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  • The systematic and purposeful unfair actions directed at Nykoppi at the workplace, which turned her into a murderer, tells about the illegal actions of Finnish healthcare towards individuals


  • Nykoppi's purposeful, systematic and planned training, support and leading to murders in HUS, of which there are numerous proofs based on the news and the poison control book and which one does not want to bring out by saying them out loud, which I will do in my article. This is the ultimate reason why Haapasalo wants to pull the motives of Nykopp's actions out of his childhood trauma card when this topic is presented to the public on TV.


  • HUS, where Karttunen was murdered, is not completely out of the question if an "unwanted" employee is led and trained as a murderer who, as an individual, is only covering up the more systematic actions of psychiatry/medical care towards problem citizens.


  • Even though Jaana Haapasalo lied to 10 Finnish serial killers about Nykopp's motives in the series and tried to drag the case into the events of Nykopp's childhood, from an expert in this field it is the most outrageous lying and covering up of illegal activities in her own field and what is done there with individual citizens. Nothing has happened in Nykopp's childhood that would be the cause of these murders, but the workplace bullying that took place at the workplace and the unfair actions directed at Nykopp have been the trigger for Nykopp's murders, which he carried out as revenge against his employer.


  • Nykoppi, who was a "rabid animal" of psychiatry, gave drug overdoses to patients with the intent to kill for even the slightest remark towards him as an employee, which has been the result of the purposeful action of psychiatry. Nykopp who, after leaving HUS, has not been able to work in his field, not because of his mental health problems, but because of the employer's illegal actions aimed at Nykopp, who turned Nykopp into a murderer.


  • Nykoppi's future actions have been known to the employer, who was deliberately allowed to share death among the elderly, whom medical care only sees as a harmful expense, especially now that MIKAEL LILIUS, Finland's biggest and most notorious capitalist, has taken over the Finnish medical field with the help of a bee.


This person was absolutely of the opinion in all the interviews that he has done and acted absolutely right….so RIGHT!!! Yes, this person has acted correctly if you have been in the teachings of Keravalainen Auervaara, who specializes in diseases in which patients "imagine" that they are being irradiated or poisoned.


Getting to know the industry of this Auervaara from Kerava and Tony Roth TYKS psychiatry's personal interview with me, in which he advertises his field that "we only give experiences here" tells quite well what this area of ​​medical care is capable of doing when necessary, i.e. keeping patients "sick" based on delusions which are what probably extremely unfair official actions towards these patients, who have been cut off from all complaint channels to impartial authorities.


For example, by getting to know the field of psychiatry just a little, I can already promise that if I wanted to, I could use medical care equipment and drugs to make any healthy person afraid of radiation and poisoning when I don't follow the laws laid down for the safety of patients, laws that basic nurse Nykopp also forgot when he poisoned his patients and the people who certainly survived after this, they are afraid of all the nurses that they can poison. Keravan Auervaara would certainly have owned these traumatized patients after Nykopp had they been alive and they had gone to him to tell him about possible poisoning by the basic nurse. These doubts are very common in the institution led by Kerava Auervaara and in other mental hospitals in the country, which may be full of nurses with Nykopp's ideology that Kerava Auervaara has managed to collect from the recruitment queues.


Delusion and truth meet in Lauerma and Nykopp



When we have psychiatry that verifiably causes its desired patients to burn down churches in a fit of rage, medical facilities full of patients who "imagine" that they are being poisoned by Auervaara (Lauerma) from Kerava, and the country has almost verifiably eliminated Karttune from spending taxpayers' money gratuitously, so eyes will inevitably turn in the direction of VALVIRA, who, like Karttunen, spent taxpayers' money for nothing, but the directors of this institution are not held responsible for this algae-based activity, which it should monitor, if necessary, together with the police.


VALVIRA, which should make Deaths like Karttusen's impossible, is carried out in which doctors and nurses deliberately and knowingly interfere with the chemical reactions that maintain the patient's vital functions.


Nykopp, who would have been in his own VTH facilities to keep patients delusional based on Lauerma's statements about patients who "imagine" that they are being poisoned.


In Finnish nursing, there is a clear contradictory situation where some patients get a mental illness when they "imagine" that they are being poisoned and then there are nurses who do this as proven and get a life sentence in court for their actions.


