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Jaana Haapasalo, who was involved in this, did not disappoint me when she protects the actions of psychiatry like Klonkku from a ring when, just like in the case of Aino Nykoppin, she traces the inexplicability of the case to childhood traumas even though the cause of this case, just like Nykopp's murders, lies in our country's medical care. Haapasalo who is a person who could be convicted in Finnish corrupt courts when he constantly and purposefully uses his professional knowledge completely falsely if he is not completely ignorant of his field, which is hard to believe.


Haapasalo, who should be fined in the name of the rule of law, every time he waves his child trauma card when he appears in the investigations of unclear cases of problem citizens.


This woman gave birth to a child at the beginning of the 21st century, which proves that she is capable of accepting help if the authorities of our country offer it, contrary to what Haapasalo said and accused this woman too. This time when a woman had her first child has been a time in Finland, when our country's medical care worked moderately well, but just like with the Nykopp case, something has happened in our medical care in the 2010s, when it has started murdering problem citizens from spending the state elite's money and provoking them together with brain functions with sedative drugs for acts that shock society and the victims of which have all ended up on my investigation table.

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In the light of the statistics, there is a big question mark, what is the motive of the stupid group in Finland to arrest and drive these problem citizens through our corrupt judicial institutions? Is it only because of the police's own incentives, because if so, it's a pretty outrageous act. In the light of all the cases, I could put forward a theory that these persons have done something morally wrong, as a result of which a group is gathered around them, and as a result of their actions, the persons inevitably end up in situations where, taking into account their own situation, they inevitably choose an option that justifies the police to take action, which takes the victims of official corruption with half-truths with sentences for a long time in prison, just like what happened to this woman. This has apparently guaranteed Kynkänniemi's reputation in its own circles and solid dreams for the future, it keeps me awake at night when I think about the fate of this half-innocent woman in Finland, where the authorities are carrying out their cleaning operation to collect Finland's problem citizens in their own institutions and some directly to the grave (Karttunen). Of course, this activity is carried out under the eyes of the most corrupt president in the history of Finland, who, just like the police and the healthcare system, brings his own card to the table by sending coalition candidates to Uganda to be killed, which clears his party's ranks of undesirable MP candidates.



The woman's behavior that she has decided to give birth to the babies at home refers more to her experiences with Finnish medical care, which she at least did not tell about in the 10 serial killers series. In section 20.44, the woman tells how she had the thought that she could not and should not call anywhere.


If you look at how the Finnish medical care acts completely arbitrarily with its patients, even murdering them, it would not be excluded at all that this woman was sometimes intimidated by the medical care, because it really does not want patients to slouch in their own lobbies, who may only be in need of support when the medical care and its arrogant doctors want to keep coffee breaks. This activity from medical care, where it gives bad experiences to patients in order to scare them away from the services, is supported by many things in Finland.


  • Medical care simply kicks Finnish citizens out the back door and when they come back, they perform a medical termination due to deliberate misinterpretations of the law, as happened in the case of Jimi Karttunen.


  • Drugs his clients with drugs that decrease brain functions, as a result of which they attack society with shocking consequences.


  • Deliberately infects patients like Henriikka Riepponen and Päivi Kokki with viral infections, some of whom unfortunately die.


2010 birth

According to the series, when the birth started, the woman still tried to call her husband that he might come to help and that the same thing wouldn't happen again like with the other babies. This clearly indicates some horror towards the authorities of our country, especially towards medical care, which, however, is demonstrably murdering Finnish citizens in its clinics.



Forensic dentist's statement

The forensic dentist determined that all the children lived for a few days, about four days, a statement based on a medically plausible explanation from the neonatal line.


However, the forensic dentist's statement is accompanied by some factual information from Finland, which overturns this forensic dentist's statement and which are based on good rule of law practices, which I represent in the middle of Sauli Niinistö's corrupt country, which flies coalition MPs all over Africa to be murdered.


