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The murder took place on 1 December 2006


Murder as a case

This murder clearly falls into the category of "murder caused by an argument at home". There are many examples of this in Finland, for example bars, where arguments usually get so violent that one is stabbed or shot.


If the case is looked at from the point of view that the Finnish police should now have about 45 years of experience in this kind of crimes where they still have the Bodonjärvi case solved, then they simply do not want to solve these murders.


The murder of Paula Björkvist

Paula Björkvist's murder is a similar case, but the parties had changed and the wife was found dead. This still somehow goes over the ears of the stupid group that the murderer is a man if it is a dispute that started from domestic violence.


A poisoned CEO

The woman who poisoned her husband with methanol. Behind these deaths are very normal motives for a person, i.e. relationship problems and their growth to a scale where the other is killed.



Against the claim of an outsider


Observations of two children

Auer's children were interviewed at Turku University Central Hospital in the psychological unit for children and adolescents. The University of Turku, which has a connection to the hospital through professors and who manage our country's human rat farms, these statements are not to be trusted because from these statements, if necessary, you can get whatever you want and which serves the professors of this university even more. There is already evidence of these baseless statements by Jaana Haapasalo, when she deliberately brushed off Aino Nykopp's motives from the HUS doctors, when they fueled Nykopp's anger and bitterness with unfair actions directed at Nykopp, which in reality was the motive for Nykopp's murders, i.e. revenge against the medical care and the employer.


There is also evidence of these unfair actions by Finnish employers by the former RD Velho management when they fired me from the company by Kotsalainen, Ratinen and Mannerjoki.


From the emergency center recording, there are no voices of an outside person or sounds indicating a struggle

The police recording clearly shows how Auer kills Jukka Lahti and there is no one else in the house. You can actually apply for such a clear murder in our country because there is an audio recording of the incident where Auer himself kills Jukka Lahti.


At this point, the case could actually be dismissed and the murderer convicted, but this does not seem to be heard in our country's courts, which are polluted by Sevon and Halonen, without any whimsy.



  • There are no glass chips in Anneli Auer's T-shirt

  • There are no brown fibers in Anneli Auer's T-shirt

  • Anneli Auer has not visited or touched her husband through the washroom as she claimed

  • The blood of the victim on Anneli Auer's T-shirt

  • When the first police patrol arrived, Auer's hands were clean, even though the telephone receiver was bloody

This also proves what Auer had managed to do during the call before the police patrol arrived.


This is a mistake and proof that no matter how creative a person is when it comes to the fear of being caught, even Auer can't panic, knowing that soon the home will call the police to cover up all his actions, of which this washing of hands is one example.

There were no marks on the side and back boundaries of the plot

It would be really strange if there was an outsider in the house and the police didn't find any traces of them.

The time required by the event flow


The evidence against Auer

Method of doing

If we look at the case from the point of view, which is very common in Finland, i.e. Killings that started from marital disputes, the best examples of which have been given by Paula and Jarmo Björkvist, which Auerink's case reminds us too clearly, however, with the difference that he has done everything to survive this killing.


This habit also coincides very well with one of the Bodomjärvi deaths, where the police did not know how to suspect at all the one and only person who survived.


The woman who poisoned her husband with methanol. Behind these deaths are very normal motives for a person, i.e. relationship problems and their growth to a scale where the other is killed.


Blood outside the house

If the victim's blood is found outside the house, of course the question arises as to where the victim was actually killed and why an outsider would want to break into Auer's home after killing Juka...obviously outside if this is true.


The truth is even simpler, i.e. Auer himself killed Jukka S. Lahti in a fit of rage and, confused by this, tried to stage this as being done by an outsider


Auer's words "_uole" "ie"

A 99% clear case that just won't go through in Leif Sevon's polluted courts. If you look at the situation in Finland, in the rule of law we are always moving further in the dictatorship of the authorities, which means re-examining the Auer case when our country's courts have first been cleansed of corruption.


I am sure that if we ever return to a rule of law, Auer will be tried again just like the Bodomjärvi murder and this time the sentence will be at least for murder.