Aino Nykopp acted as a motive to murder his patients with regard to wrong medication, but I have strong suspicions about Kerava Auervaara, who may mismedicate his patients with the sole motive of giving them an imaginary delusion instead of murder, in which case their statements and credibility have been destroyed, after which they are ready as experimental patients for the studies of Kerava Auervaara's school friends with imaginary delusions. These staged delusions are an absolute prerequisite for these Schoolmates from the University of Turku not to be caught and they could not be accused of medical abuse towards these slandered patients, for whom imaginary delusions have been created on false grounds, the truth of which is as close as a thorough criminal investigation by any other state police force would do Finnish police.


Lauerma in whose institution you learn to fear the position of the pen



Patients who have been taught a state of fear based on the position of a pen tells about the actions of prison hospitals in our country towards their patients and how laws can be circumvented or not followed in the name of such teaching sessions.


I personally believe that Lauerma's institutions' methods of teaching patients to fear the position of a pen are certainly not much different from the institution's ability to teach people feelings of hatred, specifically social hatred, and even so that they can't even justify it as medicated in court (Yka's church burning). There is a common factor behind the actions of mental health patients in our country at the moment, namely social hatred, which most likely originates from the actions of drug therapy services. This can most obviously be implanted in the desired patients and the only motive for this is to fill the prison mental hospitals with the research resources of the University of Turku and the natural resources of the pharmaceutical industry. This know-how, which was most likely discovered and developed in Lauerma's institution, has now been introduced to the consciousness of carefully selected psychiatrists across Finland. With these actions, psychiatry gathers problem persons from our society into mental hospitals with the help of depression and drug treatment against all rights.

This social hatred has also been present in the cases of Jokela and Kauhajoki, and I would like the police to reopen the criminal investigations of these deaths from the point of view that some psychological professionals may have consciously and purposefully influenced these persons together with drug treatment. If in the background of these persons there is the influence of psychological professionals together with medical treatment, then this would be the most extreme corruption on the part of medical care towards the disadvantaged in our society, which will most likely lead to UniUTU research res. and a natural resource for medicine. The actions of these school killings and their inexplicability fall directly into the reasons for the existence of institutions led by Lauerma and similar ones in our society. It's easy for facility managers to stage non-existent mental illnesses for patients with unfair actions and use of power towards their patients because people believe everything because of the inexplicability of diseases and past actions. When collecting patients, the managers of the institutions are completely ignorant of what is actually behind the patients' behavior and the problem, even though their understanding of medicine is 100 times better than mine and that knowledge is used together with ignorance according to the purpose.

I would hope that our country's police force and some of the authorities could grow their mental balls so much that the actual operation of this institution can be clarified in this decade and the court decisions that were wrongfully ignored, citing lack of accountability, can be processed again.







When I have become familiar with the diseases treated by Auervaara from Kerava that his patients have, the question inevitably arises as to whether this Auervaara from Kerava pushes the patients' minds to the limits of irrationality by targeting his patients with drugs that start unpredictably from their point of view and are violent together with extremely unjust actions. Because I have read the interviews given by Auervaara from Kerava, I am 100% sure that there is no such person that this doctor would not drive "crazy" in these institutions that operate under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and THL. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, which will only create an extremely safe environment for Kerava Auervaara and his schoolmates' investigations if the supervision carried out in this institution is at the same level as the criminal investigations carried out by VALVIRA and the Finnish police.


One of Nykopp's victims tells what kind of traces Nykopp left on this woman who survived, so you can only imagine what will follow if similar actions are carried out with authority powers in an institution led by Keravalainen Auervaara, because these institutions are most obviously a completely free area from police criminal investigations and VALVIRA supervision.



Because I, as a private person, investigate unclear cases in Finland that have piqued my interest because of their inexplicability. This inexplicability in connection with these cases is extremely strange when you look at how many so-called professionals we have, such as Jaana Haapasalo, known from the series 10 Finnish serial killers. What struck me the most in Haapasalo's interviews was his complete lack of understanding of Nykopp's actions, unlike Lauerman when he talks about the murderers of chapters 60-80. This is definitely Lauerma's core competence and even though I have told my opinion about this person in extremely harsh words, which is precisely due to this person's great knowledge of the human mind and what he will most likely target his patients in the prison mental hospital in a negative form, and this suspicion of mine is supported by Lauerma's complete inability to cooperate when I would like to interview his patients when I I suspect the misuse of medicine in his institution and the staging of these patients as mentally ill with imaginary delusions, so that Lauerman's friend club from the University of Turku, which includes Ekelund, Korkeila, Karlsson, Hietala, Salokangas, can carry out any medical research in the name of the University of Turku when the credibility of the patients is completely nullified in the form of delusions.


