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The stabbing of Esa Saarinen is an unfortunate case that ended well for Saarinen, was extremely cruel from the perspective of the perpetrator and victorious from the point of view of psychiatry, which was able to raise the witch hunt of the 21st century with the help of the act of this citizen, who had been left in the effective wound of psychiatry and who was able to buy a new human rat for his future studies, which fatten Jesper The academic careers of researchers like Ekelund, Walta Maija Helena and Jarmo "psychosis" Hietala at the expense of the freedom and health of these staged and led "larvae".




A stabber provoked by psychiatry who introduces himself to Saarinen


According to the news, the series of events begins in January, when the accused had attended Saarinen's lecture, where he had sought a conversation with Saarinen, saying "ESA MEILLÄ ON YHTEYS"


Having investigated these cases, it is extremely likely that behind these staged human rats lurk professionals of psychological influence whose wounds this person was also left with, judging from the statements. This kind of activity is absolutely essential when it is subsequently marketed to the public through the press, so that they will certainly be left with an extremely distorted image of these human rats staged by psychiatry.


Leading these patients and encouraging them to act is already so systematic that there are undoubtedly similarities to it in the background of all staged patients, as well as in Aino Nykopp's patting


From the actions of psychiatry, you can clearly read how it uses the mental health problem to tarnish the reputation of its patients in the eyes of the people and by ALWAYS blaming the patients for the cases, even though all these cases are the fault of psychiatry itself and even a completely systematic and orderly operation, which is quite shocking for a crime reporter to notice when you look at how much these tarnished patients of psychiatry take bystanders victims when they go with the patients staged due to the illegal actions of our medical unit, whom they so badly want in their own institutions as human rats.


After defaming the reputation, all they have to do is get the patient to be provoked into actions and things progress in the case of these drugged human rats already under their own weight when their account already has human victims at this point, which of course is a completely unsustainable situation from the point of view of the defense because the situation is almost irreparable.


All of these situations could be prevented and these people could be helped, but at the moment it is fighting psychiatry, and it can already be said that it seems to be completely supported by the police and ministers, a good example of which is the school killings in 2007 and 2008, of which Kauhajoki 2008 would have been 100% police preventable but which it deliberately allowed to happen, of course I highly doubt Anne Holmlund's complicity in looking through the fingers because of the Jokela 2007 that just happened. All these actions from the background of psychiatry patients signal actions in accordance with the purpose, where these shocking actions are in fact desired actions, which helps psychiatry in the recruitment of these human rats when all the people's anger has been poured on them, which is why this extremely illegal human trafficking can be practiced in the name of medicine by the academics of rotten researchers like Jesper Ekelund because of the grooves.


Anger and rage guiding patients, which are Auervaara's specialty

Of course, as an amateur in psychology, it's still a mystery to me how psychiatry makes these people behave like this, but this is mostly drug courses that decrease brain functions, combined with certain kinds of experiences that apparently raise anger and rage, which is Keravalainen Auervaara's specialty, as far as I'm familiar with his skills.




It's my luck as a crime journalist that this modern-day witch hunt has to be spread to the public's awareness through the press, because otherwise no one would believe this beating of the Finnish police in connection with these cases if they didn't read about it in the newspapers and which gives me the opportunity to deal with these cases even after the fact with too little information compared to the Finnish to the police, who would nevertheless have pretty good powers to investigate these cases, which is however limited quite effectively by great incompetence, which has turned out to be a paradise for hard-line criminals who trade in these staged human rats. The Finnish police, who have carried out their endless incompetence in their criminal investigations all the way from Bodom, is such a pathetic mess that it has awakened crime reporters lounging on their sofas to intervene with their own publications on linkedin.


Finnish police who repeat their own endless incompetence from case to case

The Finnish police, which seems to be completely playing the role of a fool in these cases, when it only listens to the supposed victim's side in these cases, from which orders are sent to the police side about what to find out, such as "Saarinen himself asked the police to find out if his message could have influenced the suspect's desire to stab him"


The Finnish police who repeat their own endless incompetence with action models learned from Bodom from case to case and who have not noticed the similarity as a species to the extinct dinosaurus, which also had its time on earth, which mother nature decided to remove when its actions were of the order of the Finnish police and were completely unsuitable for the new world order.


