mutu-feeling to people he does not like, when I try to hold the corrupt Suomineido's henchmen accountable .


Such actions by representatives of the press are apt to block all communications from our citizens when they try to reveal official corruption, which means unfair sentences and, at worst, wrongly convicted persons as human rats in our mental hospitals with medically non-existent diseases.




Supreme court dictator Leif Sevo in the media

Stupid jokes from the courts are proof of the brain fart I've smelled Leif Sevon sold his soul to the devil in front of him, abandoning the values of our judiciary.


The truth that Sevo threw into the public as a lie and immediately denying it has been extremely difficult to refute and prove true during that time, especially when it is presented through the media by the President of the Supreme Court, whose words, however, carry extremely heavy weight. However, I will prove in this article how Sevon has sold his soul to corruption, just like Aarniok and what he says is nothing more than a cheap lie in the name of our imaginary rule of law, whose backbone was broken due to Eveliina Lappalainen's community-shaking murder.



Leif Sevon's public opening with reference to Koskinen's statements and statements about court manipulation is 100% proof to me that this is actually true and how the members of the Supreme Court had a deliberate intention to reduce the sentence from murder to manslaughter, which was guided by larger interests.


Leif Sevon apparently had extremely good connections and relations with the members of the Supreme Court and the president of our country, who needed to intervene in the sentence of Lappalainen's murderer, which is evidenced by the lowering of Lappalainen's murderer's sentence from murder to manslaughter, which in all its heinousness can almost be read as treason for preventing the execution of a fair sentence for a citizen.


"Koskinen's statements strengthen citizens' belief that high-ranking officials and politicians guide the courts in their decisions."


Such statements from Sevoni actually prove that the statement is true when you look at the verdicts for Lappalainen's murder and the damage it has caused in our country. Sevon, who here presents the truth about the actions of the Supreme Court, which led to the reduction of the sentence of the Lappalaisen murderer, tells the truth that the president and members of the Supreme Court most likely had a connection with the Minister of Justice or the President of the Republic, which is the claim I made for which there are already many grounds in the light of the actions that have taken place in Finland today. In the end, Sevon refutes the truth by denying it as a lie in a Nykoppian way.

Sevon tries to silence the people with dictator-like measures

"I guess the Minister of Justice cannot seriously believe that his speech would lead to any results. Perhaps his considerations have only been guided by political expediency, says Sevón."


Sevoni's statement, where he says out loud what the Supreme Court's actions look like, is exactly that, and in the media, by denying this, apparently silenced everyone and how in our nominal rule of law, the word of the Supreme Court cannot possibly be questioned, even if the verdict is such a clear case. In my opinion, this has been a clear turning point where power has gradually started to be transferred to the top people of government institutions.


Was this a public court of the media, which was conducted entirely under the conditions dictated by Sevoni and for which he himself gave a negative verdict, which was clear and dealt with. This rather tells about the corruption of the Supreme Court at that time and how unfair judgments are pushed through in a democratic and nominal rule of law by accepting actions in the media where the facts are thrown out for all to see and which are disputed in a Nykoppi-like manner. Sevoni's outrageous accusation towards the Minister of Justice when the debate is opened about the wrong judgment made by him and his members, for which they themselves are completely guilty, can clearly be seen from the statement as dictatorial actions regarding the recognition of the injustice of the judgment and the absolute denial of all claims.


Sevon silenced the people's resistance so nicely in the media with his dirty claims and statements, which would have disarmed even the North Korean army, says a lot about the state of our judicial system and how the people have no say in these decisions, which are driven by the interest of our decision-makers to control the people with hate and corruption, even if innocent citizens are burned as witches in these institutions in the medieval style. I am sure that these actions of Sevoni as president of the Supreme Court have been imitated directly from the Middle Ages when he in the media cancels the people's resistance more effectively than North Korea's Kim Jong-Un, whose word is the law for both, even if it violates any laws and justices in our country.



Even though in Finland the highest showed the injustice of our judicial system, which was shot down by Sevon, the dictator of the conversation, like an evil witch who was completely innocent.


Sevoni's actions as the president of our judiciary and the protection of his own institution's dirty activities in the media with dictator-like antics, in my opinion, could be re-examined under the leadership of Finland's best criminal investigators, who influenced the members of the Supreme Court so that they decided to count the murder as manslaughter, which in my opinion is a completely wrong verdict based on the 2000- to the criminal investigation by the chapter's hero policeman Soronen, who represented the blue and white rule of law in that era in the most exemplary way.


