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In the cases of England and Finland, a similarity can be clearly seen in the mental health statistics, which means an increase while murders and Homicides seem to be decreasing. Finnish psychiatry, which has burned its own keys in relation to cases and revealed its own dirty plans with our problem citizens whom I have investigated because of their ambiguities, and this can be seen in THL's statistics and how it does not want to give up its blameless patients but holds on to them firmly.


In the case of Finland, we have a situation where even a traffic accident causes the courts to be bypassed and sent to a mental hospital.


These statistics testify to these diseases, which are comparable to the authorities' interpretation of the perpetrator of the crime and the reasons that led to this person, as if there is no real medical reason behind the illness, in the name of which these people are imprisoned for the rest of their lives in state institutions that are used in the medical studies of the University of Turku, where the human brain and nervous system's reaction to chemical compounds are studied at the cellular level.


In England, this activity, i.e. those convicted without fault, has been a growing trend and there are no spikes like in Finland and spikes caused by the large advertising of mental health problems.


It is clear as day that Finland's problem citizens will not get an impartial trial in a country where mental health problems are advertised like Christmas all year round, and these problem citizens have been provoked into acts that shock the community, drugged by drugs that have a great effect on brain functions, which circulate in our country as antidepressants.


Courts in Finland that accept the public burning rituals of these new-age witches with the anger of the people, which come from school murders, mass murderers and all murders where the perpetrators are labeled as having mental health problems.



Pronia team turku Jarmo "psychosis" Hietala

Mental health problems that are 100% psychological and no medical reason can be found for them and that are diagnosed based on behavior on the part of the nurses. This inexplicability of these diseases has opened the doors for medicine to study people in the name of the inexplicability of these diseases and they will never find any cure because it is an imaginary disease. This activity can best be seen in the statements of Turku University professors such as Jarmo "psychosis" Hietalan, who has studied these diseases all his life and does not want to admit that these psychoses are entirely the cause of the drugs that are fed to these patients and the nervous system caused by their overdose or sudden discontinuation or change... most obviously an electrochemical alarm state.


In the name of this incomprehension, "psychosis" Hietala is of course allowed to practice his own professional excellence with our country's staged problem citizens, i.e. human rats, who are the property of the state institutions managed by him and his friend club.



This project, which is funded by the EU, together with the news, shows how large a scale the lobbying for these medically non-existent diseases has reached in Europe. On paper and in the news, it is easy to believe even these diseases, but when I got to know more about these cases in Finland, the background of these cases is not overrepresented but unclear official actions that reveal that these diseases are imaginary and staged, where the systematic illegal actions of the authorities against the background of problem citizens are revealed in every Finnish case.


Of course, this illegal activity is covered up with the help of the media, which seems to be involved in the rise of these imaginary diseases, in the name of which any citizen can be admitted to our country's official institutions, which are as closed as North Korea. At the very center of this activity is isolation from society and drugging with chemical compounds that have a strong effect on brain functions, which often leads to blind attacks against society as a last resort when all channels have been tried with no results.


Pronia victim Andreas Lubitz

Andreas Lubitz is the most famous victim of pronia in Europe and the necessary victim that this field, i.e. psychiatry, needs in order to increase the credibility of these imaginary diseases and the people's hatred towards this modern minority group, with which all unjust actions are blessed, such as biased judgments and illegal medical experiments on humans.



Like we see the case Addis, the meds fed in the name of the ADHD is something near the LSD which make your neurosystem so tangled that you start to hear noises and imaging unreal things. This Unreal thing what was in the case of Addis was that he thought that FBI was in his backyard.


Sean Ricks ja ylen propagandakoneisto uutisointi

SeanRicks ADHD.jpg


Sean Ricks of Ylen's propaganda machine, who uses the mother's approved words and sayings of the little girl to believe in the existence of these medically non-existent diseases, both of which can be the target of psychiatry's own deception, just like our country's problem citizens, but with the difference that this little girl is certainly not fed those tough chemical compounds in the name of ADHD which were fed to Pietro Addis.


When these medically non-existent diseases are lobbied with such a large magnitude, it has given psychiatry a completely free hand to work with these problem citizens and medical treatments, which lead to the psychiatrists' so-called extremely closed institutions for the rest of their lives as human rats of medicine.


All this illegal activity by psychiatry is accepted by the people with these documents which are based on the happy message "I'm sick too" developed by John Nash and which use the word of a little girl which means at the very least that in order to refute the lies and delusions on top of these imaginary diseases, one would have to confront this little girl. This setting is similar to what the media uses in connection with climate change when it is marketed through Greta Thunberg, and by questioning climate change, you and Thunberg will inevitably cross paths. Of course, such a setup silences the resistance effectively.


I still haven't received an article about John Nash, who should be buried in Nazi graves, as a person who has shown a model of how these medical witch hunts and lies are promoted in a democratic society, in whose name many more patients have been admitted to illegal medical human experiments than Jews were sent to Auschwitz in the 40s.









When I have study the cases of finland almost 3-years, I have noticed how the patients of the psychiatry is going absolutely insane during some time when they have been taken in. In finland this time when the patient has gone totally insane and has perform an act that was shockin the society is 3-years maximum(hyvinkää shooting)



But if we look at the school massacre cases in finland, the act was performed almost as soon as the patients received medication.


There are significant connection between the shocking acts and the medication which these patients has been administered to patients


What is causing these murders

These cases should be viewed from the perspective of whether there is a cause related with the medically non-existent diseases which is a billion dollars of bisness which employs a lot of top brain researhers and pharmaceutical companies.


Or is the problem so called “medicines” which are more similar to LSD which is lowering the brain activity when these patients are able to perform the most ruthless murders with drugs under heavy medication and perhaps manipulated and provoked to act.

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