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"My relative with dementia was abused physically and chemically"


The most shocking were the contacts in which relatives suspected that physical and drug abuse could even be the reason for the death of their loved ones in the closed wards.


"I worked at Kupitta in 1985. Towels were not wasted drying the intimate areas of the patients, but a hair dryer was used instead. The hotter the blow, the faster it dried. Catheterization was performed anything but sterile. Sometimes the wrong elderly had to be catheterized, in which case the nurses' comment was: They all look the same ass, who can tell them apart."


"When the patient was making noises, the nurses were laughing among themselves: Listen, over there it's letting out a week's worth of nature sounds."



Prosecutor: Numerous patients were ill-treated, forcibly medicated and illegally isolated in the G1 ward


"The prosecutor is demanding punishment for the third nurse for forcibly medicating numerous unidentified patients without doctor's orders. According to the prosecutor, the nurse also urged others who worked in the ward to overmedicate the patients."


Defense in the G1 department trial: "This can't happen"


"The handling of the last branch of the abuses that happened in the Kupitta mental hospital's G1 department in the District Court of Varsinais-Finland on Tuesday was marked by forgetfulness.

The witnesses said that they often saw ill-treatment of patients in the department, but could not identify the patients or the situations. The witnesses explained the long time that had passed since the incidents and the regularity of ill-treatment incidents in the department as the reason."



The police are investigating threatening messages received by a witness in the G1 lawsuit


"The court heard the woman as a witness named by the prosecutor. The witness is obliged to tell the truth, and testifying is a civic duty that cannot be refused."


The above is just an assumption in Finland, and if you are at least one step higher as an official in our country, who will prove this to be a lie? If this were 100% true, it's clear as day why our courts are arguing about extremely unclear issues and no one dares to go with me to the courtrooms to answer my accusations, because there is enough evidence that Turku could already bring a load of professors to the castle if the country only had a functioning rule of law system and more sophisticated police criminal investigation in terms of corruption as well.



Court: A male nurse in ward G1 grossly assaulted an elderly patient



The district court convicted the nurse of assault that occurred in 2009, but dismissed all other charges as unproven. This resulted in a sentence of 1 year and 2 months of suspended imprisonment with a compensation of 1,500 euros.


The accused nurse said that he had tried to save the life of the patient who had swallowed a piece of mattress by hitting his back with his palm


EYEWITNESS STATEMENT: A colleague who came to the scene testified in court that it was an assault


"The prosecutor demanded punishment for three male nurses for mistreatment of patients. According to the prosecutor, the trio of nurses abused, illegally isolated and overmedicated numerous patients in 2009 and 2013 in the G1 ward of Kupittaa hospital."


When I read about this case in 2017, I didn't really know how to say anything about it because I was still working as an engineer at Focusplan, but now for about 4 years as a crime reporter, I can take a stand better and all the managers and people who have not acted in this situation should be accused and in prison, but I take a stand on this better at the end of the article.


Tyks solves the fate of a nurse convicted of assault


Abuse: 2009

Written warning from the city of Turku: 2013

In law and media: 2017

Verdict of the District Court: Did not exceed the sentencing threshold.


Jesper Ekelund, who in this case has acted as a buffoon on behalf of TYKS, has clearly chosen his side and sworn his oath to this illegal activity of medical care, which is taking a dominant position in our country, which includes handing out death sentences, in an Aino Nykoppi manner, to problem citizens of Finland like Jimi Karttuse, and who go to our country's mental hospitals as human rats.


Ekelund, who himself needs human rats for his own research, is clearly serious about elevating the dominance of this medical care to the role of a medieval church, whose message will not be overturned in the future even in the courts or by anyone, which will elevate the leaders of this region to the position of the biggest decision-makers when it comes to, for example, a problem citizen for the Finnish state.



Dangerous situations at the Kupitta psychiatric hospital continue




Hospital care and specifically psychiatry, which is being pushed to a role even greater than the medieval church, in the name of which actions carried out cannot be questioned by anyone. This will land directly in the arms of HASSE "who is not interested in power" KARLSSON, JARMO "psychosis" HIETALA, Jesper Ekelund, Jyrki Korkeila and Hannu Lauerma when they get to direct medicine in Finland.


These actions will divide Finnish medical care in two between the citizens, who will receive high-quality care and who will either be killed under the shadow created by poor care or staged in our country's mental hospitals as human rats to be used in the academic studies of the above professors.


