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If you look at the common features of Nazi Germany's hatred of Jews and white racial oppression compared to mental illness, you will notice that the Nazis considered themselves superior and sought a strong race. All the weak were eliminated by this ideology. Racial oppression of whites was also about superiority vs. inferiority based on skin color.


There are very similar features in connection with mental health problems, it targets the bad parts of our society who are currently being controlled and imprisoned using medicine in the name of medically non-existent diseases in the field of psychiatry that their patients have fallen ill with. This activity is carried out by the elite of our society's school world, and their view of supporting an uneducated citizen partly from the coffers of their payer, i.e. the state, can produce nagging thoughts in this elite.


I am absolutely sure that in connection with these diseases, an attempt is being made to collect some people from society into mental hospitals, most obviously forcing them to undergo medical examinations, which is a clearly visible activity in Finland and which is an activity approved by the President of Finland and Turku University graduate Sauli Niinistö.


The public awareness of the images created by the elite of the school world cannot be understated because there is verifiable evidence of this by researchers at the University of Turku who conduct medical studies on empirically convicted mental hospital patients. There is no greater stamp and proof of the condition of these present-day "witches" than a university-level study in which several researchers have participated. The new era of medical Nazism has begun.


Short-term functional outcome in psychotic patients. Results of the Turku Early Psychosis Study (TEPS)


Co. In the research result on page 5, it is said how the test participants were taken from mental hospitals, outpatient clinics and emergency rooms. Because these persons are empirically condemned, most obviously by nurses and doctors with a certain idea, cf. Jew hatred and witch persecution. The use of patients from these mental hospitals in studies where cognitive properties are studied is really questionable because these people have a very typical forced treatment status in mental illnesses, which enables forced medication with any kind of medication. In practice, this research does not bring any scientific perspective to diseases, but mainly aims to prove cognitive disorders and slowness with the help of statistics and some kind of methods (GAF, SIPS/SOPS) where the obtained results are very dependent on the nurses who interpret the patient. As such, I don't think that FEP CHR-P patients have psychosis or cognitive problems because the majority of patients are from closed (183) and outpatient (101) places. Those who are locked up definitely have forced treatment status on, so the nurse can feed them anything and vary the drugs that have a great effect on the human nervous system as they please based on the patient's behavior.


What I have read about these drugs myself, their fluctuations may expose the human nervous system to a certain kind of emergency, which is apparently the so-called psychosis, which unfortunately also happens to be the obsession of Turku University professor Jarmo Hietala, and which he feeds our country with staged problem citizens to satisfy this academic obsession with studying the human nervous system even though it would be in conflict with the patient's right to self-determination.


It is quite reasonable to expect that these people have cognitive slowness and other problems, but they are not caused by the disease diagnosed by the doctors themselves, but by the medicine that treats this non-existent disease. This study is to the greatest extent capable of perpetuating a false image of these diseases of the early 20th century.


These patients are in exactly the same situation as the Jews of Nazi Germany, whom Hitler condemned to Lauerma-like institutions in the 40s, where Mengele conducted medical experiments on Jews at the time. Just as Lauerma and his schoolmates at the University of Turku are conducting medical experiments on these patients in the 2020s, although today's medicine has developed a lot since Mengele's time, so Salokangas, Hietala, Karlsson, Korkeila, Ekelund are conducting research according to today's theme, which is in the form of chemical compounds.


In order to study these chemical compounds in the human brain, it requires that we have mentally ill patients who can be fed these drugs in the name of forced medication. You could say to this that it is the advantage of Salokanga, Hietala, Karlsson, Korkeila, Ekelund that we have so many mentally ill patients in Finland and that it spreads like a flu in the most problematic class of our society, even so well and effectively that I have made requests to our country's police to investigate this really suspicious to study the spread of the disease so that there is no criminal activity behind it, because the pharmaceutical industry is a billion-dollar business and it needs sick patients for the business to run.


Suspected mental illness

These doubts related to mental illnesses and their treatment methods can be easily read in the news:

Kerava's stabber was apparently not satisfied with the treatment because he had to try to escape after a year of treatment.

Beivik's saying about the presence of forensic psychiatrists means that with some wording you can end up in a mental hospital says a lot about these mental illnesses, what if he says after the psychiatrist's verdict that I lied just for fun.