The trial, which was a complete fiasco, does not surprise me at all after studying previous cases in Finland. This activity in the courts of our country does not surprise me at all after the death of Eveliina Lappalainen and how Leif Sevon together with Tarja Halonen has turned the courts of our country into a completely unpredictable state and whose judgments, no matter how unjust they may be, cannot be questioned by any living person at all or in any form .


Although Anneli Auer is a clear perpetrator in light of the evidence collected by the police, this will not go through in the court of appeals anyway, and when I started researching the president of the court of appeals, it is someone chosen by Tarja Halonen, just like Leif Sevon.



The Court of Appeal's explanations for not sentencing the murderer

The technical criminal investigation was limited only to the fireplace room, the terrace and the parts of the living room near the fireplace room.


Well, what the hell needs to be done to convict criminals in Finland? Should the neighbor's house have been investigated? This supposed and imaginary murderer probably didn't take a shower and sleep next to Auer's children and other crap where the corrupt judges of our country now want to scroll the reasons for releasing the murderer against all justice.


I don't see that the police have directly neglected their actions in this regard, because it is still a human error, which could have been prevented only by immediately questioning Auer's claims about the unknown murderer.


However, this should not be an excuse for the appellate court to overturn such a clear case, which was the case in Auer's case. The police did their moderate work for justice, as a result of which the murderer was finally caught and there was enough evidence for verdicts, which the court of appeals in all its dictatorial nature did not want to see and overturned the moderate work of the police.


Where did the brown mottled synthetic fibers found at the scene of the murder come from?


The house where the Murder took place was inhabited by 4 children whose boyfriends probably often visited them in the village. These fibers are not a central and decisive part of Solving the murder, but they seem to have played a central role, which the court of appeals uses as an explanation to acquit the murderer of the charges.


The crime scene was not properly isolated

It is true that the house should have been investigated more closely, but the police acted and proceeded with their full trust and faith with the message of the innocent wife of the supposed victim. Jukka S. Lahti's blood would certainly have been found in the sewer pipes during the act, but not necessarily after 2 years of living there.


If we look at the activities of the Finnish blue stupid group, I myself wonder how they don't know how to prepare for the lies coming from the supposed victim, even in such an obvious case, of which there are already numerous examples in Finland, how such killings are almost always actions stemming from internal family disputes.


Although the police collected themselves regarding this case and built a clear description based on which the murderer survived, at least for me, this case fell to the arrogant and dictator-like behavior of our country's judicial system, where it unilaterally listens to whomever it wants and completely arbitrarily believes whatever it wants and which leads to the end result which is the best for the state a solution even if it did not represent justice at all, just like what happened with Auer.


The reconstructions did not correspond to the circumstances at the time of death

It is absolutely impossible how the Court of Appeal is looking for the most incredible excuses to let Auer go free without convictions.


The foreign DNA turned out to be the researcher's DNA

Stupid group at work. I don't know if the police have already put their gloves on the counter with this when they have already stated so many times that there is no way to prevent the dictator-like behavior of the Finnish courts and that all the work that the police does, however moderately, will be overturned by the higher courts, which are so badly corrupt after Leif Sevon that they let the murderers go free rather than listen to the police's impartial criminal investigation.


Halonen's pets Varila and Koskelo's show

It was no surprise to me when I found out who the chosen persons were as presidents of the Vaasa Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court when the Anneli Auer case was in court.


The circus of the Vaasa Court of Appeal was run by Olli Varila and Pauliine Koskelo of the Supreme Court, both lapdogs chosen by Tarja Halonen when you look at the verdicts.


Even though Varila was not the judge in the Court of Appeal, it is clear as day that Varila has influenced the verdicts due to Tarja Halonen's desire, which in connection is already almost assumed after Eveliina Lappalainen's death and how Leif Sevon showed the antics of a real dictator by refuting all claims and resistance in the media about corruption and a wrong verdict, which would cause chills. even up to North Korea.


This show that was played in the courts of our country was no longer a continuation of the beautiful and the brave, but the father, mother and cousins ​​of all of them in the same package.