Kupitta's case bought power for medical treatment


The case of Aino Nykopp

It is a big question mark what kind of relationship our country's healthcare, the media, the courts, the police and the decision-makers have, because it is extremely strange that this kind of activity is allowed and possible at all to be carried out in our country's healthcare without any person within the healthcare getting involved and going to court to "fight" which results in almost just notes.


Cases like this and the comments received from them in the courts, after which the nurse still gets permission to continue his activities, are completely against the principles of the rule of law, which only proves that our country has slipped into a dictatorship where the decision-makers lead our country through the leaders of our agencies.


It's a wonder that Aino Nykopp isn't released from prison and invited to work at the cup, where he would be like a fish in water.


Kupitta's case gives us more reason to doubt that there are more people in our medical care who have the legal protection to carry out anything illegal against patients in the name of medical care.


In any case, this case is extremely contradictory to the real case of our country, i.e. Aino Nykoppin, who mismedicated his patients, some of whom died, has now turned into a method where no official in our country really knows what to do, so here mostly warnings were given even though the patients' lives were in danger.



It is clear as day that our country has turned far away from the rule of law and there are only rights left, which after the Kupitta incident can be carried out in selected medical care units or in any mental hospital, and they do not lead to any examinations or legal proceedings, which I have already received personal testimony from Chancellor of Justice Tuomas Pöyst in black and white.


With these measures, some of our medical care units have been turned into penal institutions, where anyone can be sent with a doctor's referral to serve a punishment in the name of mental illness, or to smear a problem citizen with an eye to a future natural death, of which the case of Jarno Laapotti is a good example


I don't see any clear reason for this in our country other than our country's president Sauli Niinistö's strong desire to allow this change and the development of medical care, where power has been handed over to our country's leading doctors who, however, are firmly on the leash of our country's leaders. With this action, Niinistö, who is a graduate of the University of Turku, has practically handed over to the friend club of the University of Turku a great deal of authority to do whatever they want in the field of medicine without fear that they would lead to any charges in our country's courts, even if it is medical abuse and illegal medical examinations on patients of our country's prison mental hospital under the guise of mental illness.


Jesper Ekelund's role as TYKS psychiatry branch manager

Ekelund's role in this case, which could be seen on the surface, was his rebuttals and comments from TYKS.


This play that bought a great "immortality" to the side of psychiatry was done in the name of whatever happens with future mental health patients, they will not even lead to the courts anymore, and the background of which would actually have a reason and a reason.


There must have been more than one person behind this play, of which I strongly suspect Hasse Karlsson, Hannu Lauerma, Jyrki Korkeila and Jarmo Hietala and Jesper Ekelund, who was also part of it because of his high status and his need to use human rats in his own research.


The whole group above is extremely dependent on these human rats from our country's mental hospital in their research, with the help of which, for example, completely new diseases are created when they are involved in sampling and statistics are deliberately misinterpreted, thanks to Hasse Karlsson.


A man tried to save his girlfriend from forced treatment


Kupitta's play has led to such a sad situation that the problem citizens of our country have nothing to say in our imaginary rule of law, which can imprison our problem citizens in "prison hospitals" citing medically non-existent mental illnesses that operate 100% with a mute feeling.


Invoking an imaginary illness, with this mutu interpretation of medicine, completely dictator-like actions can be directed at the patient, which are not protected by any law in our country on the part of the citizen, which can, if necessary, be overturned in the form of delusions characteristic of an imaginary illness.


Finland's biased courts

Leif Sevon, who started turning our country's courts into a completely unpredictable roulette, which he justified with legalese. At this point in my career as a crime reporter, I can only believe Leif Sevoni's 21st-century brain fart that there is nothing wrong with the laws, the fault is with Leif Sevoni, who wanted to make institutions "dictator-like" for the decision-makers of our country.


This happens precisely with the help of unpredictability, and when the judgment comes against all fairness, the decisions can always be blamed on the laws, as Leif Sevon did, and the accusations are not directed at the president of the Supreme Court or his respected members. This is, of course, the class of Zimbabwe when measured in terms of corruption and a big reason why the courts of our country can indulge in Kupitta-like dramas by "state employees" for which the verdicts are at most remarks.


