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In order for this business to run it needs sick patients. In Finland the psychiatry sending lots of signals that it is staging non-medically diseases to the problematic citizens of our and lure them to eat heavy chemical compounds which also known as antidepressants. These meds affects the brain activity so much that these staged patients do unpredictable acts like crashing the airplane full of passengers.



If we hear the description about Lubitz by his knowing persons, they are stunned about Lubitz action because this kind of act was not normal at him. The same kind of unpredictable acts are very common for those problematic citizens of finland also who has been attracted to the psychiatric outpatient clinics and successfully gained confidence in drug therapies. These drug therapies for sure end up for something that is shocking our society.


The problems those were at Lubitz has never ever build up such a massacre what it did if there were not have been the drugs those were suppose to cure him. Drugs those chemical formula and the brain function effect is more similar to rat poison than LSD.


Lubitz that was changed little by little


For me it is unknown the process of psychiatry with their patients and how they are changing them to lonely terrorist to our society but there are few very common steps:

The main factor is drug therapy

As I have investigate the similar cases here in finland, the main turning point seems to be point, where the patient is successfully lured to eat the medication that are more similar to rat poison than LSD.


Of course this point where the patients is hooked on the medication there are no turning back to healthy life because these drugs has so huge side effects like what was also seen in Lubitz when he was telling that he has an eye problems. Some of the medication that is fed by psychiatry to their  patients has side effects like blurry vision.


As I have read some of literature on neurobiology because I wanna solve the inexplicability about the patients that have lost their sanity when they have been lost in the clinics of the psychiatry and eat their medication that suppose to cure them.


Because of these meds seems to affect the activity of the brain neurotransmitter as in the same way as the rat poison and for me it is hard to say for this point do these meds affect the immune system and how? Effect of the immune system has come up when I have read the side effects of these meds and how much and huge side effects they have, which seems to be possibly only if the meds are effecting the humans immune system.


If psychiatric doctors who are invented these drugs, they must be understanding where these kind of drug therapies is ending. When there are in the news about the cases where the patients of the psychiatry has totally gone insane the doctors are showing completely incomprehensible in these situations what looks for me so pretentious because of they long careers in the field of the psychiatry.


At this point I haven't studied animal experiments, but I can bet my career as a crime reporter that these rats that have been fed these drugs have attacked their fellow species.

Psychiatrist teach patients to hate and give them reason to revenge

In finland the patients that has been done something unpredictable that has shock the society has somehow seen the rage that has been focused completely unpredictable against the society (Ylivieska church burning).



Ylivieska church burning

News topics about the Ylivieska church burning event has been seen too well that the ylivieksa psychiatry has some how mistreated Jouni Kauppila and my opinnion is that this mistreat was actually revenge for the municipal institution what the church somehow present.


In the court Jouni Kauppila was so drugged by the medication that I believe that he was completely unlawful and his legal counsel was completely in passive mode to defend Kauppila in court.


Of course at this point where the accused has burn the church, has completely blackened by biased psychiatrists and was eaten all the medicines he has been offered from the great arsenal of psychiatry but all in all, this seems to be a planned and systematic process in psychiatry by which they take their labeled patients into our society against all laws in their own institutions for drug research.


According to news reports, Kauppila had suffered from a medically non-existent and imaginary psychological illness since 2013 and the church was burned 03/2016. It takes about three years to stageg Kauppila for illness.


Hyvinkää shooting

Eero Hiltunen what was also taken by finnish psychiatry at year 2008-2009 and the shootings took palce in 03/2012  so there were also about the same time, three years what it takes to turn finnish citizen to lonely terrorist by psychiatry. These lonely terrorist seems to be the rightness to seek money from the taxpayers for the police and other authorities because it seems that the finland is so unsecure.


But for sure these acts is a promise of endless funding for psychiatry to cure these trolls and prevent them, which is all psychiatry´s own creation.


For me seems that psychiatry feeds its patients completely insane, without any means, or caring for .....when it needs to fullfill mental hospitals to secure employ own nurses, securing professors academic careers through human rats and above all, stealing money from taxpayers on behalf of these staged patients.





Psychiatry that has studied humans and the reaction of their immune and nerve cells to the most wonderful chemical compounds with all their enthusiasm, has lost it´s human value alongside medicine, just like Mengele in the 1940s and what can be done in an area that will never help the humanity but only some professors academic careers.


This side of medicines has specialized to TAKING their patients among the healthy ones using their own special skill to make believe the patients for the medically non-existent diseases and lure them to eat the medication what for sure end up somekind of disaster from the patient´s perspective and some cases like Lubitz as a disaster for the victims family also.


Like therewere saying in the event of a major accident “there are no winners here” but in these cases there are, namely the medical care if they are not care about the victims those usually become alongside these drug therapies those main pusrpose seems to me to take the patient to their own facilities. If something goes wrong these taking process like in case Lubitz it gathers lots of hate, anger and wrath upon these blackpainted and new time witches. This kind of accidents gains lots of credibility with medically non-existent and imaginary diseases what for sure end up a massacre like case Lubitz if they are not able to cure the patient within a certain time. When you start to taking the medicine there are no turning backs anymore if you are looking at the chemical formulas of medicines those are more similar to rat poison than LSD.




Drugs those suppose to cure the patients makes them more sick

The medication what suppose to cure these patients is not gonna cure them, instead those meds that are affecting the nerve cells and immune system makes their body more addictive to these chemicals and when the addiction is getting bigger you need larger doses. The more you eat these new-time drugs to autumn depression you will probably start to getting side effects also, which Lubitz was already beginning to have in his eyes. My little knowledge about the medicine at this point is about the  relation to Lubits eye problem and why the doctors could not find any reason about the Lubitz eyes might be that the mainly used fundus imaging devices is mainly focused to find structural damage. With these new-time drugs which seems to affect the nerves and their function, eye problems like blury vision which is very common side effect with these drugs might not even seen in mainly used fundus devices.


As I have witness the yliviska church burning side effects because I have raise for that town almost all my life, the hate for these kind of acts is almost touchable. It is absolutely dangerous in your community to say that you have mental health problems because commonly those are associated with the acts which are shock the society in the bad feelings.





Medicine that is completely dependent on these patients who have a medically non-existent disease, in the name of which they can study whatever medicine wants in the name of the diseases to be studied, and which happens entirely on the terms of the researchers when the persons have been passed over in the courts by the opinion of psychiatric experts in the name of medically non-existent diseases.


Although Lubitz was not a victory for medicine for its own research, with the help of Lubitz they were able to buy a large amount of popular hatred towards these psychiatric patients, with which they subsequently justify whatever illegalities they do with them, and that this case became the basis of the credibility and the entire existence of these imaginary diseases in the minds of the people, just like Sanna Sillanpää at the turn of the 2000s in Finland.

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