It is as clear as day that Finland has no longer been a rule of law after the murder of Eveliina Lappalainen, because the courts of our country are not capable of giving fair decisions, but rather it overturns the police's completely clear evidence of the murder and draws conclusions that come completely out of the box, contrary to all fairness and logic.


Courts that operate in Finland like Casino's clowns and they don't give a damn about what's coming from them, just like in Auer's case, which meant the annulment of a clear murder and the verdicts came for completely stupid sexual crimes that may very well be completely unfounded when you look at what happened in the case of the murder of Jukka S. Lahti .


The courts, whose purpose in terms of the right verdict should end up with almost the same results, is a complete lottery game as to what the court of appeals and the supreme court will be as verdicts because they are completely corrupt in the direction of the state's elite, which is of course a great advantage if one of your own friends gets into these.

Auer oikeudenkäynti_2.jpg

Court of Appeal of Vaasa 19 February 2015:

Hagar Nordstrom

Robert Liljenfeldt

Petteri Korhonen




"A week before the end of the deadline for the prosecution, prosecutor Jouko Saario from the Western Finland Prosecutor's Office announced that he was withdrawing from the case. Saario said at the time that the decision to withdraw was influenced by the uproar in the media about his possible obstruction in the Auer case."


If you look at what kind of nonsense Auer's sexual crime charges are, I'm pretty sure that Jouko Saario's morals simply didn't allow him to accuse Auer of completely baseless charges.


But what really interests me is how fragile Heli Haapalehdo is when it comes to morals when he has become the prosecutor in this case.


It is entirely up to me to guess whether they are trying to use only the credibility of the girl from "Bodom" so that Auer's murder can be credibly turned into something else, such as sexual crimes in this case. Of course, in terms of corruption, this would be like Patria's Uganda gig, which means the conviction of numerous innocent people in Finland.


"What is significant about the Court of Appeal's judgment is that it was unanimous in its decision, unlike the District Court of Varsinais-Suomen, which had to vote on the judgment."

Does anyone else still want to go to the Finnish courts?

This has just been a real turning point, with the taxi driver accused of sexual crimes against children, which seems to be as long as the business plan of a motorcycle club.



Charges of sexual crimes

When the list is this long, it doesn't go through even for me, even if it's a woman who murdered her husband. This is like Trump's manhunt in America where the charges are the most incredible fabricated claims that have happened since the murder. I don't think that Auer would have changed so much even after the murder, but I will come back later to Auer's car chase, which makes no sense and why it was done.


The list of charges

The gruesome indictment was only published on February 15, 2012, the deadline for filing the indictment:

According to the subpoena, Auri was asked to be punished for these acts:

- 3 charges, aggravated sexual abuse of a child

- 3 charges, forcing a sexual act

- aggravated rape

- 3 charges, aggravated assault

- 2 charges, assault

- illegal threat

- animal protection crime



More than 50 witnesses

These witnesses are psychology experts who have interviewed children at Turku University Hospital. This area in Finnish nursing has been at the center of my own studies when I have studied medical brain examinations performed on patients in mental hospitals under the guise of medically non-existent diseases, in order to avoid the law when illegal medical examinations are carried out on people in the name of the researchers' own academic careers.


This action from psychiatry is completely based on a mutu feeling, which is interpreted by interpreting the patient's behavior, which leaves a big error in terms of interpretation, especially if it is a problem citizen convicted of murder.


With reference to the previous ones and what is practiced in the name of psychiatry under the leadership of the professors of the University of Turku, these more than 50 witnesses cannot be trusted at all because their ability to lead and manipulate minor children is extremely great and they practically get what they want out of these balls.



Conviction for sexual crimes

"Auer was sentenced for, among other things, two counts of aggravated rape and three counts of aggravated child abuse."


"Accomplice, Auer's ex-boyfriend Jens Rurik Kukka, was sentenced to ten years in prison for similar crimes."