It is clear as day that Ekelund is in some way involved in playing on the side of his friends Karlsson, Lauerma, Korkeila, Salokangas, Hietala, which drives their field towards complete dictatorship and personal views, which is allowed in Finnish medical care and which, above all, will not even result in convictions even if human rights are violated in future cases in terms of individual rights and self-determination.


Problem citizens who are subject to a car chase in our rule of law

Currently, there have been no reports of illegal arrests of problem citizens by the police in Finland from any direction, which means how unified the field is in Finland when it comes to problem citizens.


The arrests and detentions of these citizens are carried out on the principle that everything is due to these persons themselves as reported by the media, although the truth is completely the opposite.


Ylivieska church burning

The case which was a completely clear revenge and hate crime for Ylivieska's medical care and unfair decisions of the court against Jouni Kauppila, who in his rage burned Ylivieska's church in revenge for all the actions directed at him. A similar action by the authorities can clearly be seen in the case of the ax man in Salo who tried to save his girlfriend from forced treatment, the only purpose of which is to destroy these people mentally and physically, after which they will no longer survive in our society.


The axeman of Salo also threatened the municipal authorities when unjust decisions were made against him by the authorities, which is a very normal reaction from a person, including me, when Kela completely unjustifiably takes away my basic income support with their own unfair rules and their interpretations.


From this we can draw clear conclusions that the actions of the authorities with Jouni Kauppila only escalated with anger and rage to the burning of the church, which is entirely the authorities' fault, to which the police gave a biased statement to the criminal investigations, where they did not see a motive for the actions, but were due to the person's personal reasons, which led to the lack of prosecution in court due to the police's false statement and the person was committed to a mental hospital for the rest of his life without the possibility of release and is most likely Jarmo "psychosis" in Hietala's research results because he had been staged a medically non-existent schizophrenia, which is a very common disease in all those human rats with the help of which medicine and "psychosis" Hietala's academic career are carried forward.


The evening fairy tale made for Härkönen is like Paananen and Laiho's summer romance

In terms of reporting, Kupitta's case is more similar to Paananen's case with Esa Laiho, when the Finnish police have had Rambo gear on only once during my career as a crime reporter, and the actions of this blue group are like from movies, which perform their duties below the response times of the rescue service.


Realism that is missing from a fairy tale built for a bull

It's clear that more effort has been put into this evening's tale than Paananen and Laiho's summer romance, but it's not enough to obscure the talents of Minna Pass, which I have stolen for myself with difficulty.


However, all the ridiculousness begins to erupt from the snow shovel award, which in my eyes melted even before Härkönen even dared to touch it.


If this case is looked at from the point of view of the judgments, then Härkönen was given a snow shovel for the revelations in the news whose sentences were of the order of a speeding fine, one is left to wonder what this fairy tale really was??


The truth about Härkönen's evening fairy tale

Since the country is undergoing the biggest national cleansing of our problem citizens, who are being driven to mental hospitals against all the principles of the rule of law with staged and false psychiatric expert opinions that bypass the courts of our rule of law, knowing this, it would be almost ridiculous to claim that Härkönen's evening fairy tale would have anything other than pre-arranged plot twists and revelations with the Ekelund tribe.


With this news, the public's reaction to similar situations was tested, which maybe and more obviously will start to happen in the future when problem citizens start to be sent to mental hospitals in our country in larger numbers and how their complaints start to come in about their treatment, which are then overturned in court proceedings or that the verdicts are just as ridiculous as in Härkönen's case.


With this, it was also possible to buy immunity on the part of the nurses of the medical care, who operate in that way, however, under the complete approval and eyes of leaders like Ekelund or Lauerma. With these actions, medical care is built into an institution even bigger than the medieval church, whose message and actions cannot be questioned or judged by anyone.


Although in previous articles I have only suspected the role of the media in these mental health problems, after learning about the case of Härkönen, this role of the media in these pippals is already a truth preached in the church and how these cases can even be polished together with this gang of Karlsson, Lauerma, Hietala, Ekelund, Salokangas, Korkeila together for a long time before publication because the corruption that hangs over the faculty of psychiatry of the University of Turku and the human rat farm of VTH is like Zimbabwe^2 where Hasse "who is not interested in power" Karlsson develops his own diseases for these problem citizens of our country by deliberately misinterpreting statistics with the sample that lies in the institutions led by Keravalainen Auervaara.