The Finnish police, whose competence with crime investigations is absolutely incomprehensible shit, which has left Finland as a playing field completely open to hard-class criminals who practice human trafficking on the medical side of our problem citizens by staging them, and even Kenneth Eriksson, who has been a police human trafficking expert all his life, does not see anything wrong in this as a representative of the police.


It would have been a MIRACLE if the Finnish police had found a motive for this act with their own expertise, which also became Jouni Kauppila's fate in Ylivieska


 It is an absolute requirement for the Finnish police that they are as stupid as the boot on the left foot so that this activity, which relies entirely on the extremely strong competence of psychiatry in manipulating people and leading them to do things with drug treatments, goes through in Finland without anyone questioning the actions of psychiatry, whose clinic seems to be extremely dangerous place to go problem citizen.


It is a big question mark for me how the Finnish press has participated in the manhunts of these slandered persons in psychiatry. In the early stages of my career, I thought that this activity might be done because of the anger and rage caused by the deaths of Imatra, but Saarinen's case nevertheless conveys a slightly different message.


The stabber and HS's Saska Saarikoski

The Finnish police who could have found out why this message was sent to Helsingin Sanomat's Saarikoski and what role the press plays in the pursuit of mental health patients, because I think their coverage is too one-sided and stigmatizing towards the perpetrators, so much so that it raises doubts when these cases have already happened so much in Finland.


The media and the police do give all the tips that help to create an image of these patients as extremely strange cases, but like this communication with Saarikoski, it ended like a chicken's flight and apparently no further investigation was done, which was the case here. However, I don't think at all that the Finnish police would ever be able to solve this case themselves, and if it were to be investigated, they would probably turn to the criminal organizations in this regard, just like Aarniok


My Contacts with mainstream media representatives such as Kaius Nieme

I myself have informed Kaius Nieme on Spost about the alarming situation in Finland, where you can clearly see the actions of psychiatry with our problem citizens and how helpless the Finnish police are in these cases. I have sold my articles to Kaius Nieme for the front pages of HS in the Sunday papers, but I have not received a reply or shown any interest in the theory I presented behind the actions, just like the Finnish police have not.


This action by HS is so strange that I have researched the background of this company and guess what, Helsingin Sanomat is owned by Ssamona Media, the largest owner of which is Antti Herlin, the same person who announced in the news sometime in 2018 that young people in Finland SHOULD GET TREATMENT.


If we look at what YLE says about these treatments, it would seem that the treatments belong to the side of Nazi medicine, which in modern medicine is more of a form of torture, just like the medical treatments of these patients, which also approximate medicinal forms of torture directly from Auschwitz.


Unfortunately, these actions in Finland become more expensive the more I investigate them into a purge carried out by the research elite, whose targets are psychiatry's blackened problem citizens whose path would seem to lead to psychiatry becoming a human rat with an imaginary disease in the name of which the most illegal studies can be carried out to map the human body in the name of medicine.


Are these the reasons why they do not cooperate with me and that my articles are not published in the mainstream media, which only advertises this new-age witch hunt like Christmas to the people all year round so that their doubts do not arise about the real existence of diseases and that this activity with faith therapies can be carried out very visibly and carried out in public when the disinformation of the mainstream media is like this massive.


My contact with Hanna Parhaniemi, Kalajoki's gift to free journalism

I have been in contact with the former editor-in-chief of the Kalajoki regional newspaper and the deputy member of the Council of Public Speaking, Hanna Parhaniemi, regarding unclear cases in our country and how it would be good to bring a different perspective to the public about them, which can also be clearly seen from the side of psychiatry, the police and the press.


Parhaniemi's "WEIRD" behavior regarding his quiet life was so attention-grabbing to me as a crime reporter that I had to use the already well-known methods of psychiatric services that they use with problem citizens. My intention was not to provoke Parhaniemi into an act that shocks the community, as psychiatry does with its patients, but I wanted to find out Parhaniemi's ideology, which he carries as a representative of the press, and the thoughts of this so-called editor-in-chief were not unclear to me from his messages.



It is clear as day that Finland cannot run a modern-day witch hunt managed by psychiatry if we have more of this kind of entrails from the fish river bottled in a larger number of people in the country, with the help of which in the Middle Ages many innocent women were burned as witches by the courts, just as today these modern-day witches are sentenced in our country's courts to eternal damnation as the human rats of medicine. Thanks to people like Parhaniemi, who know how to hide this side of themselves well even in public, and which I was able to dig out with psychiatry's own tools, i.e. provocation.

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