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The same goals and similarities can be found in the background of the Robb Elementary school shooting as in the school shootings in Finland


Psychiatry  in finland

Just like in the Finnish school massacres in Jokela 2007 and Kauhajoki 2008, these actions of Finland were completely attributed to the credibility of the existence of non-existent diseases in medicine and the social and international "enemy" without motives. Robb Elemntary and the Finnish school murders that create as much credibility as the inexplicable Killings on Albertinkatu by the Finnish Sanna Sillanpää in 1999.


It is quite clear that there is no one in Finland like Sillanpää who can question the existence of these medically non-existent diseases, or in America after John Nash, who has given these imaginary diseases a face and sold his soul at the same time to the ghost of medicine and university-level research, which in its illegality is comparable to the feats of Nazi Germany, which needs these human rats with which it maps the human nervous and immune system completely under the control of researchers when the patient has successfully staged a mental illness whose symptoms include delusions about illegalities committed by authorities and doctors.


University of Turku

In Finland, medicine that has studied these cases, especially the University of Turku in Finland, uses these problem citizens who have been passed over and staged in the courts in their medical studies, which are black and white in the form of sentences.


Finnish police

The background of the cases also shows the role of the Finnish police in this human trafficking when they gave the Ylivieska church arsonist a biased criminal investigation statement that is so clearly visible that the case is due to the perpetrator's personal reasons only, even though the background of the case clearly shows that it was nothing more than revenge and a hate crime against our society for the illegal and unjust actions of the authorities targeting Jouni Kauppila. In my own research, this case is really good in terms of the fact that Kauppila did not take innocent and bystander victims when he avenged the illegal actions of the Finnish authorities towards him by burning down a church, which, however, has burned and drowned women so much in the Middle Ages that this act, if it had been against the church, would not even come close in a tie.


Along with many other Finnish citizens who have become victims of psychiatry, many innocent people have gone with them, such as Jokela, Kauhajoki and this Robb Elementary school case.


finnish way of research and development into the area of school massacres

Having investigated cases in Finland, Finnish psychiatry has developed its actions so that it does not take bystander victims with it every time, but is this a good option??? It does not affect at all the victims who remain in the teeth of psychiatry and are taken to medical concentration camps. This new method developed by the Finnish authorities, these patients are in several cases taken away with the help of traffic violations when they have driven suicidally towards bystanders.




In my eyes, bringing gun laws into this case is for two reasons.


Shifting the cause elsewhere

When the American gun laws are blamed in connection with this case, there is nothing wrong with them in my opinion, although they are much more open than ours in Finland.


In this case, with the help of gun laws, the eyes are completely turned away from where the causes actually are. The gun that was in the boy's hand is the "second best" object of blame, which is easy to take as a scapegoat.


The real reason for this case is in the actions of psychiatry, which as a field of medical treatment should be immediately put under the criminal law so that it is no longer practiced when it has, without proper supervision and under self-monitoring, taken psychological influence together with drug treatments to such outrageous standards that lead to these cases and from which psychiatry together with drugs that decrease brain functions sneaks like a dog from a thief to chase the new victims it needs to convince the people about psychiatry's own and medically non-existent diseases.


Taking power in the name of gun laws

Gun laws in connection with and in the name of those in power in America would like to take a bigger hold on the freedoms of their citizens when it comes to gun laws.


Having succeeded in this

If gun law reforms are carried out in the name of school killings without finding the real reason behind the cases, it would not stop these cases no matter how the laws are contested, because in America, surely, if you can always get an illegal and dark weapon with which killings like this would be carried out in any case, there will be no psychiatry that affects the background of these to stop this activity because every now and then it needs to show the existence of its own medically non-existent and imaginary diseases to the people with the help of these cases.


Although the author of Robb Elementary died in this attack, it did not bring to psychiatry the golden nugget of medicine, i.e. human rats that can be used in the field of medicine for anything and completely on the terms of medical research researchers and pharmaceutical giants because the patients have been deprived of their right to self-determination and are subject to forced treatment for an imaginary disease. This, if anything, is human trafficking to the side of medicine, which our democratic system makes possible, of course, in the name of democracy and its laws, just like the witch hunt in the Middle Ages.


Driving legal reforms with the help of crises

This activity in Europe, which means pushing law reforms through crises, is the present day of those in power and what can also be clearly seen from the Robb Elementary case, how Biden wants to use this crisis to reform gun laws, even though the background of the case is psychiatry, which in practice is the field of medical care operating under him. Psychiatrists, who were also behind this case, get these citizens encouraged and led to these actions, most obviously by means of anger and rage, in which they also demonstrably succeed, to the misfortune of humanity and its problem citizens. Even this case, which functions as a crisis and in the name of which Biden would be pushing new law reforms, is pushing them with false intentions, which will certainly not lead to anything good from the citizens' point of view, but which would fall into the laps of those in power if law reforms were pushed after this only and only in the name of false principles.


Because these law reforms on false grounds would not help the American citizens in any way, just like the tightening of American gun laws will not help, because these psychiatric victims who need these weapons with which they carry out these school murders, will in any case get them from the psychiatrist's clinics who drive the mental state of these patients to that level that they are capable of carrying out these school murders, which is a much more demanding skill than the patients, if necessary even arming them with these attacks.




Similar cases happened in Finland in the years 2007 and 2008. I first tough that the first one, Jokela was an "accident" of one boy but the case Kauhajoki Revealed the truth behind these school killings.


