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In my own career as a crime journalist, I have had to be amazed by the police's behavior in the cases I have investigated, and what amazes me the most is how unprofessional the police's behavior is at times (the deaths in Imatra, the Kauhajoki school shooting), sometimes it goes like a scripted movie (Esa Laiho) and then it is the star of the night (the drownings of Pekka Seppänen) what I doubt that the Finnish police has received official help from someone in this case...but it could be possible for the police to find out, but only thanks to an extremely good criminal investigator...what could be possible that there is at least one such natural talent in the police.

Laiho_poliisi EN.png

How can the actions of the Finnish police be so erratic, erratic and indiscriminate? The actions of the Finnish police in itself with this case were completely different from other cases that I have investigated, and this is how it should be when the police receives a tip about a person in office who nevertheless acts wrongly.


At the moment, I have filed several criminal reports with the Finnish police about Turku University graduates Jesper Ekelund, Hasse Karlsson, Jyrki Korkeila, Raimo Salokangas, Hannu Lauerma, Jarmo Hietala + Alo Juriloo and their business dealings with prison mental hospital patients that they use in their own, Turku University research work when they are recovering from medically non-existent disease, even in these studies, the function of human nerve cells and the immune system to certain chemical compounds is most likely determined and clarified. Patients who have been staged by the ideological descendants and subordinates of Turku University.


This action and my criminal reports do not take the wind out of the authorities at all, no matter how I try to push them forward regarding this issue. This activity is practically completely similar to Passi and Reinboth's grilling with Aarnio. When it's really an outsider's tips, which are in no way fabricated, there's no way to get the nominal authorities of our country to act, even if it's the unclear actions of the head of the drug unit. This case also proves how it is extremely difficult to catch such ideological friend clubs.


I have been in contact with numerous authorities such as Anna-Maja Henriksson, Hannu Lauerma and Kari Ojala regarding the patient meetings because I would like to interview these persons in connection with serious human rights violations, medical abuse and staging, but I have been denied all meetings and the answers have only been one or two sentences long, which frankly seem uncooperative, which of course gives me more reason to suspect the violations I told Lauerma regarding these patients.



In my previous article (the murder of Jimi Karttusen), I have already had to take a stand on Valvira's activities, which would seem to be only collecting taxpayers' money for nothing. This kind of action and bullshit from an individual brings almost 90% probability of a death sentence in Finnish medical care (Karttunen and Laapotti), but when it comes to Valviran Henriksson, apparently there is going to be a salary increase when there are bills in sight when problem citizens are eliminated under the guise of natural deaths from eating the state elite's money.


My point of view about the guard is that it should be in Finland, so that papers owned by Laiho, ordered from the markets in St. Petersburg, do not allow access to Finnish medical care to practice the profession of a doctor, and no one would be poisoned by people like Nykopp, and people like Karttusen and Laapot need not fear that they will die in Finnish medical care.


At this point I want to confess that in my youth I have gone to a bar with fake papers to drink beer...but I could never have imagined that YOU CAN GO TO A FINISH HOSPITAL TO PLAY DOCTOR WITH AN EXAMINATION CERTIFICATE ORDERED FROM PETERSBURG. What is the staff of our prosecutor's office really doing when they accuse only Esa Laiho???? The director of Valvira should be sent back to the castle when this kind of activity is even possible for 10 YEARS, but it was a Finnish person who pretended to be a doctor.



Valvira's actions with other suspicious actions in the country

If we look at what is currently happening in Finland in healthcare, then suspicious deaths and young people being confused with medically non-existent diseases. In practice, Valvira should take care that even an Ongle citizen would dare to go to the hospital without having to fear being staged for a medically non-existent disease and that he would not be killed due to deliberate negligence, which in this area inevitably means murder, of which there are examples (Karttunen and Laapotti).




It is obvious that there is no one monitoring this friend club in Finland when they use prison mental hospital patients in their own research when they want to research...what ever they want to research in people in the name of imaginary and medically non-existent diseases, an activity that is however disguised as help and treatment.



When the police's actions in Laiho's case are like from Renny Harlin's movie and Rambo, which can't possibly be true in terms of competence because there are already numerous cases in the country that prove the unprofessionalism of the police's actions, which is like a bad horror movie where the innocent are mowed down like hay when the police don't know their job.


