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Maija Walta, who appears in this investigation, also appears in the first criminal investigation request I sent to the police, which is based on Maija Walla's activities as a doctor and how well she applies her own medical excellence with these imaginary diseases and the staged problem citizens of our country who appear in the investigations of Walta Maija Helena and Jarmo "psychosis" Hietala, just like here too.


This study investigated the elevation of CCL22 protein in patients with FEP first episode psychosis and its relationship with Glia cell function, symptoms of delusional disease and "peripheral immune status".


The studies carried out by these researchers and other researchers show that these medically non-existent diseases have immune system dysfunctions in common. However, this statement leaves a big question mark, how is it possible that modern medicine is not able to explain what triggers the emergency of these immune systems? It is, however, the human defense system that the researchers want to study, and this research would be most ideal to be carried out in precisely these blameless patients who have been subjected to forced treatment by court decisions based on these imaginary and medically non-existent diseases.


A big question mark hangs over these medically non-existent diseases about the ethical purposes of the use of medicine, when the patients who are the subjects of these studies are practically without a diagnosis, at least in Finland, so they have no chance to refuse these medical treatment studies, and they are in an extremely defenseless situation when they also have forced treatment for a disease that does not exist exist. This situation, of course, is extremely favorable from the point of view of medical researchers, because they practically have completely open doors to study whatever they want with these human rats of medicine.


The reason why I am defending these patients of the prison mental hospital is because there are currently numerous cases in Finland where psychiatry is most likely involved in leading these condemned patients to commit acts with psychiatric influence and drug treatment that lowers the brain functions of these patients, so it is easier to provoke them into these shocking acts (Ylivieska church burning as much as possible)


In this study, the effect of a compound (drug) onthe glia cell was most obviously investigated in human rats and the theories of previous studies (over active microglia hypothesis) were disproved, which could possibly be the cause of these medically non-existent diseases. This kind of guessing from medicine shows an extreme lack of understanding of the research they do and how desperate it all sounds. This kind of vague, cursory search for what they are trying to look for should be stopped as soon as possible for these medically non-existent diseases, because my research, which I have done on my own, would point more to staging and extreme corruption in medical psychiatry, in the name of which these drug trials can be carried out and which is also a prerequisite for a large number of employment at the expense of the freedom and health of these patients.



According to this study, the elevated CCL22 values were clearly associated with hallucinations, disorganization and poor verbal output, which raises the questionable use of these medically non-existent diseases as human test bases, in the name of which these human rats, who are also known as patients of our country's prison mental hospital, can practically carry out any kind of drug testing and research when their immune system has first been put into some kind of emergency state with the help of, of course, which compound.


University of Turku, where Maija Karjalainen conducted a study on the MAM-e17 rat, which focused on modeling schizophrenia with the MAM-e17 rat. What also arouses great doubt with these medically non-existent diseases is that even this rat was given this schizophrenia by feeding the mitotoxin methylazoxymethanolacetate. The patients who receive these psychosis diagnoses in our country's medical care is too close to the case of this MAM-E17 rat, that is, that even these patients who have been diagnosed with a medically non-existent disease with the symptoms of an imaginary disease, would be a hidden crime where someone has managed to add something to someone's food or drink or that psychosis would be a side symptom caused by the disappearance of a drug from the body, as happened to Lasos at Imatra.


It is also extremely suspicious that the symptoms of these medically non-existent diseases include the stories of these patients about how they are being poisoned and how they have been turned into delusions by the all-knowing Dr. Auervaara.



Converting Karjalainen

Karjalainen is a good example, together with other researchers who put their names to these studies, how the friend club at the University of Turku is able to convert young people to believe in these medically non-existent diseases, which are also a guarantee for their own salary and academic careers, which aims to advance medicine with the help of these human rats, when people's nervous and the immune system is studied in the name of these imaginary and medically non-existent diseases. This also serves the entire Finnish medicine on a large scale, which is completely dependent on these patients who act as natural resources for medicine.



However, when these medically non-existent diseases are so strongly associated with immunological changes, which, according to the authors of this study, are increased levels of cytokines and chemokines in the blood and cerebrospinal fluid and changes in the function of the immune cells of the central nervous system, one is of course left to wonder what these patients have been fed when their entire immune system has gone haywire like this from a "natural" disease? And how could medicine not have figured this out in, say, 6 years?


Patients who have been fed some extremely toxic compound

Having scratched the surface of the medical literature, it is very likely that these patients have received some extremely toxic substance, which then puts their body's nervous and immune systems into such an emergency state. A compound like this, which puts the body of these patients in such a state, does not necessarily occur normally in nature, but has been developed by medical researchers and is the result of this branch of medicine in its research going into the area of compounds that did not normally occur in nature, because if these diseases were diseases that occur normally in nature, their the mechanisms would have been figured out a long time ago.


MAM-E17 rat association with schizophrenia

However, these imaginary diseases can be simulated with the MAM-E17 rat in the sanctuary of corruption, i.e. the University of Turku, which has gathered in Finland all the heirs of the most ruthless beast on earth, the white man, under one and the same roof to continue Nazi Mengele's research with the help of modern medicine, which is focused on brain research where Dr. Mengele did not gather to advance when the allies stopped one of the craziest scientists of all time, who definitely deserved his place in the prison mental hospital in Turku together with the extremely corrupt professors of the University of Turku, and no one else should be put in these places. Mengele, who inspired the entire psychiatry department of the University of Turku, of course, and who should also be stopped as soon as possible, so that more innocent Finnish citizens are not staged with non-existent diseases, which are used to boost the academic careers of some doctors.


The factor that links the disease between rats and humans is the compound fed to them

The connection between the modeling of this MAM-E17 rat disease with patients who have a medically non-existent and imaginary disease is a chemical compound fed to them, although in the case of human patients it is not revealed but this is deliberately ignored on the inexplicability of which these diseases are built and in the name of which the professors of the University of Turku can carry out researching the human immune and nervous system with the help of these human rats and this truth is apparently not wanted to be revealed because it has created such ideal conditions for medicine to enable human experiments in the name of an imaginary and non-existent disease.



On page 2 the quote:

"These observations are not in line with the hypothesis of excessive microglial activation in schizophrenia. Further, the cellular origin of reduced TSPO expression in the absence of robust immune stimulation is largely unresolved"


It is obvious that I cannot take a stand on this level of claims from a medical point of view and prove their truthfulness or falsity. This clearly gives the impression that medical researchers want to study this area, which will increase their academic career at the expense of the freedom and health of these patients.

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