I don't directly mind Auer's sexual crime convictions for the sake of justice, because she murdered her husband and received about 550,000 euros from the state office, but was Jens Kukka really guilty of these convictions because it seems very much like a completely innocent person was put in the castle for sexual crimes and this would not even have been said unfounded in any way when you look at how the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court reject the police's almost open-ended criminal investigations, which means that some criminals are sentenced for completely wrong reasons. It is a long way from here that in Finland innocent people are sentenced to prison with completely unfounded expert opinions, which I am afraid happened in Kuka's case, because there is no trust in the fairness of court decisions in Finland.


But no conviction for murder

Auer's and Kuka's sexual crimes in connection with the murder of Jukka S. Lahti appear to be mostly staged, and what can the Finnish power elite do at best when the higher courts are at their command, a good example of which is the case of Jyrki Järvilehto.


This is an extremely scary activity if in Finland they start convicting innocent people for crimes they did not commit but who are falsified with expert opinions such as those given by the psychiatrists of the friend club of the University of Turku and even in the Court of Appeal of Turku. I'm pretty sure that the judgments of the Court of Appeal in Turku should all be overturned because the Finnish judiciary is simply no longer capable of impartial or fair sentencing, where clear evidence made by the police is invalidated in the face of expert opinions, which are based only on opinions.


The authorities' motives for Auer's sexual crimes

The project launched by Leif Sevoni, Tarja Halonen and Johannes Koskinen, with which our country's courts are completely put to the use of those in power, through which dictator-like judgments can be handed down without being blamed for the perfect facades created and built for our decision-makers in the media, which is an achievement worthy of a hat-off from YLE's propaganda machine.


The use of this dictatorship in our country is based on the complete unpredictability of judgments, which makes it possible for judgments handed down in complete violation of the rule of law and the rule of law to pass randomly, of which Auer's case is the most egregious in Finland so far.


The randomness and unpredictability is indeed dizzying in Auer's case and what state Sevon got our judiciary in with the judicial murder of Eveliina Lappalainen.


The motive is to convict innocent people accused of sexual crimes in the future

In my eyes, Auer has not committed any of these accused crimes even though she murdered her husband. These judgments create a path to a nominal rule of law where innocent people can then be sentenced for sexual crimes if that is the only way to do it, where the statements of psychiatrists and psychologists from the University of Turku are used in court, which would seem to go by throwing through the corrupt courts of our country, which rejects even a moderate criminal investigation by the police with completely unfounded and arbitrary pretexts, which seems to be the action very popular in Uganda, where Patrian sent Tuomas Teräsvuori to sell expensive military equipment to poor tribal chiefs.


The motive transfers power to expert opinions in psychiatry

In Auer's sexual crime case, the number of experts, which was more than 50, was incredible in its massiveness. This kind of activity is already almost unbelievable, which also partly reveals the imaginary nature of sexual crimes, which is tried to be pushed by a large army of psychologists so that it would go through in court. It's really sad to see how something like this goes through the courts!!! FUCK !!! with expert opinions that completely lack all realities and concreteness, but then they reject very clear criminal investigations and statements made by the police based on clear evidence from the crime scene, such as Jukka S. Lahti's blood outside the building. These criminal investigations and statements made by the police have been very reliable up until the case of Jouni Kauppila, when the police gave in to corruption and started giving biased statements, which seems to be the custom of the country.


This action is the result when the reliability of the police and the moderation of criminal investigations have wiped the ass in the courts, which has weakened its morality and justice to a large extent, because why play in the name of justice because our country has been turned in its corruption to the level of Uganda, which means wrongly convicted persons in the courts.


This action, which transferred power and credibility to the expert opinions of psychiatry, is an absolute prerequisite in modern Finland, when psychiatry buys its own human rats from roaming our streets through the courts with their own biased expert opinions, where there is great value in growing the careers of our own academic researchers at the expense of the freedom and health of these human rats.


The motive is to make the courts completely unpredictable in terms of sentencing

If this succeeds, it is easy for the people to take the path of justice with their own hands, which in Finland does not mean street patrols beating up individual criminals, but street patrols that look for and stage our country's problem citizens in mental hospitals in the name of mental health problems, because this would seem to be a clear path in our rule of law, which goes through in court with psychiatric expert opinions if the accused even has something recorded in the psychiatric from clinics to their own credibility, where they are lured to go with the positive advertising of YLE's propaganda machine, and what they are lobbied with the help of numerous state-funded organizations such as Mieli ry.