A woman's story and contradictions

According to the woman's story, the children were born lifeless, a bar that can be set in terms of how accurately a layman can determine that a newborn is dead.



There is a big discrepancy between the woman's story and the forensic dentist's statement, if what the series tells can be considered even partially true, according to which the woman put some of her newborn children directly in a bucket and took them to the basement. Although I'm not a doctor, I can swear that this child could not have lived in a closed bucket for four days, as the forensic dentist's statement says.



The woman's story is also supported by the fact that she has gone right back to work in many cases to forget these baby deaths. The woman also had a male friend around 2010 whom she called because she wanted him to join her and that this cycle would end because of these baby deaths. It is extremely unlikely that a woman could have hidden a four-day-old baby from her male friend and then murdered them.


The fact that the woman was accused of murder, in connection with which the method of doing it was guessed, but which remained unclear and completely obscured, says that this case too was run through our corrupt judicial system on shaky grounds, where the accused woman's stories were trampled by an official dictatorship that believes and does what it wants, in this case it wanted an innocent woman in prison apparently only and only because of the shocking cases he had been involved in because the medical care does not take care of its own responsibilities.


The woman's case is dismissed as a case where an isolated woman gives birth to dead children due to unprotected sex and does not dare to go to the hospital, which in my opinion is not at all abnormal in Finland, where citizens are murdered under the guise of accidents.


According to the police, there is no way you can get an image of the woman as a murderer, and this is supported by the fact that she already had one child. It is true that the authorities of our country use the state of emergency when necessary when they push some people to murder, but in connection with this case, this kind of activity is not visible. The only action that I suspect has taken place on the part of the medical care is that he has been scared away from the scope of these services.


I have now studied the cases of the Finnish stupid group so much that I can already recognize murderers and serial killers. As an example of a murderer, I will use the case of Eveliina Lappalainen and the murder of the CEO with methanol, and the serial killers are Pekka Seppänen and Mikael Pentikäinen, and this woman is extremely far from any of these. In my statistics, by far the most Finnish murderers are the Finnish authorities from their jobs in agencies, where medical care is unfortunately overrepresented.



The use of alcohol, which has been excessive to say the least, is the clearest reason for the death of these babies and even though I don't have a medical degree, I know of cases from my youth that had miscarriages due to the use of alcohol, so this fact supports the woman's story that the children were born lifeless and what she said about how they were were completely motionless.

I believe the woman's story because the Finnish authorities have completely lost their credibility, at least in my eyes, when they murder problem citizens in medical care to avoid spending the state elite's money (Karttunen), pull Europe's largest drug business from the police headquarters (Jari Aarnio, drug lord of Finland) and fly unwanted coalition candidates along Africa murdering them (Tuomas Teräsvuori, operation Linden's trip)


False statement by a forensic dentist

This statement of the forensic dentist, which in my eyes falls into the statements of an innocent person, whose credibility and weight is much greater than that of the corrupt Finnish authorities, who almost forcefully bring charges to the heads of innocent citizens, raising their own spurs in a country that in reality has trained criminals out of the country.


This false statement on the part of the forensic dentist is supported by the fact that when the authorities in Finland take a certain line, they are pushed through half-heartedly in the name of the credibility and omniscience of the state agencies and at any cost, which in this case meant sentencing a half-innocent woman to prison because of the incitement of the police.


I have also seen these biased statements in connection with the Tuomas Teräsvuori case, when events on the Ugandan side were blessed with the paid statements of THL: Sirkka Goebeler and the Central Criminal Police Haapala


The murder of Jimi Karttunen is also one that has been possible due to the biased statements of the authorities.



However, the case turns in favor of the woman's story because of the principles of the rule of law, which are:

The desperate situation of a woman isolated from society's services

This woman has been a citizen isolated from the services of our society and the authorities, who has had a great fear of resorting to the circle of medical care services of our society, which verifiably murders its problem citizens for a very small reason. These services should be guaranteed to the citizens and care should be taken that they feel welcome within the scope of these services without having to be murdered or driven away.