Since Haapasalo is also a graduate of the University of Turku, which as a university seems to be completely corrupt when it comes to medicine and the humanities faculties, in my opinion, Haapasalo, like any other extremely corrupt professors at the University of Turku, does not want any suspicions of illegal activities to arise from the methods of their department, and this is what I believe Haapasalo was hiding in the series, when he had to try to explain Nykopp's actions, which he tried to justify with Nykopp's childhood experiences.


When I have studied unclear cases in Finland where a person has committed violence against the community, the professionals of the human mind, i.e. psychologists, are completely amazed by these acts and how the persons have drifted into these acts. However, we are talking about experts in the human mind who, in Finland, are completely incomprehensible in connection with these actions, which still surprises me in terms of their enormous knowledge and understanding, which they should have. As in the case of Nykoppin, Haapasalo pulled out the child experience card as an explanation for his actions, which has already proven to be a fairly commonly used explanation in these cases when attempts are made to cover up the actions of psychiatry from these persons.


Haapasalo, who covers up the corruptions and misuse of medicine in his studies

In my own criminal investigations, where a dictator-like idea of mental health care is being pushed into democratic Finland by leading and staging problematic citizens by participating in them, it would seem that throwing these childhood trauma cards into the open is more like covering up one's own tracks. Nykopp may actually be a creation of medical care that was "taught" and "led" to this kind of activity on purpose, which I will tell you more about in this article. With too many patients, psychiatry is dealing with medically non-existent diseases that our country's problem citizens have fallen ill inexplicably in their polyclinics and which are very aggressively advertised in Finland by state-owned institutions such as YLE. Yle who has already started to offer advertisements about treatment methods performed by handyman Jantunen from Oulu and who are being lobbied by Jan Rekkakuski from Turku, the cradle of corruption.



If this activity is true, i.e. the role of psychiatry in staging these problem citizens with a medically non-existent disease, one must be very critical of what the authorities or Haapasalo and others from the University of Turku or the medical care say as motives for Nykopp's actions, for example, because their activities are guided by the protection of their own business and the cover-up of criminal activity. As a result of this action, Nykopp, who has already been convicted of many murders, can be blamed for the motives of the act, even a false reason, as a result of the loss of credibility of the statement resulting from Nykopp's total denial, some of which of course are true because he has, however, murdered several people.


This, of course, means that the parties involved act completely like Nykopp, turning into stone wall detractors, of which I have already received verifiable evidence when I wanted to meet in Finland those in our country's prisons, as well as those in mental hospitals and potential problem citizens who became victims of the staging, and informed the police about the professors of the University of Turku who are most likely conducting the most illegal research in the name of medicine in the name of medically non-existent and imaginary diseases in the human patients of the prison mental hospital and using modern medicine to the advantage to make these imaginary diseases believe in our society..


 I personally believe that Haapasalo deliberately traces Nykopp's motives to his childhood experiences when, as a graduate of the University of Turku, he tries to protect the extreme corruption, crimes against humanity in the name of medicine, and the abuse of medicine, which this university is extremely famous for, in the ruins of his own degree program. The professors of the University of Turku who are researching and curing an imaginary disease that their colleagues have carefully staged in psychiatric clinics. This cruelty that lives through the most merciless beast on earth, the heirs of the white man, i.e. the extremely corrupt professors of the University of Turku, when they most obviously have found the educational methods of how certain types of human characters can be "re-educated" with the help of guidance and experiences to become, for example, murderers. This action is best seen in the cases of problem youth when they have lost their way to psychiatric outpatient clinics. So this activity is the lifeblood of the academic careers of the heirs of the most relentless beast on earth, the white man, i.e. the extremely corrupt professors of the University of Turku, that we have these problem youth in our country who fall ill with medically non-existent and imaginary diseases. Because of teaching problem youth to hate society, as well as teaching the patients of the Lauerma facility to fear the position of the pen as the driver of death, I have no doubt that this Turku University friend club or a group working under them would be able to raise Nykopp to become a murderer. People whose competence in human psychology and re-educating and nurturing is undeniable on these screens




When looking at Nykopp's case, HAAPASALO'S THEORY OF SOME TRAUMA EXPERIENCED AS A CHILD DOESN'T SEEM TO BE BElievable AND SUITABLE AS A MOTIVE FOR NYKOPP'S ACTS, NOT AT ALL. However, Nykopp murdered his first patient in 2004 when he was already over 50 years old. This case should also be viewed from the perspective of what happened to Nykopp in the late 90s and early 2000s, which triggered this kind of behavior in him when he started to mismedicate his patients, murdering them.