How Minster Anne Holmlund and Seppo Paatero were revealed

The Kauhajoki school massacre in Finland, where the Finnish stupid group had taken Saari for an interview because of his YouTube videos, because of course he had raised suspicions because of the Jokela school massacre that had just happened.


The Kauhajoki police who did not get Saari's gun confiscated, which of course they screw up with the most incredible excuses by blaming the laws for it, but the people's pension institution, under the leadership of Chancellor Tuomas Pöyst, can take away my basic income support shows what is being done in the name of the laws of these democratic states, that is, you can always hide behind them if you want to make room for these school killings events in the name of which a new minority group called citizens suffering from mental health problems are being driven into the country, who can, if necessary, be taken as human rats to psychiatry's own institutions as human rats of medicine, which of course is accepted as an act with this hatred of the people that has been caused by these school deaths, which of course was a pretty good motive not to take Matti Saare's gun away which would have ruined the hard work of psychiatry with Saari when it had been able to drive Saari's state of mind to the level that he would be able to carry out the school murder.


Explanations in the Kauhajoki case

All the explanations from the leading politicians of our country, including the stupid group of that time from the leader Mikko Paatero can be seen too clearly when all these unclear cases are put on the same line, that these circular explanations from the leaders when Jokela was only about a year away is a clear sign that the actions of this Finnish stupid group are level that it is in no way entitled to its monetary salary, which with these skills can be read as stealing from taxpayers when it lets a terrorist free with a gun even after threatening videos that escalates into a massacre right after the weekend.


The Finnish police, whose actions have been so bad throughout the ages, that I, being unemployed, have started to deal with the cases it messed up, which has a zero rating when you look at how many bystander victims it could have saved if it had not closed its eyes and watched these school deaths almost by doing nothing.


Anne Holmlund, who clearly had received guidance from the real dictator of our country, Leif Sevon, when she did not agree to resign after this kind of scandal, which most likely was Anne Holmlund's activities in addition to the official position of the Minister of the Interior, when you look at where Finland is at the moment


This project led by Anne Holmlund during the time of the Ministry of the Interior called problem citizens suffering from mental health problems, which is advertised like Christmas throughout the year, is like a fist in the eye for the fact that Koulusurmat was successfully passed in our country during Anne Holmlund's ministership.


Kauhajoki's explanations vs Tuomas Teräsvuori's murder

This same explanation can be clearly seen from Olli Isotalo's side when the Finnish arms manufacturer Patria sent not the desired consultant to Uganda with Suvi Linden, where he was not expected to receive an assignment from Patria, but an ordered murder that Suvi Linden was ensuring all the way to Uganda. This act as a whole and the participation of the ex-minister shows what these minister-level "agents" are ready to do for their country and gives me a big lever to expose the criminal activities that our country's ministers are doing behind the scenes, hidden from the people.


Police answer "hope this is not a new Jokela"

This news item reveals that the Finnish police are full of idiots, who care a fuck what is happening and what they could prevent only if they wanted.


In my eyes, the school killings in Kauhajoki were not the fault of Saari or Auvinen, but of the country's interior minister, Anne Holmlund, who has most likely cooperated with psychiatry, so that these 21st-century witch-hunting school killings can be pushed through in Finland, which gives our country's leaders a completely new kind of "divide and rule" leadership an instrument of power use, with which it is good to control these problem citizens slandered by psychiatry.



Finnish psychiatry that works like a drug dealer

In Finland, wherever there is an act that shocks the community, it is possible to collect from the crime scene psychiatry's own drugs that it has fed to its patients for autumn depression, which are harsh chemical compounds and very similar to rat poison.


Like all state institutions in Finland that have gained a lot of trust among the people over the years when it has helped people, the Finnish police actually run Scandinavia's biggest drug business with a barrel trade, psychiatry that recruits problem citizens from the hatches of the National Pension Institute for the illegal medical studies of our problem citizens at the University of Turku, which it conducts on these patients recruited by successfully staged psychiatry .




These school killings, mass killings and all the killings have been too good actions to drive the nation into a state of war with each other and it is not at all unfounded to say that there are already groups in our country who are chasing these problem citizens and staging them in the name of medically non-existent diseases to the medical human rat farms managed by the science dump, the University of Turku.


Psychiatry that has been successfully turned into an institution even bigger than the medieval church, that has made the people believe in the ghost of medicine because of the actions of their patients and the words of John Nash and Jare "cheek" Tiihonen about how they too have suffered from brain edema every brain fart that comes out of their mouths.


In today's Finland, it is extremely dangerous to go to psychiatric clinics and share your concerns, just as it was extremely dangerous to go to a church in the Middle Ages to repent of your sins, which burned these unsuspecting women at the stake and drowned them alive for their sins.




Because Finnish school massacres, everybody got something

Finnish police forces

Finnish police who got grounds for their own forever about their budget and how Finland is such an unsafe country. In my eyes, the Finnish police will get a medal for every dead Finnish citizen that they could have saved if they wanted to. The Finnish police, whose only real task at this point would be to lay down their weapons and arrest themselves until we get a new law enforcer in the country who won't let the terrorists with their bombs continue their destruction.



Finnish Psychiatry

Finnish Psychiatry which is ruled by the methods of the most ruthless beast on earth, the white man eg. Friends club of extremely corrupt Professors of the Turku university Hasse Karlsson, Jesper Ekelund, Jarmo Hietala, Raimo Salokangas and Hannu Lauerma. This Gang Bang is believing the medically non-existent diseases which they are studying and creating false research results which are only trying to create faith and existence of these diseases.

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