Influencing people's opinions with the help of the media

If we were really in a rule of law, this news should have been suppressed, because with such judgments it only communicates to the people that this kind of activity is completely allowed and it will only result in punishments comparable to speeding fines.


As I already said above, this had no other purpose than to possibly test the reaction of the people and to foster the spiritual superiority of psychiatry in the courts, which would raise it to an institution even bigger than the medieval church, which is capable of inflicting medically non-existent and imaginary mental illnesses on our problem citizens, with the help of which Jesper Ekelund, among others, can exercise his own professionalism and to raise his academic career with the help of the staged human rats of our country.



Jesper Ekelund refers to an English study on psilocybin in the treatment of depression.


It is true that all these "intoxicating" substances certainly alleviate the plight of human rats in our country's mental hospitals in conditions that are far from the humane conditions that Dr. Lauerma has created in our country's mental hospitals with Kari Ojala. Because of this, the use of these patients in medical research should be stopped, because this emergency condition where the persons are appropriately utilized in the best possible way on the medical side.


EKelund refers to the English research, takes advantage of the credibility of "being done by someone else" rather than Ekelund lobbying his own research. However, I have studied the illegalities of medicine even more widely and I have had to notice that it knows no national borders at all, and the team is proof of this.


Lest the topic be forgotten, I will repeat what I already wrote, that is, IT IS JUST THE SAME WHAT "DRUG" IS GIVEN TO HUMAN RATS IN A PRISON MENTAL HOSPITAL IN THE CIRCUMSTANCES, THEY ELIMINATE THE DEPRESSION WHICH IS CAUSED BY THE CIRCUMSTANCES. It would be better to offer alcohol that doesn't have such big side effects, although medicine has no interest in studying alcohol like rat poison-like compounds.


Mona Moisala lobbying

It has become very clear to me how these modern "transformative drugs" and the "illegal" services of psychiatry are lobbied to our citizens, i.e. with the help of sympathy and security.


To me, as a crime journalist who considers aspects of our problem citizens that our country's authorities want to recruit as human rats for medicine, Moisala's use of empathy to lobby her own subject area is as outrageous as the advertisements of YLE's propaganda machine.


It's a wonder how these "poisons" can be advertised like candy to an ignorant people? It is perfectly clear to me how easy it is to get the problem citizens of our country to consume these medical drugs. Moisala could very well be here lobbying for LSD, but the situation in history has unfortunately gone this way.


Depression has been made into a new disease

Depression from which a new national disease has been created in Finland, which has been building...surprise surprise, Hasse "who is not interested in power" Karlsson's wife Linnea Karlsson too. When this depression, which is only a state of mind, has been developed into a "disease" on the medical side, by using cancer patients, prison mental hospital patients, and by deliberately misinterpreting statistics, we have come closer to legal means of feeding human rats into prison mental hospitals with the strangest chemical compounds in the name of medicine and the academic careers of its researchers.


Hasse Karlsson, whose actions in the field of medicine make Mengelenk open his eyes, makes the best use of this depression in his own illegal research.


It is obvious that the depression raised as a disease in Turku has given free rein to medical researchers in the area of ​​brain research to conduct research on human rats in our country, which, despite everything, is misuse of medicine and illegal medical experiments on humans in the name of imaginary diseases.

Ekelund involved in the illegal activities of medicine

Ekelund, who was looking through the fingers at Kupitta's illegalities, is now willing to do medical tests with an illegal substance, it will certainly produce gray hairs for Ekelund, how he intends to circumvent the laws to succeed in this.


After researching Ekelund's tribe for several years, we are talking about a gang that conducts research in the name of medically non-existent diseases on the staged problem citizens of our country, i.e. human rats, so there will be no objection to Ekelund about the illegal substance when he feeds this to his own human rats, it is more about when Ekelund will succeed in this loophole.


Ekelund's actions reveal the true state of medicine

At the time when psilocybin was made illegal, those working in the name of medicine were apparently many times more just than Ekelund. It would be nice to know what Ekelund himself would do about LSD and psilocybin, which he is resurrecting. Apparently, medicine with Ekelund's rules will not name any chemical compound on the illegal side, when the brain research done with them is so high on human rats in our country that even illegal substances are studied in the name of empathy and depression, which is not even a disease, although Ekelund himself believes this so much.


It's clear to me that this friend club at the University of Turku does not aim for anything other than the promotion of their own academic careers to a prison mental hospital as human rats when they break the law with their own interpretations by which all illegalities are circumvented in Turku with the help of this medical cop.