Here I will put my own theory about Nykopp's motives for the murders in a couple of sentences, which my article is heavily based on.


  • Systematic and purposeful unfair actions directed at Nykopp at the workplace, which may have caused Nykopp to feel revenge-like feelings that he directed at the elderly who were in medical care


  • Nykopp's purposeful, systematic and planned training, support and leading to murders in HUS, of which there is a lot of evidence based on the story and which do not want to be brought up and is the ultimate reason why Haapasalo wants to withdraw the motives of Nykopp's actions. from the TV.


  • HUS, where Karttunen was murdered, is not completely out of the question if an "unwanted" employee is led and trained as a murderer who, as an individual, is only covering up the systematic actions of psychiatry towards problem citizens.


Teaching and leading Nykoppi to murder

Because Finland currently has a strong case for mental health patients, even with exemplary cases, whose background is a strong and clear connection to psychiatry, and whose actions directly radiate unfair actions towards their problem citizens, which are then covered up with the most incredible excuses combined with complete lack of understanding, just like Haapasalok when he draws his listeners to Nykopp's motives for murdering patients in his childhood to traumatic experiences, even though the truth about this case, too, most likely lies in the medical psychiatric outpatient clinics, where Nykoppik also went for depression and panic attacks, which is the result of the unfair actions directed at him at the workplace. A good example of this is psychiatry's excellent ability to lead and stage its patients into actions with drug treatment.

Kauppila, Sillanpää, Lasonen



Workplace bullying and unfair practices in nursing

In the poison nurse's book, it was told how in anger Nykopp had put burning liquid in a diaper, which he had lit and taken to the top floor of HUS by elevator. This tells you where these systematic bullying in the workplace with unfair actions lead to and how even the managers of medical care do not intervene effectively. With Nykoppi, after the end of the employment relationship, things could certainly have been done differently, even if he was "not liked". This action from Nykopp shows where unfair workplace actions lead, to anger and bitterness, in the name of which people may commit extremely cruel acts. These unjust actions may well have been a systematic output at HUS, which is supported by the activity of this institution with Karttusen, where he was murdered. By his own actions, Nykopp may have avenged the ill-treatment he experienced in the medical care to the patients he poisoned, which may be the only motive why he acted this way. Having studied the workings of psychiatry, this activity would seem to be a commonly used process in psychiatry, which drives problem citizens to acts that shock the community, which further accumulates the people's anger on these lone wolves, who are, however, a deliberate product of our medical care.


When you want to find out the true motives of the case, you should start looking at the case from the point of view that Nykopp is a systematic and planned product of medical treatment and how to get him to act in the desired way


It was reported about Nykopp that he had stolen a lot of medicines and that he also stole goods from his patient clients. When looking at the case from the point of view that Nykopp was a systematic and planned product of psychiatry, just like the troubled youths who ended up in our country's news headlines with their shocking actions. Nykopp needs to be made to act in such a way that he constantly steals from his workplace because this will inevitably lead to something more serious in the long run when unfair actions at the workplace are added to this, of which there were already good examples and evidence regarding Nykopp.


The management level of the former RD Velho Kotsalainen, Mannerjoki, Ratinen, Kiljala

I myself also have negative experiences in working life, thanks to the management of the former RD Velho Hyvinkää unit.


I was on the payroll of Kone's subcontractor in Hyvinkää, where I was kicked out with quite unpleasant actions. I don't doubt at all that Nykopp would have come into contact with people like this former RD Velho executive. However, the actions of this group were so mild that it didn't cause me such great revenge and desires as, for example, what Aino Nykopp has had to experience because he was already guilty of several murders, which in my opinion is completely pure hatred and revenge towards the "customers" of his own employer.


My so-called "revenge" is only telling the truth that this Great Place To Work company would not be able to do this kind of smoking to its "unwanted" employees in the future.



The environment in which Nykopp operating models are changed and prepared for action

This is my strongest theory for Nykopp's actions and my main reason why I would like to talk to this person, if there is even stronger support for this suspicion. When we look at the field of psychiatry in the field of medical care, which inevitably includes the university led by the extremely corrupt professors of the University of Turku, and the VTH prison camp strongly adjacent to this, which offers its students human experimental patients in the name of imaginary diseases and is led by Auervaara from Kerava, who is also known from the state's year-round advertisements, also known as VTH's Santa Claus .