However, state funding is not necessarily the only one, because in our country there is a lift Herlin, who has a big voice in the media and who in the news is announcing access to treatment for problem youth with a doomsday voice.


In the name of these mental health problems, any innocent citizen can be sentenced to a mental hospital in the name of impunity when he has been made to commit a "crime" in our society and for which nothing more is needed than self-destruction in connection with a traffic accident, which means a place in a mental hospital with forced treatment.


The motive is to make the courts dictatorial

If you look at the court's decisions to expert opinions, the dictator-like approach is already 100% when it rejects evidence from the police's criminal investigation, which, however, is based very much on the concrete and physical traces from the crime scene and accepts psychologists' statements told by the mouths of minor children. Psychologists of the same university who play a big role when the modern-day witch hunt has been successfully launched in our country, in the name of which our problem citizens can be gathered from the lobbies of the coil to mental hospitals with biased statements as human rats "psychosis" for use by the researchers of Hietala's team.


This action by the courts is an abuse of power in the context of crimes, which should be addressed immediately and the persons who have thus misused their power in the courts should be condemned.



In the cases I have studied, there are clear features of how the words of highly educated professors bless these injustices in the Finnish media. What makes me wonder the most is how this action does not cause an opening in any professional in our society in terms of consistent lines, where the best example is given by medical professionals regarding the murder of Jimi Karttunen, which was carried out at HUS and which was covered up as a post-trauma metabolic reaction and blessed with lawyer-like bad treatment where the blame was shifted to the patient because he was a "drug abuser" which are all medicine's own creations.


Do state decision-makers have such a large influence on our society that no law representative simply dares to open up in front of these cases for fear of losing their job, which is funded by taxpayers' money, which is strictly subject to regulation by our country's decision-makers, which is used to finance and support the trials of YLE's propaganda machine's own child, Jessikka Aro, and others who work for the state .


This activity is removed from the possibilities of ordinary citizens to be heard in court when the authorities have targeted them with unfair actions in their own positions, the best example of which is the death of Jimi Karttusen at HUS and the injustices directed at Jouni Kauppila.


Matti Tolvanen

Matti Tolvanen, who is a bought professor, literally when he is defending the release of Auer, who was nevertheless convicted in the district court. If Tolvanen represented justice, he would defend the district court's decision in the name of justice, because the criminal investigation by the Finnish police and the evidence all support the showdown that grew out of a family dispute where "weapons" were simply dug up, which has been very normal human behavior throughout the ages and which Keravan Auervaara is trying to shift to the side of mental illness.


Tolvanen, who brought up the Järvilehto case in the link, in fact gave me a new topic that fully supports the fact that in Finland the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court are so close to the power elite that it can influence verdicts and, if necessary, reject them against the completely open-ended criminal investigations conducted by the police with the strangest questionings that are not there is no basis or any proof.


This action by our judiciary is a clear sign of its inaction, which backfires on the common citizen. In Auer's case, he received huge compensations and a conviction for sexual crimes instead of murder, so this trickery by the power elite with the people's deception turned everything on Auer's side financially, but which will be taken up again sometime when Finland is returned to the rule of law.


Terttu Utriainen uni.lapland and Dan Frände uni.hel

"Two experienced legal scholars praise the nearly four-page public statement in which the Court of Appeal of Turku sheds light on the reasons for the prison sentences of Anneli Auer and Jens Kuka."


If I could say something to this brain fart of Utriainen and Frände

 so my report on Auer is already 20 pages long, so how could the ALMOST 4-page statement of the court of appeals in Turku be worth praising? Is this statement also a condition for these professors to keep their jobs?