Actually, the actions of this group should be stopped immediately and they should be held responsible for the state of modern Finland, which recruits our problem citizens to these medical concentration camps as human rats.



At this point, I have already noticed how our country's media treats these problem citizens of our country, where the media is more involved in these chases, spreading news that is only stigmatizing in the eyes of the people, which seems to be an activity blessed by our decision-makers.


The best example of this has been provided by Hanna Parhaniemi, the former editor-in-chief of the Kalajoki regional newspaper and the deputy member of the Council for the Public Word, who has given me evidence on her own initiative by giving me personal treatment prescription referrals from her work phone.


Parhaniemi, who has personally shown what kind of human nature is and how composure is important when you are in the dock, when it comes to chasing problem citizens. If our country's psychiatry wanted to "take" Parhaniemi into its own institutions, which is done precisely through provocation, which can be clearly read from Jouni Kauppila's case, which was handled with unfair decisions directed at Kauppila, no medication would be needed with Parhaniemi, as the lady comes almost along the wireless connections to my throat when I use a little provoke. If even half of the unfair actions of the Ylivieska unit that Kauppila had been targeted at Parhaniemi, Parhaniemi would certainly have burned the Kalajoki church with the same fire due to his temperament.


This fact makes the cases of problem citizens extremely unfair, because almost anyone can be staged in these institutions without the courts, some of whom have no criminal record at all.


I can reveal here that I did not intend to drive Parhaniemi to the mental hospitals of our country with my provocation, as psychiatry does with problem citizens, but rather I wanted to see the real face of Parhaniemi and what he represents. It's obvious that if our country has more people with an ideology like Parhaniemi's in healthcare and in the courts, I don't have to wonder at all how our country's prison mental hospitals are full of human rats for use by "psychosis" Hietala.



When I started my career as a crime journalist, the actions of Reinboth and Passi have been a cinematic performance in terms of professionalism, in contrast to the Finnish police soloing with our problem citizens when they can't even catch bicycle thieves anymore.


Although Finland, which in all its incredibleness is equivalent to the fictional Gotham city in terms of corruption, neither Passi nor Reinboth enjoys my 100% trust, but still 80%. Because if the use of the media to create a new minority group and the illegal actions of the authorities are used such high stakes plus many other problem citizens.


It has become much more difficult to distinguish between truth and honesty and it is no longer measured by news coverage of events and the imaginary prizes awarded for them, as Raija Toiviainen's case already proved.


Raija Toiviainen


Esa Laiho

The truth of reporting should be measured more through judgments, which is where Härkönen's reporting also fell. In the case of Esa Laiho, where the sentence was about 2 years in prison, which Laiho already spent almost entirely in remand custody, he only had about a million euros in payment, which can easily be recovered from the coffers of numerous private hospitals in our country, if Laiho's motives were to drive trust in medical care by his own arrest.


Jari Aarnio and the Finnish organized crime league POLICE

The Aarnio case, which is very similar in structure to the Laiho case and the Kupittaa case, is very different in its verdict from these two because Aarnio had a murder conviction on his neck in the district court and no one wants to take on a murder even on behalf of his own profession, and this is what I based the truth of the Passi and Reinboth story on in the early days of my career.


However, this has changed with the Eveliina Lappalainen case, when Leif Sevon handed over control of our country's courts and their decision-making power to our country's decision-makers. If this is known and there is a good relationship or it has been agreed behind the scenes what to "talk" and what not to "talk" about the actions of the authorities with Aarnio, because he has been the police chief for a long time in a country that is equivalent to Gotham city, the verdicts could have been agreed well in advance.


And as for Aarnio's songs, it seems that the same things are being sung in the media as what the media is already saying quite a lot, most obviously by the decision-makers than "how there is still a long career left and a new career to be made" + that Aarnio's friend from Porvoo explained through the media how his employment relationship is unjustified discontinued and presented "fools" so well in Päivärinta uncensored that apparently an agreement had been reached on what needs to be done so that there will be no charges.


As a crime journalist, it is obvious to me that the Finnish police are such stupid bastards that they imagine they are law enforcers when in reality they are an organized criminal league whose biggest account balance is not Aarnio's barrel shops but human trafficking which is carried out to the point of psychiatry when our country's problem citizens are staged and chased to mental hospitals by authority.

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