In this institution, it is quite normal for patients to fear death based on the position of the pen and that they will be poisoned, which I believe is true and normal under those conditions. This is only possible when these institutions are led by the best friend of the heir of the most ruthless beast on earth, the white man, a big bad wolf who has turned all illegalities in the field of medicine in Finland into imaginary delusions of these patients with the help of medically non-existent and imaginary diseases.


If Nykopp had even been put to work in this area, where punishment with medication is commonplace in retaliation for patients' complaints about inappropriate actions of the medical staff, Nykopp's actions are completely understandable. Even if this is not 100% the truth in Nykopp's case, it is that psychiatry can and is able to train the people it wants so that they attack society and whose inherited causes psychiatry is actively withdrawing from their participation in connection with these patients by ALWAYS blaming these patients themselves and their childhood experiences falsely.


The connection between ISIS fighters and Nykopp

This kind of activity occurs and shows itself in relation to ISIS fighters when they leave Finland to participate in the war and return from there to our society. It is clear that the war experiences have changed these persons in terms of killing and how painlessly they could, with their war experience, slaughter the citizens of Finland completely cold-bloodedly and without any doubt or without a great threshold for their actions. This same operating model had most obviously been forced upon Nykopp when he poisoned his patients completely cold-bloodedly and routinely. It's somehow sad to read through the press how the Finnish authorities are worried about the return of ISIS soldiers, when you look at the medical care in our country, which has proven to be much more dangerous than any repatriated ISIS-trained fighter.



Raising Nykoppi and developing into a murderer

It is obvious that something happened to Nykopp in the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s, unlike what Haapasalo tries to convey by saying that the motives for the events arose already in Nykopp's childhood, which in itself is not a credible story in any way, but rather his desire to lead his listeners away from his extremely cruel plans for medical treatment and the University of Turku regarding psychological influence , which target our individual citizens and specifically problem citizens who are slandered with mental health problems.


The same thing happened to Nykopp as it did to all the problem citizens who got lost in psychiatric clinics, i.e. they were taught and given extreme hatred by the authorities, which would inevitably lead to extremely cruel revenge actions in terms of anger and bitterness. Even though we talk a lot about improving working conditions, it doesn't seem like an eyesore when you look at what medical psychiatry is doing to the problem of citizens.


Nykoppi's actions could only be motivated by revenge, in which case he would most likely have confessed to them after he was finally caught. However, he denied his wrongdoing and the only suitable motive for this would be that he may have heard in medical circles how patients of the prison mental hospital are treated with drugs and punished with them, which is most obviously true when Lauerma gives interviews about how their patients fear that they will be poisoned. These fears are most obviously not vain or imaginary, but very real in those circumstances. If Nykopp had information about this activity, it is obvious that he will not admit that he acted wrongly, because this kind of activity is quite normal in the prison camp run by the Turku University's friend club, which makes the North Korean prison camps look like gyms, where the record presses never stop.


The complete investigation of this crime would require Nykopp to be interrogated again and find out what happened in his life in the 90s and 2000s and what made him take such revenge on the elderly he poisoned.


However, in Nykopp's case, this can be an unsolvable case because he is really what the Finnish police said about him, a stonewalling denier, and because of that he is the only person I wouldn't necessarily even want to meet to clarify the unclear actions of the medical care, because what good is it for a crime reporter to interrogate someone who doesn't know if he's ever telling the truth?


Even Sanna Sillanpää's statements could be more useful because she obviously isn't lying, it's more about how confused this woman has been medicated and whether this confused state of being due to 20 years of forced medication can be dismantled and returned to this world.



Having investigated cases in Finland, there are clear signs that medical psychiatry can and is capable of training terrorists from our problem citizens into our community with the help of its own extremely good human psychology, which it is itself seeking from the courts with its own "expert opinions" that aim at impunity, which bypasses the courts in modern Finland. The sentence in these cases is based on a medically non-existent illness, which in the conditions of prison mental hospitals will be the biggest punishment, i.e. medicinal forms of torture in the name of a medically non-existent and imaginary disease.




Meeting of the HUS security director in the 21st century with Nykopp

Having read the poison nurse book, this case evokes extreme carelessness and irresponsibility from HUS when it let Nykopp run away from more detailed examinations in which the police would be involved, but which seems to be normal behavior from HUS, at least in those cases when problem citizens start to be eliminated under the guise of natural deaths. At this point, having investigated these unclear cases of medical treatment, I have to state that this may even have been intentional on the part of HUS, whose actions are not monitored by anyone in Finland, and I will justify this as follows.


