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Karttusen's death in hospital

There is currently a situation in Finland where a clean-up operation of problem citizens is clearly underway, the best example of which is the murder of Jimi Karttunen at HUS when highly trained doctors and medical staff made sure that Karttunen died of a metabolic reaction after the trauma.


Laapotti's death in hospital

My childhood friend Jarno Laapotti has suffered a similar deliberately arranged death, who died of blood clots which, mirroring the case of Karttu, were deliberately arranged by medical care.


Death of a patient in Dextra

The death of the patient in dextra is of course extremely suspicious when you look at how intentional Karttusen's death was. During Sauli Niinistö's term, Finnish healthcare has been changed to fully support the sick activities of the University of Turku, which as a university is the same as where Sauli Niinistö graduated.


A viral infection caused to me

Henriikka Riepponen and Päivi Kokki caused me a viral infection in Nurmijärvi emergency room when Kokki did not use disinfectant even though I pointed this out to him. This is 100% proof that the unclear Deaths in our hospital care are intentionally caused and have no other purpose than to eliminate these citizens who are unprofitable from the point of view of the state of the coalition ideology of Sauli Niinistö.


Korkeila's positive view of wrongful death

The lack we are talking about is clearly what is happening in the country between the lines and Korkeila's advertising is nothing more than getting the people used to the idea that the death of a doctor can be commonplace and in the name of that, all problem citizens from the state's point of view will be purged from our country from spending the state elite's money.


These actions, just like Karttusen's death, are difficult to prove if the accused take the line of denial like Jari Aarnio and Aino Nykopp. However, these signs of the deliberate production of death can be clearly seen and it does not look at the person's background, like for example Henriikka Riepponen, who as a doctor is dating a priest. bodies to bury.



Although Korkeila tries to bring out in his article how stressful the legal process is, it is in reality nothing for these carefully selected people who, for example, medically terminated Karttusen, because this group enjoys full protection from our president Sauli Niinistö, who, together with Antti Herlin, has bought the prosecutor's office, which does nothing about these deaths. regarding.


In other words, the doors are completely open in Finnish medical care to carry out systematic and planned euthanasias that are hidden under infections and accidents, which are difficult to prove unequivocally, but which, however, are possible if only so desired.



Jyrki Korkeila, whose medical studies I am not familiar with, but which he carries out in the name of the University of Turku. This group of friends who work in Turku, which includes Hannu Lauerma, Hasse Karlsson, Raimo Salokangas, Jarmo Hietala + Jesper Ekelund, conduct medical examinations on the staged problem citizens of our country under the guise of mental illnesses, which act more like platforms on top of prisoners in whose name all illegal activities can be carried out with patients.


What falls under the acceptance of wrongful death

This kind of topic that Korkeila advertises as a professor whose university and its friend club investigates mental illnesses in our country's staged problem citizens, where in reality chemical reactions to the brain are studied and they are studied at the cellular level, such as glial cells, of course, leaves one to wonder what else is carried out in these institutions, which are as closed as North Korea.


Death in a prison mental hospital

Since the citizens of our country who have died in hospital care have piqued my interest due to the possibly intentionally caused deaths there under the guise of bacterial infections, of which I myself have personal experience from the emergency room in Nurmijärvi because of Henriikka Riepponen and Päivi Kok, it is only a question mark what is being done in mental asylums in our country and how the Deaths that have occurred there, if any, may have been deliberately organized. Since these human rats in mental hospitals are surely being exploited in the name of medicine, death and its process have not been left unexamined either. Of course, there is a big question mark in which ways this death has been studied as a process, and these are certainly also medically initiated processes.

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