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Jarmo "psychosis" Hietala, who peddles psychosis, which, according to him, is ordinary everyday mistakes, such as, for example, that "the person heard someone calling him". If we look at the closure of our country's mental hospitals and the ruthlessness of the most ruthless beast on earth, the white man, towards his own people, the sky is apparently the limit as to what all "psychosis" Hietala can add to these medically non-existent and imaginary diseases, and how illegal examinations can be done on patients in our country's prison mental hospital in the name of medicine because if " psychosis" is to believe in Hietala with his methods, any Finnish citizen can practically suffer from these imaginary diseases.


The truth about psychosis, which Hietala does not want to admit because of his own academic career

After studying it through the literature, psychosis seems to be more of an overdose of some chemical compound that affects the nervous system and causes it to function in a completely confused state, which most likely also messes up the electrochemical activity.


This unspoken truth that I am running after would bring down Jarmo "psychosis" Hietala's academic career and send him to prison for misusing medicine with people. This is, of course, difficult to prove because it can be completely impossible to prove a demonstrable and visible trace of chemical compounds in the human body, unlike the "psychosis" of Hietala's German role model, Josef Mengele, when he sewed Jewish children together in Auschwitz, and which my predecessor Sophie Scholl tried in every way to prevent and stop.


Incomprehension in front of the people guarantees "psychosis" for Hietala with a job and research subjects

The video clearly conveyed how "psychosis" Hietala shared a lack of understanding regarding psychosis and schizophrenia, which of course guarantees him a salary and an academic career working with the staged human rats, which they are trying to help by all means, even though the truth about the existence of these diseases is the key to getting to study the human nervous and immune system.


I am 100% sure that "psychosis" Hietala actually knows a lot more than what he lets on in his lecture and that truth is what I try to bring out with my own writings and articles, that these problem citizens or "bratz" in our society have been staged for this disease with the help of psychiatric professionals and of which "psychosis" Hietala gets new human rats for his studies.


Extensive criminal investigations should be started immediately about this activity, which would inevitably escalate into convictions, because this activity that "psychosis" Hietala is doing with his own team is the worst kind of human trafficking, misuse of medicine and violation of human rights for the sake of his own salary and academic career.


Prison mental hospital operation

It is clear as day that the people employed in these institutions represent the idea of ​​using medicine as a punishment for patients who have committed shocking acts in society, of which at least in Finland, more than half are quite clearly patients provoked by psychiatry themselves, who respond to unjust actions by attacking society as their last means of defense.


The operation of a prison mental hospital is extremely destructive to humanity in terms of its problem citizens who act as human rats for medicine, with the help of which, among other things, Jarmo "psychosis" Hietala can study human cellular and systemic functioning without getting caught in the misuse of medicine.


Also this staged sampling of our society, represented by the patients of the prison mental hospital, can be used to take medicine in any direction you want by deliberately misinterpreting statistics and patient reactions.



When I have studied the atrocities of the most merciless beast on earth, the white man, their activities have been blood-stoppingly systematic and wide-ranging, the team's activities in Europe do not know national borders at all, but this part of medicine, i.e. psychiatry, seems to be fully functional as our own state on our planet whose actions are comparable to Mengele's actions but in the form of chemical compounds and which is an action approved by state leaders, just like the witch persecutions, racism and Jew hatred of the past.




"psychosis" Hietala's speeches, which unfortunately are believable

When I myself have familiarized myself with the literature and the research results of "psychosis" Hietala, which this sub-field produces at a hellishly fast pace, it is of course all the more difficult to prove this activity as a lie. From the literature and research results, however, it is difficult to notice at first glance their illegal activity with patients because this activity is covered with empathy, i.e. the desire to help patients, which is an extremely good disguise to cover up this activity.


When you look at the research results of the "psychosis" Hietala team, you get a clearer picture of them by reading them several times, how this team only guesses the mechanisms of schizophrenia in their research results and refutes the guesses of the following research results, which of course makes my mouth round as an engineer that this activity derived from the University of Turku is such a rudimentary blunder?


What I don't directly believe in, but with this "flash" they only try to cover up the truth I'm running after, i.e. illegal medical human experiments.


However, the Bratz cases reveal the illegality of the activity

By examining the cases of our country's citizens, there is 100% evidence behind their cases that these "psychosis" Hietala tads are 100% lies.


Jouni Kauppila

Kauppila, who was fed these drugs that reduce brain functions for about 3 years, and provoked by unfair official actions, the case was thrown to the side without blame, and the "psychosis" Hietala certainly got a good human rat for his own research.


From the background of Kauppila's case, it was clear from the coverage that the police were biased in relation to the criminal investigation, when they did not see a motive for this case, but completely biasedly blamed Kauppila's personal reasons for this case. This is a world record in the impartiality and corruption of the police, which put an "innocent" person in our country's medical prison camp, "psychosis" on Hietala's examination table.


It is clear as day that our current government, Chancellor of Justice Tuoma Pöysti, or Raija Toiviainen of the prosecutor's office will not prosecute anyone for this activity, but Finland should get a temporary government from another country where there is no human rat business at all so that this new government would be able to prosecute this illegal activity of the police and psychiatry.


Kauhajoki school massacre

In Kauhajoki's case, there are clear indications of how the police could actually have prevented this massacre but allowed Saare to continue his activities with the gun, because the police and psychiatry have such good cooperation patterns going on and they did not want to water down the hard work of psychiatry with Saare when they mentally prepared Saare for this school killing with medication.

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