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In the era of Henriksson and Toiviainen, the Finnish rule of law has been honed to the extremes from the point of view of corruption, injustice and partiality, which means, simplified, that the courts of our country have practically been turned into a stage for the exercise of power for the citizens, where they are seeking judgments for ridiculous sayings from about 20 years ago, which by reporting to the people already brings the manipulation of citizens and misdirection closer to justice. in the name of which the effect is a strong fear that you will be dealt with by our country's dictatorial judiciary and prosecutor's office for sayings that don't even have concrete grounds.


The state in which the criminal investigation of the Finnish police and the activities of the prosecutor's office have been conducted, based on the news, is already almost 100% close to a dictatorship, and indeed it is for our problem citizens, who can already be staged in our medical care for medically non-existent diseases, where we can feed harsh chemical compounds, i.e. modern-day conversion drugs, into the depression of an autumn day, which inevitably leads to an act that shocks the community, which only feeds the people's hatred towards these problem citizens caught in the clutches of the authorities.



The only positive aspect of Toiviainen's work to turn the courts of our rule of law into injustice is that she has dug up Räsänen's approximately 16-year-old writings from different eras to be processed in today's courts, says this about the woman's determination to burden the already overcrowded prosecutor's office. The good thing about this is that it has at least been proven that when Finland turns away from the Middle Ages and back to the rule of law, all the cases that were dismissed as unfounded will be re-examined and those psychiatrists and doctors who have been defaming their clients with medically non-existent mental illnesses will get the right ones judgments for these actions and I hope to see the following names among them, Ekelund, salokangas, Hietala, Karlsson, Lauerma, Korkeila + Juriloo, whom we generally get thanks for these actions in our country.


Päivi Räsänen's charges


From Räsänen's writings and reported incidents, you get the impression that he is telling his own opinion and view as a private person about the general issue of homosexuality. Just as he could bring up racism and even if he took such a strong line that dark-skinned people cannot be tolerated, it would still be Räsänen's own opinion, which would only drive him into the ranks of the supporters of the already defunct Finnish resistance movement.


In practice, in a society as open as Finland is at the moment, there is no way to talk about Räsänen inciting a group of people, but this judgment is 100% proof of the bias of the courts of our rule of law and how it works when Toiviainen goes to court with such a case. Fortunately, this was not an ordinary citizen being accused, because who in Finland would intervene in Toiviainen's activities and accuse a citizen of saying something out of the blue.


Public revelations like this can only question Räsänen's eligibility for his position, i.e. as a member of parliament, because do we really want people in the decision-making bodies of our community who carry ideas that will wipe out a part of the population with the help of medicine, but before this, their social contribution will be taken by force with the help of this medical experiments.


Ekelund, Salokangas, Hietala, Korkeila, Karlsson, Lauerma + Juriloo fully represent this idea when they repeat the medical atrocities inspired by Nazi Mengele as a result of the legally binding decisions made in the courts of our nominal state of law, as a result of the non-support of blame as statements made by their ideological descendants, which in practice mean forced treatment for a medically non-existent disease which is then used useful when human experiments are performed on these convicts for whatever research you want to do in the field of medicine in Finland.


From Räsänen's writings, it can already be stated that it has not even led to any demonstrable actions among the people regarding homosexuals, so even in this regard, Räsänen's judgments are completely unfounded, the purpose of which I highly doubt is only:

  1. lburdens the prosecutor's office unnecessarily

  2. lIt impresses the citizens that writings like this can actually be prosecuted and even get a verdict in our country's corrupt and biased court.


A dictatorship that is built on the fear created by unjust verdicts

Of course, this suppresses a certain kind of hate speech on the internet, but it also sends signals to our rule of law that one's own opinions and writings are not allowed to be expressed or written in public. These kinds of infinitely unfair declarations by court decisions and blatant news about them already stifle freedom of speech because of and with the help of the fear created by these judgments. This case is apt to witness the crumbling of our rule of law and transition to dictatorship, which is made possible by the fears created by unjust verdicts and the resulting culture of silence.



