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Eero Hiltunen's case follows identically the same procedures as can be seen with previous psychiatric patients. Psychiatry in Finland, through the propaganda machine and the media of media mogul Pappa Herlin, can attract these problem citizens to psychiatric clinics to be smeared, and by administering drug treatments with chemical compounds that reduce brain functions, combined with psychological influence, these people are made extremely vulnerable to impulsive behavior that can be read as "not normal" behavior that is not, however, caused by the patients medically not about a non-existent and imaginary disease, but about psychiatry's own drugs and work with patients. A psychiatrist who makes his patients do unpredictable things over a period of time (about 3 years), which, having investigated the cases, are no longer even in any way unpredictable. People randomly attack strangers in society, excluding Jouni Kauppila, who burned the Ylivieska church in a fit of rage to defend himself against official corruption that had attacked him in our country's judiciary. I myself have had to experience this same activity from the side of the reel, each with its own arbitrary interpretations of the law, the purpose of which is nothing other than to take away the citizen's basic income support, which leads to a completely impossible situation in terms of survival in society.


With these actions, the National Pension Institute seems to be controlling a certain group of citizens, whom it tries in every possible way to make them unable to survive in our society, even though the operation of this institution should be exactly the opposite. This same action can also be seen in the background of Emilia Nieminen's killer, which led to the murder of an innocent person when the murderer was in a complete stalemate in our society, where the reel had driven him to a situation where he had to steal to survive in our society.



Since I suspect that the background of this case too is the extremely ingenious and planned action of psychiatry that they target young problem citizens, Hiltunenka was not able to simply tell it in court in his own words, but he most likely had to develop some motive for his actions and with his understanding, of course, he aimed it at the lost wrestler. If this were true, Hiltunen would have aimed his violent actions at this person and not with such great lethal force at completely bystanders, and this pattern of behavior from patients of psychiatry always points to the illegal actions of psychiatry itself with its clients.



Since almost all the slandered persons in psychiatry are around 20 years old and almost still uneducated, they are unable to see how these psychiatrists, whose competence in human psychology is unquestionable, lead and prepare their patients on the road to mass murder in a way that no one outside notices.


Medical brain research in human rats

If there was no medical psychiatry in our country, which needs these problem citizens in their own institutions where they have the right to self-determination, taken to participate in the medical researches of the science dump, i.e. researchers at the University of Turku, in the name of a medically non-existent disease, of course, which is being researched, even though in fact these researches examine the reaction of the patients' brains to various chemical compounds at the cellular level with the help of cutting-edge medical technology.

lauerma arming bomb EN.jpg

This activity in the field of medicine is most likely extremely profitable from the state's point of view, so even bystander victims like Foxell are not there to stop this activity, but it actually causes this illegal business of the dump of science, the University of Turku, more rounds of anger and bitterness that these slandered patients of theirs cause with their shocking actions.



I went to Suomenlinna prison respa in the summer of 2021 because I would have liked to interview Hiltus around 2008-2009 about events that included psychiatric activities, in the name of his so-called mental health problems. I would have liked to talk with this person for days, many hours a day about his meetings with psychologists and whether there could be found manipulation and deliberate belief in these imaginary diseases in the name of which they are fed harsh chemical compounds.


When I got to the respa in Suomenlinna, where I asked the guard about a meeting with prisoners, he asked: "what is the matter about?" I answered that as a private individual I was investigating psychiatry's stagings for medically non-existent mental illnesses. After that, the guard's voice on the clock changed completely, he got up from the chair and started walking towards me with an aggressive and commanding voice. The order was aimed at the phone number of one of RISE's leaders, which I should have saved in my phone because he didn't want to give it to me, even though he wrote it on a piece of paper for me.

When he came out of his booth and was next to me looking aggressive, I asked him how isolated do you keep these guys here? To which he replied that usually the persons are close relatives, friends and know each other from before.


In other words, I was denied an appointment with Hiltusen, and even though I got the name of the person who can be called about the appointment, I left it because I have been denied an appointment with all the patients/prisoners I wanted to date, even though I have informed Lauerma and Justice Minister Anna-Maja Henriksson.


The guard's aggressive and commanding actions only proved to me that I am on the right track with this matter and how the Finnish authorities protect and keep these persons, whom I would like to meet in strict isolation from me, because the truth I am running after seems to be more than true due to the actions of the authorities regarding me and this matter with.



In our nominal legal state, justice was done relatively well in terms of the perpetrator, because psychiatry did not turn him into a human rat into a mental hospital business, although these acts might never have even happened if psychiatry had not hit Hiltus in its eyes and teeth, which in itself is really sad if you look at the kind of condition Heidi Foxel has gotten into for which I fully blame psychiatry itself, because its actions with all patients are extremely determined, systematic and systematic, which results in exactly these shocking cases, which are extremely unfair in terms of these innocent victims.


It is a mild phenomenon that this case also raised, that is, anger and rage against the staged and slandered mental health patients of psychiatry, which would make their situation even more difficult in our society.




Our society would have every opportunity to really help these people, but instead, medical care has created a public image of their desire to help these marginalized young people, but this action in the name of help is actually the opposite of help, and the proof is the blatant attacks of these young people against our society.


This illegal business for these problem citizens in society is too close to organized crime, but like all illegal business, it is a very profitable activity because this activity enables a large amount of taxpayers' money for the police, who turn a blind eye to this activity because it is, however, the basis of the salary of many "hands" and it also the salaries of those good and non-corrupt Finnish police officers are paid.


This activity is also the basis of salary for many extremely corrupt professors of the University of Turku who have chosen illegal medical experiments on people for their own academic careers and with which medicine is grown in the name of the researchers' own academic careers rather than in the name of helping humanity, which based on these cases is the most extreme form of human trafficking on the medical side.

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