Although there has been talk of corruption before Lappalainen's murder, I see that this was the last rivet where the backbone of our judicial system broke. Sevon and his members played dirty games and vested interests in the decisions of the Supreme Court in which our country has been stripped of the principles of the rule of law with the help of unfair judgments and with the help of which the people are guided with anger and injustice towards self-righteousness, which means our staged problem youth.


The judicial killing by the Supreme Court has destroyed our rule of law with anger and bitterness

When Sevoni and other members of the Supreme Court ended up counting murder as manslaughter, this is a clear sign of a deliberate act to steer the verdict in a direction that causes great anger and bitterness in our community and among the people.


Sevo and his members of the Supreme Court, who cared little about Lappalainen's fate, ended up downgrading the act to manslaughter. In my view, it is a clear judicial murder and could already be considered an abuse of office when such unfair sentences are handed out. In the name of our rule of law, it's a wonder that Sevo and his members of the Supreme Court did not directly pardon Martikais, which would certainly have caused great bitterness and anger, which is good for the decision-makers to take advantage of when they build Finland into a country where they have power over all institutions that have previously been beyond the influence of the decision-makers.


This action has been one act among others, in which our rule of law is battered to the point that it is known among the people for its extremely unfair sentences, which tends to lower respect for our judiciary and encourages citizens to take justice into their own hands, which is already a good example of impunity decisions made in the name of mental health problems, which are staged and acts made by instigated problem citizens.



Share of Finnish decision-makers in corruption in 2002

We lived in a time when Tarja Halonen (2000) was elected president just during the events, and Sevon was elected president of the Supreme Court in 2002, which enabled Sevon to influence the decision of the members, which had a fatal effect on the current state of our problem youth.

Halonen has had a few years to get his act together and influence Finland's leading bodies as president. The previous verdict in the court, which came as murder, is really right when you look at the brutality and cruelty of the act, and in this respect things have gone fairly.


However, Sevoni and other members of the Supreme Court disagreed with the Court of Appeal on the murder. It is true that when we talk about the brutality of the act, which may well be a different opinion and point of view on the situation, but one cannot help but see Lappalainen's death as cruel and brutal than another person who has the same world of thought as Martikainen or some extremely corrupt person who deliberately wants to see things from that point of view, which helps own interests and goals.


Or, as I say, to control the Finnish people with inappropriate decisions that generate hatred.


Sevon puts his own mistakes on the shoulders of others in a dictatorial manner

Dictator Sevon, who justifies the dictator-like decisions of the Supreme Court by throwing them at the people


Dictator Sevon justifies the inconsistency of the courts with everything other than the facts that the interpretations of the law should be in the hands of these carefully selected persons, and in these situations one does not deliberately pretend to be ignorant of the matter when it benefits one's own interests and goals.


Dictator Sevon exposes his own pretended incompetence for all the people to hear, which is easy to defend in front of the people. This kind of deliberate action is an extremely dirty trick on Sevon's part and what, of course, made Lappalainen's judicial murder possible in our state.


Dictator Sevoni's election to the Supreme Court was a mistake

Now, having studied these cases in our country for several years, I can answer dictator Sevon that there is nothing wrong with the laws, the fault is dictator Sevon, who should never have been elected president of the Supreme Court, who was chosen by Tarja Halonen for this position and who was the only applicant for this position


Stealing the courts from the people for their own control

If we look at what came out of Lappalainen's trial, it is extremely likely that this group of Johannes Koskinen, Leif Sevo and Tarja Halonen saw in the death of this innocent girl an opportunity to harness the nation with anger and bitterness, with the help of which the impartial courts of our country are taken under their own control and out of reach of the people



If we look at everything, the end result reached by Sevoni and his members is, for Lappalainen's relatives, the biggest judicial murder in the so-called rule of law, which in its corruption and misinterpretation of laws is a shame for our country, just like Sevoni's actions in the media and the police of today.


The legal murder committed by Sevoni fell directly into the laps of those responsible for today's mental health problems, which means medical psychiatry, which has already achieved the role of the medieval church when it can and is able to distribute medically non-existent diseases to our problem citizens, which can be compared to drug trafficking, which are bypassed in the courts by its own expert opinions, the meaning of which is indisputable and unquestioned in our country's judicial institutions.

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