Even if HUS, as such a large public actor, had been able to prevent the numerous murders in Nykoppi, it does not do so and explains this with all kinds of almost bureaucratic actions because these dead people simply do not mean anything to Finnish healthcare, whose deaths bought more public trust away from healthcare in general and how such cases are always "made by individual wolves". And letting Nykopp run away at this point would not be expensive from the state/medical care point of view, because Nykopp murdered the elderly who wasted taxpayers' money, just like Karttun, who had to be eliminated by HUS doctors.


In such a clear case, the HUS security chief's failure to report the matter to the police and to take the case forward should immediately start criminal investigations, which will be presented to the prosecutor for letting the murderer go free. In Nykopp's case, the signs were still so clearly visible that he could almost have been arrested by any man's right when a person acts like Magpie, when there is even a little bit of patients' jewelry on display, and strange deaths and patients' condition collapses in unexplained ways happen in Nykopp's department.


Nykopp, who was a creation of psychiatry and a masterpiece, was allowed to share death among the community

Nykopp, who may have been allowed to deliberately continue to die and his taught actions, as evidenced by the algae-based, bureaucratic and indifferent actions of the HUS security director and the explanations from the poison control book.


The HUS doctors who murdered Karttusen and whose death benefited the authorities in a way that I have told about in Karttusen's article, it is not at all unclear that Nykopp was intentionally allowed to sneak out of the situation at HUS, which clearly even attracted the attention of the security director of this institution.


Having investigated numerous unclear cases of medical care in Finland, I can already put a strong emphasis on the fact that Nykopp has had to deal with people who worked in the name of psychiatry, whose competence in guiding and nurturing people is undeniable, and who is exemplified by all the problem youth who have strayed into the services of aggressively advertised psychiatric outpatient clinics in our country and in practice, mixed properly through a long formula.


Nykopp, who had also received "treatment" for his panic attacks and depression, was already well known on the lists of psychiatry.


The problems of medical treatment that are solved by themselves without publicity

In the poison nurse book, it was said how the hospital always wants to take care of such problem situations themselves, as if they were leaking out of the house. This in itself would go against everything we expect from medical care when some try to rely on this unit because of problems at work.


When the medical care does not want outside help in this kind of problem cases, and when there are murders like this by a person belonging to the medical staff, some of which have clear signs of revenge against the patient, in no case should you look only at the individual and the factors that depend on it. At this point, I strongly believe that the Finnish police could not have seen the case more widely because of their own unprofessional actions, which the word screwing is pretty good to describe because in Finland innocent people are put in the castle thanks to this algae-based screwing of the Finnish police. However, the innocent victims who have strayed to the side of psychiatry to be smeared and staged are problem citizens, so I cannot accurately say whether this action is extremely unprofessional on the part of the police or malicious corruption.


When medical psychiatry has already demonstrably shown me through the cases in Finland, how it can train its young problem citizens to be enemies of the community, by using them to collect taxpayers' money for nothing, because these individual terrorists are the creation of their actions, who employ the authorities quite well, the police and the extremely corrupt professors of the University of Turku until now, it is clear that it does not want an investigation into its own actions aimed at staging people with an imaginary disease and why it is trying to solve its problems by itself, as quickly as possible, without outside help and without publicity.


Because, based on the cases in Finland, it would seem that it has been a really bad idea to let the medical care act alone with regard to the problems in their field, which most obviously has created a culture of secrecy in the medical care field and which would seem to be taboo to the extent that even the police do not investigate unclear actions in this area which go by the name of mental illnesses and which literally belong to medical care, when even the courts in Finland are being bypassed with this theme. Like today's inappropriate operation of mental health polyclinics, which aims to stage problem citizens (the burning of Yka church).


Psychiatry in Finland that works on the principles of organized crime

Medical treatment should be put under extremely strict control in Finland based on the cases that happened in Finland, because psychiatric activities, which in all their cruelty and extent include:


  • Drug development under the guise of medically non-existent and imaginary mental illnesses

  • Believing the public with university-level studies which, however, cannot prove any medical causes for diseases, so the studies have focused on measuring the functions of nerve cells. In terms of diseases, which of course casts really strong doubts on the use of these prison mental hospital patients in medical studies that only raise the academic careers of researchers in the field of medicine.


