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Juha "mess-up" Rautaheimo, who has become more familiar to me than any Finnish policeman and has wedged himself into being overrepresented in the criminal investigations of the Finnish police, whose merits are like from the menu of a beagle boys, just like Jari "the drug lord" Aarnion.


"mess-up" that, based on the news, has been messing up criminal investigations so that another authority or the police themselves are not caught in any illegal activity with our problem citizens.


"mess-up" who should be taken immediately to prison in the country I rule and be forced to marry Aino Nykopp when "in prison they say that's how they do it" To quote Nykopp, she tells me about the actions of our country's authorities and leaders in terms of psychological influence and using it to lead individual citizens to, for example, murders, which Nykopp carried out in a Finnish hospital whose motive was revenge against his own employer for the unfair actions it took on Aino Nykopp.


At the time of writing this, I have not investigated the death of Mikko Alanen where the "mess-up" has been a criminal investigator, I could already say based on the logical behavior of the police that the "mess-up" has been washing Alanen's criminal investigations so that the real murderer and its perpetrator are not caught. As for the murderer, a statistically unsolved case in Finland almost invariably means someone close to the elite of our country, when you look at the case of Tuomas Terävuori, for example.

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"mess-up" whose by far the best police story is the discovery of Harho Ylermi's will, where a deceased person had bequeathed all his property to the police's own organization, where "mess-up" or at least his good friend has been managing the flow of money, which organization may have even ceased to function after this will was taken.


The will that contained the apartment and 100,000 FIM money and silver candlesticks with sackcloth is like something from the menu of a beagle boys. "mess-up" who, with his own stories, tells me how stealing is possible in a democracy, but it must be done through and with the help of organization activities, so that it does not attract anyone's attention when money is circulated with the help of organization activities, which nevertheless enjoys great trust among the people in terms of justice.


This organizational activity, which the mess has now revealed, has awakened my interest in these organizations, which bask in the news as too overrepresented when you look at the policies that our country's leading decision-makers, i.e. ministers, are pursuing in the country and what I will write about in my future article, the publication date of which is unknown.

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