Illegal activity in the hospital that Haapasalo covers up

The case of a woman in which I strongly suspect that she has fallen into the teeth of all psychiatric professionals in our country, what is the cause of this inexplicable behavior of hers with babies, and not from Haapasalo's child trauma card that she is always waving when another authority is involved, because this woman has been able to successfully bring one into this world during my childhood, when our country's medical care did not engage in this sick activity with our country's problem citizens and offered its services sincerely to its citizens, which it is now taking away from them.


This same activity can be clearly seen with Aino Nykoppi, who was allowed to live a normal life throughout her childhood and middle age, but who in her career in the middle of the 21st century came across the illegal and ruthless activities of psychiatry, which turned her with anger and unfair actions into a poison nurse, which she carried out with revenge and in the grip of anger towards his employer, who has 100% immunity from being caught in a country that has got a new white king, Sauli Niinistö, who, as a graduate of the University of Turku, is allowing all illegalities in the field of medicine.


Because I completely believe the woman's story, the forensic dentist's statement and the shock of the police's accusations of murder that resulted from it are recognizable from the series. This has certainly shocked the woman's sense of justice in our society even more when the medical representatives of our country say that the children were alive contrary to the woman's personal experience.


Corrupt Finnish state police

If you look at the activities of the police, whose successes are like the flight of a star in the Finnish sky, and the most recent successful criminal investigation that gets an acceptable rating from me after a small deviation is the Anneli Auer case, after which the police, with the help of Rautaheimo, messed up a record number of criminal investigations to cover up the illegal activities of other authorities. This situation in which the woman and the stupid Finnish group are in is practically impossible because the police have adopted a policy of even partially blaming and looking at the citizen as a criminal who has possibly been caught in the teeth of another authority, i.e. the hospital psychiatrist, from whom there is nothing but shaky conclusions based on the woman's behavior, which is partly time common with other victims of psychiatry who it causes to behave in this way. There is no way the woman could have avoided Finland's biggest judicial murder when she was confronted by nothing more or less than the police forces of the most corrupt state that can be found in Europe.


As a crime reporter, it really makes me feel sorry for everything he has to experience in the so-called rule of law when the Finnish police seek incentives from the victims of the cooperation of these authorities who are run over without any justice, even if by force, that the police statistics look good and how brutal the citizens are capable of, every act is exactly the same as a person 10,000 years ago which was quite put a dead baby in something.


This case is more an indication of the failure of our country's authorities, for which the woman had to bear the responsibility with her sentence.


However, the situation the woman was in and how strange it may sound doesn't make much of a difference and may have been very normal sometime 10,000 years ago, which the stupid Finnish group thinks is a criminal activity in modern Finland when the case may well be its common hunting partner from hunting problem citizens, i.e. psychiatry. It's a wonder that not a single European human rights organization intervenes in the activities of this stupid Finnish group.


Criminal investigator Milla Kynkänniemi

The activities and external nature of Kynkäänniemi 10 Finnish serial killers in the series have become familiar to me over the years when I have studied the illegal actions of our country's authorities. Kynkänniemi brings cases through sincerity and empathy when he tells the people about them in the series. This action goes like the wrong way with him and with many others who do not know the real motives and methods of operation of the police in Finland, which, however, are extremely familiar to me, which I have had to swallow in connection with the criminal investigation of many policemen, which the legend of the Finnish police investigator Rautaheimo has been vacuuming up to his own side. Of course, this essence can be seen from our country's politicians many times when they have to explain things to their own people.


Kynkäänniemi's empathic way of telling things is almost identical to Walta Maija Helena of the University of Turku and with whom I have been in speaking contact. In the name of the University of Turku, Walta who is investigating the staged problem citizens of our country have mental illnesses that they have contracted in the psychiatric clinics to which they are lured. Walta and his team, which also includes Jarmo "psychosis" Hietala, use these problem citizens to study the reaction of the human brain to various chemical compounds at the cellular level. In these studies, the most incredible thing that I can imagine as an engineer is that they always overturn previous guesses regarding the patient medically.


