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Sauli Niinistö, who has systematically built a corrupt official apparatus in Finland by eroding our judiciary in the eyes of the people, so that it will give citizens nothing but unfair sentences, which serves the Turku University mental hospital business the best because it is the only way in our judiciary that pulls and whose expert opinions of experts, i.e. doctors of psychiatry, are believed in the courts and they are not overturned, unlike police criminal investigations even in clear cases, such as in Anneli Auer's case, the court overturned the police's completely open-ended criminal investigation statement about the murder and believed psychiatric expert statements which were opinionated interpretations heard from the mouths of 9-year-old children. This action spared Auer from a clear charge of murder, but he was convicted of sexual abuse of his own children, which I don't believe is even 1% likely.


Although I am not directly interested in Auer's sentence regarding Auer because he did kill his spouse, I am more interested in people who are wrongly convicted and innocent in prison. In Auer's case, a person named Jens Kukka was also convicted of sexual crimes against children, and who may have been convicted completely innocent in connection with Auer, when you look at how Auer's case turned completely upside down in terms of convictions.



Finland, which has always had good relations with Russia, has also aroused my interest in Russia's actions because Niinistö and Halonen have been the greatest poison to the lives of problem citizens of Finland, which means their systematic and systematic killing with the help of the leaders of state-owned institutions. Niinistö, who has begun to thin out his ranks even within his own party, from "undesirable" persons such as Tuomas Teräsvuore, who was sent to Uganda with Suvi Linden on inconsistent orders from the arms manufacturer Patria, where he was murdered and to ensure which Linden was on this trip.

Niinistö Putin_3.jpg

Halonen, who has started the destruction of our judicial system by choosing "his favorite" Leif Sevon, whose arbitrary declarations towards his "employer", i.e. the leadership of the Finnish state, has surely resonated as far as North Korea, where Raija "no mercy" Toiviainen is surely already spending his retirement days, has also warmed his relationship with Putin.


I guess the Minister of Justice cannot seriously believe that his speech would lead to any results. Perhaps his considerations have only been guided by political expediency, says Sevón.


In Niinistö's era, it has been more difficult to maintain warm relationships and it has had to be done secretly in the closet, unlike Pekka Haaviston, for whom same-sex love is a normal interaction with shaking hands.


There is a big question mark as to what kind of illegality this couple secretly commits at the level of the state leadership, after enjoying the fragility between men secretly from their wives, unlike Pekka Haavisto, who nevertheless has the backbone to "come out of the closet" with a smile on his face.



Based on the news in the Niinistö era, if you don't count the school deaths (2007 and 2008), medical care, especially psychiatry, has been driven to such a dominant position that it can and above all must drive the brain function of our problem citizens with chemical compounds similar to rat poison to such a low level that it is easy to provoke them to shock the community to the act.


The medical court, which consists of psychiatric experts whose word is believed like the declarations of the medieval church, has got its foot in the door of the real court of our country at a time when it might have worked for the benefit of the patients. In this millennium, the medical court has focused its medical expertise on tarnishing the reputation of selected patients with mental health problems and together with drugs like LSD and provocation, it makes its patients commit acts that shock our community on the spur of the moment (ESA SAARISEN STABBING +many others) that go 100% to the patients, unlike LTTI's competitors, drug brokers who sell "medicines" from the olden days, developed by LTTI researchers, that have passed their expiration date. Drug brokers are partly to blame for the actions of their customers to such a large extent that our police like to chase these brokers rather than their customers, which is a completely opposite phenomenon compared to the LTTI, whose activities the police in our country are almost supporting by luring their drugged up desperate customers to the wrong side of the law "undercover" . Black-faced patients are routinely picked up from our country's courts with practiced gestures, waving the innocence card past passive legal assistants who are completely incapable of defending the accused against the mental illnesses born of the extreme corruption of the University of Turku, to prove which it can sacrifice a library's worth of empirical research results intended to manipulate society's opinions on various organic psychosomatic diagnoses invented to keep people healthy. people in mental hospitals instead of prison. With these mental muscles, which have been pumped full of imaginary diagnoses, they carry their burn-marked patients inside their own walls to eat the old medicines left by the pensioners, which the morals of the corrupt Suomineido did not yet allow to force-feed to the elderly who defended and built our country.




Medical care that has taken two lines with regard to problem citizens as a right of its own:

  1. lEither they choose the easiest and least profitable option, i.e. murdering a problem citizen, which is organized by means of natural death, which is the complete impossibility of the Finnish police to find out.