This system, which psychiatry has built, represents an extreme instrument of power use by psychiatrists today in the combination of diseases whose existence there is no guarantee or evidence and the basis of its statement is the statement of a few doctors/researchers who are loyal to this idea. This activity inevitably raises the question, is this part of medicine even medicine or medical care at all???? Chemical compounds in themselves belong to the medical side, but not diseases to which drugs are administered


My assessment, with very little knowledge of these diseases and their mechanisms of origin, may have started sometime at the beginning of the 20th century from people who have had intellectual disabilities or some kind of nervous disorder whose mechanisms of origin I do not know. It was characteristic of the time to come up with some explanation for the symptoms, which may have enabled the emergence of mental illnesses due to ignorance.


If I were a doctor and owned a pharmaceutical giant, this disease and the patients who suffer from it would be worth more than gold to a doctor with connections to the pharmaceutical business.


Mental hospital operation for liquidation and criminal investigation as violations of human rights and patient rights

Because of the above, the operation of the Finnish mental hospital should be put into liquidation and all patients should be interviewed by impartial doctors and criminal investigators who have no connections to pharmaceutical giants or psychiatry that believes in mental illnesses. Persons who have committed crimes should be transferred to the prisons of our country to serve their punishment.


When searching for the truth about the people in Hannu Lauerma's institution and other mental hospitals, they should be guaranteed a 100% chance to move to our country's prisons away from possible drug research and development. Admittedly, the long-term patients of these facilities already have such a high dependence on the drugs fed to them, so the transition can be very challenging and turn out to be expensive, but the management of our country can give Ekelund and his tribe such a rip that ko. the gentlemen even go to live in those prisons themselves to support the transition of patients from prison mental hospitals to a zone free from pharmaceutical product development. When the persons have been removed from the environment created by the managers of these institutions, where they have a great opportunity to influence the patients, who are not affected by any law in our rule of law, and who have led these institutions for a truly record-breaking 30 years, and I am not at all surprised by the mild effects that followed from these long-term positions, so in retrospect, with which we are now struggling when we look at what is happening in our society and on the mental health side is happening. In a safe environment where the laws of our rule of law apply, interrogations can be started about how they have been treated in these places, on what basis the drugs have been administered and how it was done.


In prison conditions, the patients of these institutions may even tell the truth about all the staged actions directed at them, because their stories about their treatment cannot be translated into delusions characteristic of these diseases in prison conditions, regarding staged actions, forced medication and the slandering of patients with mental illnesses. And they therefore have no fear of medicinal retaliation based on the stories recorded in the patient reports, referring to their stories about their treatment, which can also be very common in connection with these diseases.


These mental illnesses today represent, in my opinion, only remnants of ancient times, the time of the church's witch hunt, Nazi Germany's Jew-hatred, and Ku Klux Klan's racial oppression. These diseases would need a proper update with modern medicine together with information technology and that is ctrl + alt + delete.


I hope that the medicine of the future will not adopt Mengele's methods because there are certainly some research results from experiments performed on Jews by Mengele. Because mental hospital operations in Finland send a huge signal about unfair dismissals of non-liability and diseases, which, however, do not exist medically, but are really actively used alongside the courts, and in Finland, non-liability can already be obtained based on a crash.


Medical staging and smearing of the patient

This, in my opinion, proves that the institutions led by Lauerma, with a lack of accountability, collect the most problematic group in our country instead of a prison in their institution as a natural resource for medicine to eat medicine and as a research resource for the University of Turku with very questionable methods that include attracting the target group to the scope of therapy services where the patient is given a questionable entry of a mental health problem in the patient records, which is then used in court against the patient when the patient is sought to Mr. Lauerma's establishment without fault. I could say that in Finland it is really dangerous to go and talk about your problems in healthcare if you are unemployed, uneducated, marginalized and have fallen off the sledge


My opinion is that the researchers at the University of Turku are consciously building an updated version of the witch hunts in Finland, which can be used to gather the poor sections of society into mental hospitals where, most obviously, drug research is carried out in the name of these unexplained diseases. Of course, this theme is partly worldwide because some universities in the world also recognize these diseases, but this has always been done throughout the ages, such as racial discrimination and witch hunts. Because of this, I feel a little powerless in my fight and I can only imagine what it was like to be the target of a witch hunt in the 17th century, a Jew or a dark-skinned person in the early 20th century.

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