The murder of Jimi Karttunen

Toivianen who digs up old writings that Räsänen has written in practice, even in a different era when messages were treated very differently. Karttunen was the target of his girlfriend's murder, which was treated with the help of a metabolic reaction caused by the trauma. This action was made possible by the extreme indifference of the nursing staff and the simple attitude of ignoring the patient's history. The case also shows extreme discrimination against the problem citizen when he was left completely abandoned in the hospital and he wasn't even sure if he should leave or stay in the hospital.

Toivianen, who does not intervene in medical care activities where, from the state's point of view, problem citizens can be murdered to avoid spending tax money when patients' rights are not respected, and yes, there are no laws per se when it comes to murder when you look at how planned the elimination of Karttusen was.


Black paintings of patients done on the side of mental health problems

A medical care that has built a very vaguely interpretable spectrum of mental health problems that it has released to the public, just like the medieval church did with the witch hunt. These patients seeking help from psychiatry are staged as having mental health problems, which leaves an extremely large stigma on the patients, which makes their lives significantly more difficult in our society, when these exemplary patients can be provoked with a course of medication into unpredictable actions towards our society.


Lack of accountability that ignores the police's criminal investigation completely

In the unclear cases in Finland that I have researched, in the context of these cases, I have found clear indications of how our entire legal system has been honed to work with this "back door" in relation to problem citizens who have been staged really unfavorably.


The Finnish police, who in all their unprofessionalism have gone to give a statement about the Ylivieska church arsonist, is that the reason was his own problems and that there was no motive for the act. When I have investigated the cases on my own, the background of this also reveals more systematic actions by the authorities, by which these problem citizens of our country are driven, with the cooperation of the authorities, into such an unbearable situation where they get into extremely desperate situations.


Cooperation between authorities in these situations clearly means cooperation between medical psychiatry and the police, but the cases may also include broader cooperation between authorities, not all of which can be interpreted as news coverage. A good example of cooperation between the police and psychiatry is the drugging by psychiatry of the team responsible for the planning of the mass murder at the University of Helsinki, who were eventually drawn into the absurd plan with the help of the police's undercover operation



The courts of our country are no longer a concern of a normal citizen, they only go there to hear judgments, the background of which is the cooperation of the authorities with the police and psychiatry. When going here, the citizen has nothing more to do when they have been provoked into actions by the authorities' unjust actions and instructions, and most of which are still drugged by psychiatry with drugs that lower brain functions, so that surely the inhibitions will not stay on when people in their rage attack the society.

Jouni Kauppila's treatment in court

Kauppila, who was smeared by Ylivieska's unit and medicated by them with drugs that reduce brain function, will get to the courts of our country in black and white how he is no longer capable of making decisions about himself.


If I'm defending this case a bit now, if in our country any person is isolated on Kela's subsistence allowance and given 3 years of modern conversion drugs that lower brain functions and chemical compounds for imaginary diseases that don't even exist medically, then what should be said about this other than OFFICIAL CORRUPTION AND WITCHCRAFT.


These cases are deliberately allowed to escalate as far as church burnings, and in court only judgments are read or a person is sent to the human rat farm of the University of Turku to be examined by the PRONIA and METSY teams with staged and imaginary diseases


This action by the courts of our country only proves how biased they are, and how official corruption, which includes the use of bureaucracy on the part of the coil and the employment office, can push isolated persons who are not in working life into a completely unsustainable situation, and no other single person would survive this if it were against the corrupt authorities of our country .



The treatment of the planners of the Helsinki massacre in court

These people were not helped even by the representative who actively defended them, which is the only thing I have noticed after investigating these cases about 1/10 and it still didn't seem to lead to anything even though the boys planned this activity with the police....I wish there had been a police chief. This says more about how good the relationship between the police, psychiatry and our judiciary is when it comes to a problem citizen who wants to be staged out of the better part of society so that some would have a job and be entitled to taxpayers' money at the price of the health and freedom of these people.



The Finnish Bar Association has given North Korean-like awards for Toiviainen's imaginary legal acts, which are actually recognitions from our country's decision-makers when Toiviainen burdens the courts and guides the people's opinions about right and wrong in the courts.


When the Finnish bar association is guilty of rewarding dictator-like acts, isn't this pretty good evidence of the imaginary rule of law stamp created over our country, where our problem youth can be burned as medical "witches" with a medieval theme.

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