Leif Sevon's dirty work, which can be seen in Auer's case

It is obvious that Halonen's chosen Leif Sevon has succeeded in what Halonen wanted from him, i.e. to take over our courts for the use of those in power, which is carried out by reputable, highly educated and high-ranking persons who are on the tight leash of the decision-makers, whose reward is the popularity of the decision-makers


This action, of course, has crushed our rule of law completely, even though the police's actions here were moderate, although with their experience in similar cases, they should have been able to perform better. However, the end result was that the murderer was found and the material collected by the police is indisputable, although our courts do not want to see this, they act against all justice and the word of the police, who have done and collected reliable evidence for a murder verdict, albeit late


Based on this, we can say that our judiciary and our courts do not represent justice or the rule of law, but an official dictatorship where the authorities and people in high positions do the dirty work that our decision-makers want in the courts. In this case, high-ranking judges pass sentences as they please and let murderers go free on high bail.


Psychiatry that takes advantage of the people's anger caused by injustice

I can't help but see the current state of Finnish medical care as a temporal continuum, the main purpose of which has been to turn our court into a completely unpredictable place in the eyes of the people when it comes to judgments, which are nevertheless very clear.


This unpredictability that appears in the eyes of the people is corruption in the courts started by Leif Sevon, which in reality is the end result desired by the decision makers of our country, which is precisely the purpose of tarnishing our courts as an unfair place in the eyes of the people and causing anger in the people with the unjust decisions of this institution, which the people have no way of influencing, whether it be no matter how unfair the decision.


With this, an immense amount of anger is driven into the people and with unjust decisions it is driven towards self-righteousness, which of course serves the needs of today's psychiatry very well when it gets "free" patients bought from these corrupt institutions where they have been driven in part by the people and I say this because there are clear signals from our society that there is a "mob" operating in our country that is able to jointly drive these problem citizens to psychiatric clinics to be blackmailed, after which they can be transferred to our country's mental hospitals without charge when they commit even a small crime, such as crashing into a stupid group's "village rally car".


These painted persons are not really blameless, which is always someone else's opinion on whether he understood what he did at the level of a lawyer. In these situations, the incomprehension of these persons in front of the vocabulary created by our judiciary itself is really being exploited, which is possible when Finland, as a rule of law, does not offer an impartial legal assistant who would really like to defend these problem citizens. However, this would not even be enough in today's courts, as exemplified by the Helsinki mass murder planning duo, who had the only active defender who had investigated the cases, whose actions were unable to save another person who was taken from our society as a human rat for the mindless business of Turku.


The condition of these staged "bratzies" is caused by the psychiatrist himself, who has the competence to drive his clients into such desperate situations in our bureaucratic society when they are isolated outside the community, where there is practically no chance to survive if the authority so wishes and which is also exploited in the courts bought by the decision-makers.


The court's decisions are accepted with the anger of the people

These judgments, i.e. the absence of blame, are accepted by the people's ignorance and anger, which originates from all the atrocities that these problem citizens have drifted into in our society when the authorities have targeted them with extremely unfair actions.


Those who fall into this official activity have very limited and poor chances to survive in our society, which of course is bad from their point of view, because a problem citizen as a human rat is only so valuable to psychiatry and "psychosis" to Hietala's team.




The stupid group got the case from Auer for their endless well paycheck


"It's still going on. Probably casually, but the crime has not been completely forgotten. It comes to the desk of the director of police investigations several times a year."


When I have studied the activities of the blue stupid group, which in all its laziness these days is donuts and village rallies, this incident has also apparently been taken as an excuse to record lazy hours for this incident, which comes to the desk several times a year even.


I can now reveal to the Finnish stupid group if that professional expertise has really gone so low that you will not find this imaginary murderer, which was all an emergency lie from Auer to save himself from a self-inflicted situation at the cost of his own freedom and which was blessed by the Court of Appeal's overturning of the murder charges.


The murderer, if that's what you're looking for, is clear if you've read this far.


Tips for the police


"The police are still receiving tips about the case. Last summer, the police received a tip containing extensive information, which did not, however, bring new clarity to the crime."


"At the end of the day, we could mention a tip in which a person was named as the perpetrator of the murder. According to the tipper, the motive was that the person in question had killed Jukka S. Lahti as revenge for a murder that happened thousands of years ago in a previous life, Salonsaari says."