In the link above, you can see how empathetically and caringly Walta brings out the good intentions of medicine and her own immeasurable desire to help, but the article about me with audio recordings in which we have a conversation with Walla is a partial proof of what is hidden under this woman and her empathetic outer shell. However, we are talking about a woman who has to use all forms of psychological influence, that she makes patients behave in a way that justifies all illegalities in the field of medicine to be inflicted on staged patients who have been found innocent in the courts of our country to be committed to a mental hospital for the rest of their lives due to a traffic accident.


The Oulu baby deaths, as a case to the greatest extent, among all the cases I have investigated, seem more like a manhunt that was effectively boosted through the press, thereby conveying to the people a half-false message about, for example, a woman's ability to lie, which is quite amusing if you look at Emperor Aarnio's actions as police chief or these statements by a forensic dentist who is doing just fine to be like THL's Sirkka Goebeler, on whose word the forensic results of the Tuomas Teräsvuori murder were accepted as having been committed in Uganda.


Unfortunately, Kynkänniemi's empathy and sincerity is like Haapasalo's child trauma card, which doesn't go through with me after such a car chase like the Oulu baby deaths, and which he is waving whenever the authority has keys in the game with innocent Finnish citizens whom it wants in its own institutions as a basis for paying the salaries of other authorities.



Hero cop Ari Soronens' empire

What also surprises me is that this oul' should be a hero policeman from Ari Soros' kingdom, but as I wrote in Lappalainen's article, there is a big question mark how Finnish corruption has affected the hero policeman who has had to be in contact with it throughout his I could say that the kingdom is not everything okay.


Prosecutor's action

My sense of justice cannot at all accommodate how stupid, ruthless and greedy the prosecutor we have in Finland....but at least the prosecutor is not alone in this matter when looking at the actions of the Finnish police. For example, I would fail to take these actions as a police officer and prosecutor, and if so, I would put the people who have participated in this woman's case in jail. Eveliina Lappalainen's case has so far been the worst judicial murder I have seen in Finland, but yes, this surpasses that, because it is still a woman who has to spend many years in prison because of what our society has become.




It has still been a bit unclear to me what is meant when it is said that someone can get a fair sentence because of the news, so after this case it is not at all unclear to me. Through the media, the police publish to the public the partially unclear conclusions of other authorities about the babies being born alive. In connection with this case, there are too many signs of a chase towards a disadvantaged citizen who has committed an incident comparable to an accident, which the authorities, through the media, painted in the eyes of the people as the most cruel crime so that the stupid group of Finland gets the parrot marks of its hero at the expense of the freedom of disadvantaged citizens.


The Finnish police, which does get praise from me, but it comes from messing up crime scenes and staging and slandering the innocent in the eyes of the people with the help of the media.


The police take advantage of being falsely accused of being a liar

In connection with the woman's case, the police took advantage of her tendency to lie, which was reported by her circle of friends. As a crime journalist for 4 years, these stories about the woman, even those told by her close circle, must always be viewed with skepticism when you consider the kind of things the woman had to live with, all of which falls more on the authorities of our country when they murder unwanted citizens in medical care clinics, some are intimidated from coming there and the rest are kicked out the back doors into the yards. It is clear that this woman does not want to tell about her own private life in which she has been forced into everyone's life, and hiding the truth or wanting to talk about it is not lying. Based on the 10 Finnish serial killers series, at least I didn't get an image of the woman that she would outright lie. I can put here a sample of examples from my criminal investigations of tough liars that this woman has a long way to go: former CEO of Patria Olli Isotalo, ex-minister Suvi Linden, former head of Helsinki's drug unit Jari Aarnio. The woman in the case is as different from this trio as night from day, and against the background of these people, the need for the Finnish police to even involve lying in this is nothing more than smearing with intent.


Murder for killing a living child

The Finnish courts, whose judgments are completely dependent on the direction of the wind than on any justice, this case is a good example of that.