However, Laiho's case may be a bluff and a news duck, which I will justify with the following examples:


Police action that says more than a thousand words

A pompous and almost movie-level performance by the police, which is by no means normal for Finland's unprofessional police forces, of which there are numerous examples collected in my LinkedIn articles. This action is frankly too good to be true from the police.


Police nominal criminal investigations for medical treatment

Even though the police were investigating Karttusen's death, it is clear as day that no doctor with their expertise can be caught for official misconduct when there is not even a Rambo phase on, so even this investigation was only nominal. The hospital is also in a really safe area when it comes to its official misconduct in nursing because it is the only one in Finland that has competence in this area and if it itself takes the line in the case of Karttusen, that it decides to blame Karttus himself for his death, it can practically justify this death almost like smoking a cigarette and how though it has been the cause of this death. Who in Finland would defend the murder of a drug user when Karttunen was eliminated under the guise of a post-traumatic metabolic reaction.


Even though the Finnish police force came with heavily loaded weapons like in the movie, the only thing they could have done in practice, and probably did, was find out the authenticity of Laiho's diploma. From now on, the criminal charges that have come may have been made in close cooperation with medical doctors, because they concerned Laiho's procedures as a doctor. In practice, this means that the police may not have the competence to investigate crimes related to medical care, where they have to rely on the help of another doctor. This leaves the police's criminal investigation practically at the mercy of these good brother doctors, which practically means that the police are unable to do almost anything about crimes on their own. This could be different if this police officer had, for example, a doctor's degree and possibly some experience in this work, which would allow the criminal investigator to evaluate the doctors' actions independently, and would not be able to be led by these good brother doctors, where competence can be found in psychiatry when they lead problem citizens to commit acts that shock the community with the help of chemical compounds



Paananen's story is like a sequel to the beautiful and the brave

When Paananen suddenly gets a tip like a dinner for Manu, and the Finnish NAMED police force has a rambo phase on and is locked in Laiho's cell as if under the response times of the rescue service, it can only be a sequel to the beautiful and brave.


I'm justifying this children's fairy tale written for Paananen with real-life realism, and it's hard to put hard facts on the table. There are currently two people in Finland to whom the crime journalist Hannula raises her hat, and they are the radar pair Passi & Reinboth. P&R cooperation against Aarnio, who had gathered a club of friends in the police force that operated completely on the other side of the law, cooperating with UB when the head of the drug unit brought drugs into the country through barrel trade while covering up the actions of his own club.


P&R cooperated and grilled Aarnio for almost 8 years, so that Aarnio and a couple of henchmen were caught. In practice, Paanasen has the gang I'm running after, and that's ISO, and that inevitably includes the extremely corrupt professors of the University of Turku and, most obviously, others as well. Their illegalities in the field of medical care are in the category of medical abuse on humans, serious human rights violations, and bypassing the courts with their own false expert statements about their slandered patients. The previous sentence is written in the form that this club of friends has trained ideological descendants on the side of psychiatry with the help of their own university-level studies, which are followed by carefully selected psychiatrists when imaginary and medically non-existent diseases are staged for the problem of the citizen.


It's clear as day that Paananen doesn't get a "tip" from heaven and in two hours have the so-called Finnish police forces rambling below the response times of the emergency services when P&R spent 8 years with Aarnio, who had gathered a friend club in the Finnish police similar to the extremely corrupt professors of the University of Turku and these people are in many ways more dangerous than Aarnio, because they train new doctors with their ideology for our country's medical care, for which we can thank the deaths of Karttusen and Laapot. This action by the Finnish police, which all resembled Stallone's movies and was more efficient than the emergency services, is too good to be true when the authorities are being arrested.


The gang, according to whose whistle Paananen carried out his imaginary "tip" in the case of Laiho, is renewing the field of medical care by pushing Finnish medical care into the role of a cookie-cutter church, which is capable of inflicting imaginary and medically non-existent mental illnesses on our country's problem citizens, in the name of which the extremely corrupt professors of the University of Turku and their ideological descendants can study the human immune- and nervous system. I hope the University of Turku gets a good compensation for these staged patients, because some of the patients will inevitably defend themselves aggressively and take innocent citizens with them because of the extremely illegal actions of this University of Turku. It is also clear as day that Paananen will not arrest anyone for medical care under the response times of the emergency services based on a tip that fell from the sky, which also turned the Finnish police force into rambo regulations.