  • Forcing modern-day chemical compounds on problem citizens to fall depression, which, however, have extremely large health side effects in the name of medically non-existent diseases. If the patient does not agree to medical treatments with aggressive advertising, medical care has compulsion laws to feed these new-age conversion drugs in the name of diseases they have staged, for which there is not even a medical certificate.



Medical treatment that covers up its own criminal activities

The main reason for the medical care to allow Nykopp to realize himself as a poison nurse is that they themselves need such individuals to collect all suspicions of illegal activities away from their own area, so that the wider activities of the medical care psychiatry would not be revealed, which, among other things, include the promotion of medically non-existent diseases into society and the illegal medical practices carried out under their cover on the patients of prison mental hospitals . This criminal act of medical treatment is best illustrated by the murder of Jimi Karttunen, which was covered up by post-trauma metabolic reactions. After Nykopp, this action went viral and nobody even suspects the premature burial of problem citizens in medical care.


If we look at how our country's medical care works with black-painted problem citizens, i.e. get them trained in the community as unpredictable lone wolves who attack our community while taking numerous bystander victims.


There is a clear connection between these staged problem youths and Nykopp, namely that both of them can be led into their actions in our medical care so that the actions of the medical care do not become apparent in these cases. In these contexts, I am talking about medical treatment, because I do not know who there is directly acting with these described motives, which are nevertheless carried out very widely, and that these patients of course get all the blame in these cases, which is partly not entirely correct because they are facing the masters of staging and psychological influence.


It is extremely hypocritical for this part of medical treatment, i.e. psychiatry, in today's Finland to share, for example, interpretive motives in the name of mental state examinations and descriptions of its profiled patients based on its own activities, which radiate from the background of these problem citizens and which are to the greatest extent led and incited by them themselves and which they themselves are seeking away from the courts waving the innocence card with their own expert testimony. It is completely the same even if there is a different doctor/expert in each of these situations because this field has found an extreme consensus on how to act in relation to these problem citizens and whose background is a common idea that has been driven into a democratic society in the name of which our society has been turned into a dictatorship in relation to mental health patients.


The new era of medical care in the role of the medieval church

Hospitality, which is currently building the role of a medieval church for itself, where, once it succeeds, it can distribute medically non-existent and imaginary diseases to problem citizens in the name of an idea that goes by the name of mental health problems, and on which that hospital care itself is completely dependent on the medical research done on people in connection with mental illnesses, and how these individual cases are too perfect to cover up the truth on the side of psychiatry.


Although what I have told are still doubts, they are still so clearly visible that I have decided to write about them for future generations when this activity, which is led by the extremely corrupt professors of the turunu university, can be stopped, like all the previous atrocities of the most ruthless beast on earth, the white man, against his own.



When I have taken a position on the real desires of the police to solve crimes in nursing care, and whether they even have the skills for this kind of activity, and whether the police even have permission to go to this area as a unit under the Ministry of the Interior, even if it is to prevent a murder, because that's what this activity seems to do?


Having studied the cases, it is clearly noticeable how safe it is in the name of medical care to carry out the greatest measures to weed out problem citizens when highly trained doctors can and are able to cover up natural deaths as a crime much more skillfully than, for example, Aino Nykopp.


And when this area and the authorities are subject to charges, all you have to do is completely deny the cases, just like in Nykoppi. Having investigated the actions of the authorities and what I believe was behind this whole operation, i.e. the extremely ingenious and planned operation of psychiatry, Nykopp teaches Nykopp to murder because his incredibly strong drive to deny the actions is as admirable as identical actions from the authorities of our country

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From these requests, when I demand action in our society, which is clearly a criminal activity targeting the problem citizens of our society, the authorities take the EXACTLY IDENTICAL course of action with Nykopp, denying everything as a serial killer would seem to do. Of course, this leaves clear indications that the law does not apply to the body that regulates it at all, i.e. the authority.


Criminal investigators Rautaheimo and Granroth

This pair of investigators seems to have been involved in this criminal investigation, and the first thing I have to say, as the only crime reporter in Finland who investigates Vranomi corruption, is that I do not trust Rautaheimo and Granroth's abilities at all to find out the truth that the Nykopp case may contain. Both of these are the same age group as Aarnio, which is a well-known age group for its corruption. This investigation has almost certainly been completely doctor-led and not because of the police's desire to thoroughly investigate the activities of HUS, where Jimi Karttunen was also murdered.