In the case of Anneli Auer, our country's courts rejected the police's endless criminal investigation and decided not to believe what it justified with the most incredible secondary facts and acquitted the perpetrator, but in the Oulu case it now decides to believe the police when it is an almost innocent woman. This case is the biggest judicial murder in Finland in the cases I have investigated, where in the name of medical research, which was produced in the authorities of the most corrupt state in Europe, and in whose name the courts overturned the story of an innocent woman who, in all its pitifulness, was her own life without the services of our society, which is quite normal for many people in Finland today, and where he now pays for living with a long prison sentence.


To put it simply, the Finnish authorities sentenced the woman for her own life, where she unfortunately had to live without services belonging to a citizen.


Mental state research

In the context of this case, the full creepiness of these mental state examinations opens up in the best possible way. In the woman's case, it is quite clear how these mental state examinations and their entire existence are nothing more than smearing the accused and his reputation in front of the people and our judiciary, which of course facilitates and justifies the sentencing of the innocent in our nominal rule of law.


This state of mind study, which actually supports the police's statement about the woman's lying, tells more about the cooperation that the authorities do behind the scenes. Of course, the sentencing would have been more difficult if the results of the police and the mental state examination were different, so here it seems that the same result has been agreed upon, because I personally don't see that this woman is in any way a liar, she just doesn't want to tell others about the boring life she has had to live, which has also turned her on this point counter by declaring him a liar. Based on my assessment, Jaana Haapasalo, who appears in this series, can be much more of a liar than this woman from Oulu, when she is, like a burdock, already in many cases messed up by the police, pulling things away from other authorities by waving her child trauma card, just as Juha Rautaheimok has in several of my articles been cleaning up criminal investigations to the detriment of the accused and to protect other authorities. The only way Haapasalo can avoid lying is to admit that his professionalism has not been enough to see the whole truth about these cases, because in my articles Haapasalo is protecting his own profession with his own credibility and competence when he pulls cases away from his profession like Juha Rautaheimo and blames the victims' childhood traumas completely unjustifiably on their of his actions, although the background is often psychopathy with his own dirty actions, as was clearly seen with Aino Nykopp.


Diagnoses as told by Haapasalo

When Haapasalo talks about diagnoses and how to arrive at them, certain diagnostic criteria are met and they depend on the person making the diagnosis. There is a big contradiction here, of course, when it comes to a person who is already going to the courts, whose statement is mostly smearing the accused, making it harder for him to get an impartial verdict, and as Haapasalo says, it is problematic when you already know what the person has already done. This statement, just like the judgment it affects, is the greatest proof of the impartiality of our country's judicial system in this regard, and hearing from Haapasalo's mouth, I tip my hat to him after all the lies he has cultivated in order to cover up the biggest secret in his field in the name of an impartial trial of the convicted and the apprehension of all the guilty.


This is a donkey's bridge to what personality diagnoses the staged problem citizens of our country receive in our country's mental hospitals, which in terms of closedness are of the order of North Korea, and whose patients appear in the illegal medical studies of Walta Maija Helena and Jarmo "psychosis" Hietala's team, in the name and under the guise of which these medical illegalities are carried out.



The bearer of the farce carried out in the name of Finland's worst judicial murder and the biggest judicial institution, a woman from Oulu had to suffer for 13 years from habits that were pretty sure ordinary miscarriages due to heavy alcohol consumption, which supports the woman's story about limp and lifeless babies.


The police who made this possible in front of the people distributed, through the media, statements bought by Europe's most corrupt state from the side of forensic medicine, in which the accounts of an innocent woman were refuted in court and in the eyes of the people by smearing her as a liar, in a mass where the biggest drug business in Europe is managed from the headquarters of the Finnish police, with the misleading orders of arms manufacturer Patria, family members of the coalition parliament are sent for Sauli Niinistö's power play To Uganda to Niinistö's new friends to be murdered under the eyes of ex-minister Suvi Linden, also from the coalition.

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