These actions of Laiho help to cover up the actions of the medical care that is turning Finland into a dictator-like state for its problem citizens such as Karttusen and Laapot, as well as blackmailed and staged mental health problems.


The cases I have currently investigated have shown that in Finnish democratic society, an extremely destructive idea is being pushed into the subconscious of the citizens of our community, and I write this idea in the following sentences:


Mental health patients are in the minority

Finland's democratic society is currently driven by an extremely dictator-like idea into the people's subconscious, which our medical care can target problem citizens. This idea has marginalized people with mental health problems, some of whom have been provoked into acts that shock the community, which accumulates the people's anger and bitterness towards these blackened problem citizens, which is a planned output of psychiatry in the name of the treatment and help they advertise.


With these mental illnesses, psychiatry uses the studies of the most ruthless beast on earth, the heirs of the white man, i.e. the extremely corrupt professors of the University of Turku, Ekelund, Salokangas, Korkeila, Lauerma, Karlsson, Hietala, with the help of which the people are made to believe the existence of these diseases. A black-painted patient who tries by all means to defend himself against the immense corruption in psychiatry, which has attacked him with the help of the extremely corrupt professors of the University of Turku in the form of imaginary diseases created by them, which drives the patients to an extremely desperate situation from which they simply see no other way out and no other option but to be accompanied by the fury of an eyeless attack towards society normally. The way patients react is individual, but what they have in common, unfortunately, is that a bystander dies as a result.


The supremacy of medical care, which is covered up with the help of Laiho

Laiho's case would be the best in this category, which created an image among the people, how the hospital would somehow be cleansed of fake doctors with this, and how the police handled it nicely and would continue to handle it with similar cinematic acting skills if there was a reason for it.


Laiho's case falls completely into the category that all wrongdoing always originates from the individual, which tends to obscure the meaning of the ideas that unite all doctors and medical staff and what is the case with mental health problems. Under this idea, care and treatment are completely different in Finland and there are already good examples of this (Laapotti and Karttunen).




If this case is looked at from the point of view that the idea of ​​people with mental health problems is being created in the democratic society of Finland, and that medical care is being pushed into the role of the medieval church, which can and can cure medically non-existent diseases under the guise of its own, almost inexplicably great medical knowledge, which is already difficult to question if you are ignorant of the matter. This activity is really an abuse of medicine towards the most problematic group in our society, which is practically in a completely defenseless and incomprehensible position towards this activity.


Although Laiho was a "fake doctor", it does not tell what medical care and the position of a doctor mean to him and what kind of position these two have in his life. I can say that the fact that Laiho was caught has created a lot of confidence among the people precisely because we no longer have doctors who are acting improperly and that the police will arrest them immediately if this is the case.


In my opinion, the above does not describe today's situation in medical care at all, and the proof of this is the problem of vague deaths of citizens in medical care, around which doctors throw themselves completely incomprehensible with their phrases "something inexplicable has happened". Medical psychiatry has also started to distribute medically non-existent diseases to our citizens when they get lost in outpatient clinics for mental health problems. This behavior if anything should not be the way medical professionals act, not even a fake doctor. Laiho, who certainly has acted admirably if you compare the actions of psychiatry, the extremely corrupt professors of the University of Turku who treated both Karttu and Laapotti.


If Laiho was in favor of pushing the supremacy of medical care into society, his actions helped this activity really well in my opinion.


If Laiho supported the idea of the supremacy of medical care, his punishments for this activity would be almost nominal, because it was used to buy the people's trust in "real" doctors with degrees. Trust in the very doctors who are now handing out medically non-existent illnesses in the field of psychiatry and death sentences in the emergency room accompanied by extremely poor treatment, because no one can question the procedures of doctors with degrees anymore when their field has now been cleared of accusations with the help of Laiho.


Laiho's sentence was 2.5 years in prison and 1 million in compensation. I will discuss the compensation of a million in my next article, but I will only briefly say here that we have about 6 private medical centers, behind which it is extremely easy to finance this money, or for a private person, 1 million is neither money nor anything when it comes to pushing a dictator-like idea into a democratic society.

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