This team has certainly been pre-selected for this investigation because it most obviously has the non-existent opportunities to find out the whole truth about the Nykoppi case, unlike Pekka Seppänen's detectives, who I can directly name as the best investigators in Finland based on the crime they investigated, which I am familiar with even though I don't know their names and that, can these top crime investigators be corrupt.




Because Nykopp may have by his own awkwardness caused the fact that he himself has had the masters of psychological influence attack him in Finland, just like what happened to Sanna Sillanpää and Jouni Kauppila and numerous other problem for our citizens who have wandered into psychiatric outpatient clinics to seek help for their unbearable problems that are advertised by the state-owned propaganda machine YLE . Nykoppi's character, which was described as very self-centered and somewhat cold, and that money and work played a big role in his life. If we look at the way psychiatry works in Finland, when they have created a spectrum of imaginary mental illnesses in our country, which are then assigned to problem citizens, which employs the field of medical care as well as the extremely corrupt professors of the University of Turku moderately well and their academic careers, the profiling of Nykopp's character to some extent even the normal values ​​of our society is mainly ridiculous smearing and conscious withdrawing Fundamentally away from the real reasons that may well be behind Nykopp, i.e. the systematic actions of psychiatry for which there is already quite a lot of evidence regarding problem citizens.


When it comes to the meaning of money and work, Nykopp's values ​​are certainly quite normal among the people, but what is apparently now only being brought up in this case in accordance with the purpose in a negative light, which only tries to profile Nykopp into a certain kind of compartment. And what would you say about the actions of psychiatry when it is building a 21st century witch hunt in Finland with the help of its patients, the example it staged, so that the University of Turku could carry out extremely unfair studies on its mentally ill patients in the name of medically non-existent and imaginary diseases.


Nykopp does not necessarily differ in any way from other primary care workers, most of whom would most likely be retrained as murderers by the masters of psychological influence operating in our country, who in themselves would seem to be spatially more numerous when you look at how mental illnesses spread among the problem citizens like the flu.





Veitola's comments and the inclusion of Nykopp make me wonder what Veitola had to do like this? There is already a witch hunt going on in the country, which is only possible when the people have been made to hate a certain group. Making Nykoppi a star only seemed to gather the anger of the relatives of the murdered, for which they seemed to complain about the public word to the hömppäkerho, where the editor-in-chief of the Kalajokiseutlehi also serves as a deputy member, which in itself tells why this is a hömppäkerho. This self-regulatory body practically could not do anything about the operation of the Veitola show, where Nykopp was made a celebrity regardless of his poisoning of patients, which in itself tells about the public opinion towards the murdered. Even though Lasone killed two of my colleagues from my new field, I wouldn't want Lasone to become a TV celebrity. Instead, I would like this case to be re-examined so that Ikävalko and Vihavainen would not have died in vain for corruption, which contributes to the staging of marginalized people as having mental health problems, which facilitates the trampling of their rights in Finnish medical care and in our country in general by the authorities.


From what I have learned during my 4-year investigation, from scratching the surface of human activity, I am pretty sure that Nykopp has caused conflicting feelings with his own actions, and this feeling has certainly been mutual for those who worked with Nykopp, at least in the opinion of the majority.


Having already investigated existing cases, it would seem that there is only one and only one option in extreme dispute situations in Finland, one party is driven into a situation where the other's actions are so radical that the other simply can no longer make credible accusations against the other. This can be seen most clearly in the cases of Jouni Kauppila and Sanna Sillanpää. Both of them had been brought into a situation from which there was practically no way out and that what they said no longer even had any meaning when psychiatry had succeeded in taking away their credibility in the name of an imaginary disease. This was a crushing loss for the persons who were led to these blackmails and actions, which hopefully will be dealt with again when the professionalism of the Finnish police can be honed better in terms of corruption and when the time is right.



This theory of mine, where these Finnish cases would be a systematic and extremely planned act of medical psychiatry, is supported by RD Velhon Kotsalainen, Ratinen and Mannerjoki's smoking out of the workplace, which targeted me. A man from Kotsa who came to me on the last day and yelled at me that "we're going to make trouble". Also, the speeches of Parhaniemi, the editor-in-chief of Kalajokiseutlehti and deputy member of the Public Word Council, "get treatment", reflect quite well the kind of people we have had the chance to swim into working life. There are still a lot of these similar people, and this is the reason why we have such acts that shock society in Finland, such as church burnings, school shootings, Karttusen's murder and possibly Laapot's murder.

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