What surprises me the most are the tips that come to the police and who sends them, because if you look at how the police whine about the allocations almost obsessively, it is not excluded that this school, with all its illegalities and corruptions, has itself been guilty of sending baseless tips to employ its other official brothers, as private individuals of course.


This is completely assumed collegiality already based on the fact that when you look at how it was with Jimi Karttunen in the hospital when he was murdered from spending taxpayers' money gratuitously by disrupting the post-traumatic metabolic reaction. Even though this was reported in the media about Karttunen's unexplained death a week later, this didn't cause any kind of awakening or opening among medical professors, doctors or researchers and this activity is much dirtier than what Jari Aarnio was involved in and I suspect the police at the moment.


The possible dirty action of the police at the moment does not directly hurt anyone, but it takes the taxpayers' money with a baseless self-inflicted lie and by feeding it itself with the help of anonymous sources.



An external report on the use of police funds commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Finance

You can imagine what I think about this "external" report, which was commissioned by professors of state-owned universities who have lived all their lives on the money of the state elite, it is almost a basic assumption that they say what the state elite wants if they don't want problems, as happened to Jimi Karttus At HUS, I had to rely on state medical care as a problem citizen and as a person who spends tax money gratuitously.


If we look at this report, is this the reason why the police themselves have to invent and create activities as a basis for allocations, and where do I suspect that the search for Auer's imaginary murderer is.


Part of the reason that the police are investigating whether a crime has taken place while our prime minister is eating breakfast with taxpayers' money is one that brings a task to the police, just like Wille Rydman's investigations of harassment cases before the air, which, carried out by anonymous women, rhyme so well with the police's unknown "tippers" in relation to the Auer case


If you look at the operation of the police, which is completely dependent on the tin policemen, a large part of these "village rally" groups should be swept back to the card because their activities clearly show how they have started giving biased statements to criminal investigations (Jouni Kauppila) and leading our problem citizens to commit crimes (uni.hel mass murder). which lead some of the group to a mental hospital where the statutory basic income support, housing benefits and pensions of these citizens are stolen back to the state, which, however, I believe is more the desired action of our state decision-makers than the police's own stupid soloing.




Auer-juttuun valittiin uusi syyttäjä: tuttu Bodom-oikeudenkäynnistä


Tällainen on Jens Kukka


Auerin ex-miesystävä valittaa tuomiostaan


Turun hovioikeudelle kiitosta avoimuudesta Auer-jutussa 



Hovioikeus kovensi Auerin seksirikostuomiota


Paljastavatko nämä kuvat totuuden Ulvilan surmasta?


"_uole" - Tässä on Ulvilan surman 112-nauha sanasta sanaan


Anneli Auer on syyllinen - nämä 9 asiaa ratkaisivat 


Auerin syytteen hylännyt tuomari: "Teolle ei ole motiivia"



Anneli Auerin seksuaalirikokset



Tässä ovat syyttäjien uudet kuvatodisteet


Auer lavasti ulkopuolisen henkilön. Jukka S. Lahden verta ulkopuolella taloa murtautumishetkellä


Ainoana Anneli Aueria syylliseksi äänestänyt hovioikeudenneuvos: Nämä seikat tukevat syyllisyyttä



Professori: Kaksi suurta syytä, miksi Auer vapautui



Anneli Auerin seksuaalirikostuomio pysyy KKO:n päätöksellä voimassa.



Joku murhasi Jukka S. Lahden kotonaan Ulvilassa 15 vuotta sitten


Tässä uutisoinnissa Jukka Lahden murhaa vedätetään tahallisesti pois Auerista.

Tutkinnanjohtajana vuodesta 2010 lähtien toiminut Erik Salonsaari kertoo kuinka tapaus tulee hänen pyödälleen useita kertoja vuodessa.

Auerin syytteen hylännyt tuomari: "Teolle ei ole motiivia"

7 suurta virhettä – näissä asioissa Ulvilan murha­tutkinta meni pahasti pieleen

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