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During the Sanna Marini era, the police investigated the prime minister's breakfasts as a supposed crime, this has not been a problem for previous prime ministers, just like I don't think it is either.


This only confuses the ordinary citizen about the relations and power relations between the authorities and decision-makers of our country and what actually seems to be what our prime minister wants to happen.


When the Finnish police are investigating the prime minister in such a trivial matter that can be attributed to employee benefits, of course one is left to wonder whether the Finnish police is a completely dictatorial institution that, as a supposed law enforcer, controls Finland, that it can oust if necessary even by putting the prime minister in prison after eating taxpayers' money for breakfast, or whether the Finnish police on such a tight leash of the decision-makers that it can be ordered to investigate the Prime Minister's morning snacks just for fun.


this of course raises big questions, what is left uninvestigated by the Finnish police when they use their meager resources to investigate such a trivial matter?


in my opinion, this case was nothing more than a cheap move in front of the citizens, which is apt to create a misleading image of our rule of law and what the authorities do in its name.


I don't think this is a problem with our prime minister, because I believe he can handle the police, but what if an ordinary citizen were to be the target of this false way of working in the media?




Marin, who is defending the rights of the minority group of the past, i.e. homosexuals, in the pride parade has apparently forgotten the problem citizens of our country, who are actually in the same situation or worse than the homosexuals of the past, who have had no problems for 20 years.


Unlike our problematic citizens who are lured by the media's positive advertising to psychiatric clinics, where their reputation is tarnished with medically non-existent mental illnesses, in the name of which they are fed chemical compounds that are very close to drugs like LSD.


These chemical compounds that reduce the brain activity of people, making them extremely irrational and sensitive to all kinds of stimuli, are behind all the school deaths and acts that shock the community in Finland.


Marin, who owns our country's mental hospitals where our country's problem citizens are taken with the cooperation of the authorities, will get publicity points with this children's May Day carnival 2.0.



As prime minister, Marin could end this modern-day witch hunt for our country's problem citizens if he wanted to, but I suspect that it is too profitable a business from the state's point of view, which is why Marin does not interfere with the actions of Turku University professors Lauerma, Korkeila, Salokangas, Karlsson, Hietala + Ekelund.


Problem citizens who are lured from the lobbies of Kela by the state-owned propaganda media house YLE to psychiatry clinics to be tarnished with medically non-existent diseases are the beginning of a new life without any rights for these human rats who act as natural resources of medicine for university-level studies, with the help of which their social contribution is taken by force with the help of medicine

SANNA “miss vogue” MARIN

SANNA “miss vogue” MARIN

In the public spotlight, Minna's immortality is hinted at by the magic of Sanna "miss vogue" Marin, the corrupted finnish maiden last cry for help surrounded by all the crimes, when she seeks a new contact with the people in the name of empathy, by pretending to be an ordinary mortal citizen that finnish maiden own minions, i.e. the corrupt police forces, have been investigating since breakfast receipts.


The low-budget short films in which Miss Vogue plays the main role with other authorities such as the police and the taxman are actually a reality-type reality TV offered to the public about the imbalances in the use of power, when the police are investigating the principals of the crime after eating food to the taxpayers' bill, while on the other hand they are handing out taxpayers' money with 260 million climate change for prevention abroad, for which no referendum was held and whose implementation certainly cannot be monitored at the level of Tytti Yliviikari's car washes.


In this continuation of the beautiful and brave, the tax collector played the third wheel in the dispute, where each of the authorities of the corrupt finnish maiden wants their own piece of Miss Vogue's breakfast with the help of the bureaucracy, which has proven to be a very common way of treating our country's problem citizens when they are driven as human rats to institutions owned by finnish maiden, Sanna MArin and Sauli Niinistö, which are known for their illegal medical experiments on humans .


A corrupted Finnish maiden who is not satisfied with the tax income of these problem citizens is taking it with the help of medicine in our country's prison hospitals in the name of imaginary diseases, which has proven to be the best disguise for illegal human experiments of medicine on our problem citizens.


The institutions where they are sent as human rats for medical natural resources, which the professors of the University of Turku need to feed their own academic careers, is a crime on a different level than the 40 kg Miss Vogue's breakfast.

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