  2. lThe most difficult of all, but the most profitable from the state's point of view, is staging a problem citizen in a mental hospital, where a social contribution is taken at the expense of his health through medical examinations



Human rat

Sanna Sillanpää, who is Finland's most famous human rat and a true example of the corruption of the Finnish police force and the stupidity of Kari Tolvanen to watch the x-files series when he is looking for a motive for Sillanpää's actions.


After Sillanpää, there have been surprisingly few of these people staged as human rats in the press columns, but during Niinistö's period, the number of cases brought to the press has been shockingly large, and I have not listed in the photo the cases that were taken to a mental hospital for no reason based on a car accident, which speaks quite well about the true state of our rule of law.

The lure of the human rat in the Niinistö period

These staged problem citizens are lured to psychiatric clinics with the help of YLE's propaganda machine, where a paradisiacal picture is painted of these places, where these problem citizens are listened to and helped, but the truth seems to differ significantly from the advertisements.


In the era of Turku University's growth, I think a very disturbing feature has occurred in the Finnish press, which would strongly suggest playing in the pocket of the Turku University's friend club, which unfortunately means staging our problem citizens with mental illnesses that are 100% medically non-existent and in which there is a really great danger, and in the Finnish situation it is likely that these young, uneducated and controllable the persons who have been provoked in some way and by creating certain kinds of experiences for them together with drug courses that decrease brain functions, whereby their reaction to stimuli has been caused to decrease.


During Niinistö's reign, it would seem that all restrictions on the manipulation of people's opinions have been removed from the media. This also means that the media is free to advertise and sell medical torture methods to the people as treatment, which is completely incomprehensible for a state that is, however, considered a rule of law. This action from the media clearly indicates that they fully accept the services that are created for this modern minority group, that is, from the point of view of the Finnish state, a problem for the citizens.


This activity in Finland that the press carries out is, in my opinion, the responsibility of two men, President Niinistö, which unfortunately I do not trust at all if you look at the university he graduated from and what is happening in Finland. The situation in Finland at the moment is as if the country is run by this friend club of the University of Turku, when you look at what is happening in the country regarding these imaginary and medically non-existent diseases among the people.


Another person who should intervene in this is Chancellor of Justice Tuomas Pöysti, who has also not responded to my numerous messages. This of course raises the question of the president's prerogatives when the country can be so visibly engaged in a modern-day witch hunt led by Turku University's aquarium club with illegal medical experiments that have received the protection of legal immunity now that the country's leading office has been promoted to its own breed.


Ylivieska's church burning during Niinistö's period

The mental health problem is now being talked about in the hope that it will cover the cases that have been falsely staged in mental hospitals by the actions of psychiatry. In the background of all the staged citizens, there are signs of cooperation between the police and psychiatry, which means biased criminal investigations conducted by the police, where they completely side with the psychiatrist, of which the best example is the case of the Ylivieska church arsonist, where the police did not want to see any motive for the act, which was the perpetrator's revenge for the authorities' unfair actions towards him.


The death of Imatra during the period of Niinistö

The murky cooperation patterns of psychiatry and the police can also be seen in the background of the perpetrator of Imatra's murder. These people are really being collected from our community with the help of cooperation with the authorities, where the police criminal investigation is definitely in focus because the mental hospital location in Finland definitely required an act without a motive, which the police simply do not want to find that the cases go to mental hospitals.


The death of Emilia Nieminen

This case does not belong to Niinistö's presidency, but I include it here because this case is simply so cruel, pitiful and shocking to what the Finnish authorities' use of bureaucracy leads to at its worst and what it is ready to do to the natural resources of medicine, i.e. human rats. This is the story of clinical psychiatry's relentless cruelty to its own people and how it uses bureaucracy to sidestep its responsibilities to and helping its patients.


Emilia Nieminen's killer had been pushed into such a desperate position in our bureaucratic society, where he desperately tried to rely on statutory services intended for citizens, but he could not get them. Medical care, which in this case only saw a human rat in its own medical facilities with an imaginary disease. It is really shocking to learn about these cases that shock the community and how the authorities deal with problem citizens.


Death in medical care

This area has proven to be an extremely safe place to carry out the murders of problem citizens and it is a big question mark how many problem citizens have been murdered in our country, of which I will put the case of Jimi Karttunen as an example.


The murder of Jimi Karttunen during Niinistö's tenure

Karttunen, who was murdered in a Finnish hospital during the era when I was a student at the University of Turku, does not surprise me. The University of Turku, where corruption is in the core of the bones, and where the research results of the professors of this department on human rats in our country are black and white, with the help of which they grow their own academic careers at the expense of the health of these rats.

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