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Blocking statutory services

This person was also cornered in our rule of law, from which he saw no other way out than to kill someone. Actually, this person didn't even bother, he just did what he saw as his last option to access statutory services in our rule of law, which the doctors who had been in contact with him had denied. I believe that the reason for these denials is surely the same incredible crap that is constantly being reported in today's news, there is no money and there is no that and there is no this. Then, however, there is a place for the rest of life in the prison mental hospital, which is certainly an expensive place if these guys are not involved in drug development and eat all the drugs that the mass production belts produce, and this truth can be the background to the treatment of these people, a treatment that uses the press to drive the patients who have been burned out of medical care to the blameless side through actions.

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In our society, it would be of the utmost importance to dig out the doctors practicing this activity, who have the ability to block some of their patients from the statutory services, as a result of which an innocent girl dies. These doctors cause 100 times more damage to our society than the doctor Esa Laiho, who is ready without just one course, but who basically wants to help his patients, unlike these medieval witch-hunting doctors whose competence to confuse their patients I can't deny in any way on these screens. I fully believe that Esa Laiho would have even had to put this guy under the scope of the statutory service because for denying such a clear case, his background would most obviously have been investigated and he would have been at risk of being caught working without permission. Quite an interesting case in itself, which the fake doctor could possibly have saved at the risk of being caught, but the real doctor was able to deny the patient a legal place because he didn't have to fear acting as a doctor without permission and there was no fear of being caught. And of course the anger in these cases falls on the necks of these slandered mentally ill people, as opposed to these doctors who act this way and could prevent these cases if they wanted to.



The background of many mental health patients is the methods that have already become well-known as a medical care operation, having investigated cases, which are the prevention of the patient's statutory services in an almost emergency situation. This situation can even trigger a panic-like feeling in some, which is apparently used in the best possible way to benefit when the patient is slandered as a mental health patient, which smooths the way to a prison mental hospital for medical treatment if so desired.


A reel that drives problem citizens into a situation where they cannot survive

Emilia Nieminen's murderer was guilty of theft, according to the news. If this person has been a victim of the same kind of bureaucracy as me, from the side of the company, where the company denies basic income support with the most incredible explanations and self-interpretations whose purpose is nothing more than to take the last money of the citizen, with which the citizens can survive in our country. It is clear as day that this disadvantaged citizen will not survive this extremely unfair bureaucracy targeted by the coil, which causes problems even for me, even though I am able to make numerous criminal reports about the illegalities of our country's authorities towards our Canadians and create websites to expose these illegal actions. The murderer of Emilia Nieminen has simply found it easier to steal food than to be the target of dictatorial actions carried out by the authorities of the Kela, whose purpose is nothing more than driving the citizen into an unsustainable spiral of debt and thereby completely penniless, which in Finland means a slow death by starvation.


Illegal practice of psychiatry

Of course, psychiatry has seen nothing in this patient other than the patient's own human rat business, which is run from the University of Turku. This person may have been fed any addictive chemical compound for depression, which is extremely addictive, but which, when taken away, has caused severe side effects, which may have been the person's underlying reason for robbing the pharmacy where he was looking for "medicines" that psychiatry can, if necessary, very arbitrarily prescribe and be without renewing the recipes. As well as the fact that this person has not necessarily even had the money to buy these medicines because Kela has created a bureaucratic model for these problem citizens, where the medicine money is behind an extremely hard bureaucratic struggle on the part of the officials, which can be stretched into requests for clarifications lasting up to a month, just like basic income support in my case and if necessary by canceling it completely, which with the most incredible interpretations of the law, leaving the citizen completely penniless.



For mental health problems, only forced treatment without excuse


From the operation of the medical care, it is quite clearly noticeable that it does not want to provide treatment with the status of compulsory treatment, and it is only possible to achieve this in Finland without excuses at the moment. In the case of this article, this was achieved by taking another person's life, which is a truly deplorable and infuriating act on the part of the medical profession, which gets away with these situations like a dog from a leash, without the punishment and public anger it deserves. However, referring to mental health problems, it turns everything into the fault of the patients, and these people, even with diagnoses, get anger and accusations. Human life was lost when doctors, whose salary is €10,000/month, do not do their job responsibly.


Since medical care is not about to give up its role in the development and testing of medical products performed on humans and the resources of forced treatment patients used in the studies of researchers at the University of Turku, it must develop these processes so that the staging does not take lives every time.


It also scares me that the law will be changed so that these staged mental health patients can be taken by force as completely innocent without doing anything to these services in the future, and then this activity is already a completely crazy activity that can only be understood thanks to the director of the drug unit in Helsinki. Too much time with criminals makes a criminal. Too long as the director of a mental hospital makes you mentally ill. The big question is how much and for how long the Minister of Justice and the Chancellor of Justice look down on this activity and whether they are in fact in a situation where the tax money brought by pharmaceutical product development is so significant that we are in a financial stalemate. Will the changes in the law allow staged mental patients to be taken to forced treatment without any actions, because it is a lesser evil than taking them with their lives.

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Forced treatment provided by mental hospitals


In my opinion, the truth about the operation of these institutions can be seen all too clearly from the news coverage, what it actually is. No one is admitted to these places voluntarily with patient rights, because they are not respected in any respect in these institutions. I have been denied all patient appointments and interviews when I report that these persons may have been staged for medically non-existent mental illnesses for drug testing on humans in all institutions in the country, and this is already a pretty good indication of silent acceptance of my suspicions. This is also proven by the escape of Kerava's stabber from the institution, apparently the forms of treatment are something else than the advertisements tell, but the courts being bypassed with a staged and misinterpreted lack of blame for a medically non-existent disease with forced treatment, there is no going anywhere from these institutions, ever, and Mika Rautanen's opinion on miracle cures takes care of that.


However, the truth is that if the University of Turku stopped the research work carried out on these patients in the name of these diseases and the pharmaceutical giants withdrew from the country, in which case these people would become a bigger expense than the prisoners, they would experience an exciting miracle healing in these institutions, recorded by a doctor in prison. Currently, as university-level research resources, patients are so valuable that to obtain them, by circumventing laws, an innocent girl who has everything in order in life can be sacrificed, and that is not a price and nothing for our corrupt doctors, who, if necessary, are capable of extremely hard performances in relation to problem citizens when they are murdered out of our society under the guise of natural deaths.



The decay of our rule of law

From my point of view, criminal investigation requests to KRP and SUPO and complaints to the ombudsman, the chancellor of justice, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Justice, Valvira, THL and AVI have not received air under their wings regarding human rights violations, patient rights being ignored and basic legal services being denied to a small number of citizens where our medical care would superficially be guilty and would require a tough criminal investigation. These actions from medical care largely aim at staging the most problematic, marginalized group in our society as having mental health problems. This slandering activity drops people completely out of reach of society's basic legal services, the responsibility of organizing which belongs to medical care. This article is a good example of what this kind of action leads to in our country at its worst, when these unwarranted persons with forced treatment status are forcibly dragged into the resources of Turku University researchers' medical research results by circumventing the laws and not following them.


I don't know who among the decision-makers in our country is responsible for the actions of the authority, who should take care of the functioning of these basic legal services, because an innocent girl from Kerava had to give up her own life, and the person who caused it was most likely to be a resource for researchers at the University of Turku for drug testing. refers to.


This activity that the authority carries out with our problem citizens is always possible when the prosecutor's office is full of scumbags like Kari Uot who look down on this activity, the purpose of which is nothing more than to employ other authorities at the expense of the health and freedom of these problem citizens, which in this case is the most outrageous human trafficking, where the health and other authorities are employed at the expense of freedom.

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